Journal for Maritime Research

The Journal for Maritime Research (JMR) was inaugurated in 1999 as the first fully-online, peer-refereed journal in the field of historical maritime research. The JMR is published online and in print, twice-yearly.

The JMR focuses on historical enquiry at the intersections of maritime, British and global history, an increasingly dynamic area of research. It seeks to champion a wide spectrum of innovative research on the maritime past. While the Journal has a particular focus on the British experience, it aspires to position this within broad oceanic and international contexts, encouraging comparative perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches.

The journal publishes research essays and reviews around 15-20 new books each year across a broad spectrum of maritime history.

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Latest articles

Volume 18 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 18 (2): 0-0
A note from the editors
vol. 18 (2): 79-79
‘English Bess’ abroad: piracy, politics, and gender in the plays of Thomas Heywood
vol. 18 (2): 81-96
Tippling houses, rum shops and taverns: how alcohol fuelled informal commercial networks and knowledge exchange in the West Indies
vol. 18 (2): 97-121
The problem and potential of piracy: legal changes and emerging ideas of colonial autonomy in the early modern British Atlantic, 1670–1730
vol. 18 (2): 123-137
Barbary’s slow death: European attempts to eradicate North African piracy in the early nineteenth century
vol. 18 (2): 139-154
Religion in the British Navy, 1815–1879: piety and professionalism
vol. 18 (2): 155-157
Merchant seamen’s health, 1860–1960: medicine, technology, shipowners and the state in Britain
vol. 18 (2): 157-159
The War of the Spanish Succession, 1701-1714
vol. 18 (2): 159-161
The pirate nests and the rise of the British Empire, 1570–1740
vol. 18 (2): 161-162
Modern naval history: debates and prospects
vol. 18 (2): 162-164
Science, utility and maritime power: Samuel Bentham in Russia, 1779-91
vol. 18 (2): 164-166
The maritime history of Cornwall
vol. 18 (2): 166-167
Nathaniel Bowditch and the power of numbers: how a nineteenth-century man of business, science, and the sea changed American life
vol. 18 (2): 168-169
Youth, heroism and war propaganda: Britain and the young maritime hero, 1745–1820
vol. 18 (2): 169-171
The naval route to the abyss: the Anglo-German naval race 1895–1914
vol. 18 (2): 171-174
The struggle for sea power: a naval history of American independence
vol. 18 (2): 174-175

Volume 18 (1)

The making of a maritime explorer: the early career of Matthew Flinders
vol. 18 (1): 1-16
The evolution of emigrant travel to New Zealand in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
vol. 18 (1): 17-35
Enacted and re-enacted in life and letters: the identity of the Jack Tar, 1930 to date
vol. 18 (1): 37-53