The Journal of Legal History

The Journal of Legal History, founded in 1980, is the only British journal concerned solely with legal history. It publishes articles in English on the sources and development of the common law, both in the British Isles and overseas, on the history of the laws of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and on Roman Law and the European legal tradition. There is a section for shorter research notes, review-articles, and a wide-ranging section of reviews of recent literature.

3 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 35 (3)

Editorial Board
vol. 35 (3): 0-0
Notes on Contributors
vol. 35 (3): 207-207
The Seventeenth-Century Origins of Modern Salvage Law
vol. 35 (3): 209-230
The War of the Booksellers: Natural Law, Equity, and Literary Property in Eighteenth-Century Scotland
vol. 35 (3): 231-257
The Double Life of Duke of Somerset v Cookson, or a Legal Excavation of the Corbridge Lanx
vol. 35 (3): 258-280
The Development of the Implied Terms on Quantity in the Law of Sale of Goods
vol. 35 (3): 281-318
Law and Identity in Colonial South Asia: Parsi Legal Culture, 1772–1947 (Studies in Legal History)
vol. 35 (3): 319-321
The River Pollution Dilemma in Victorian England: Nuisance Laws versus Economic Efficiency
vol. 35 (3): 321-325
The Origins of Modern Financial Crime: Historical Foundations and Current Problems in Britain
vol. 35 (3): 325-327

Volume 35 (2)

Notes on Contributors
vol. 35 (2): 93-93
‘Not without the Consent and Goodwill of the Common People’: The Community as a Legal Authority in Medieval Sweden
vol. 35 (2): 95-119
Reshaping Contractual Unfairness in England 1670–1900
vol. 35 (2): 120-142
Passive Observers or Active Participants? Jurors in Civil and Criminal Trials
vol. 35 (2): 143-171
Medieval Welsh Law and the Mid-Victorian Foreshore
vol. 35 (2): 172-199
Lord Mansfield: Justice in the Age of Reason
vol. 35 (2): 200-202
Making Legal History: Approaches and Methodologies
vol. 35 (2): 203-205

Volume 35 (1)

Notes on Contributors
vol. 35 (1): 1-1
‘More Equitable than the Judgment of the Justices of the Peace’: The King's Bench and the Poor Law 1630–1800
vol. 35 (1): 3-26
Patent Cases in the Court of Chancery, 1714–58
vol. 35 (1): 27-43
‘Sustaining the Character of a Judge’: Conflict within the Legal Thought of British India
vol. 35 (1): 44-67