Journal of Medieval History

The Journal of Medieval History aims at meeting the need for a major international publication devoted to all aspects of the history of Europe in the Middle Ages. Each issue comprises around four or five articles on European history, including Britain and Ireland, between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. The Journal also includes review articles, historiographical essays and 'state of research' studies.

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Latest articles

Volume 41 (1)

Adventus in Jerusalem: the Palm Sunday celebration in Latin Jerusalem
vol. 41 (1): 1-20
Inspecting the pious body: Christological morphology and the ritual-crucifixion allegation
vol. 41 (1): 21-40
Between two kings: Pope Honorius III and the seizure of the kingdom of Jerusalem by Frederick II in 1225
vol. 41 (1): 41-59
Of burning monks, unidentified churches and the last Cistercian foundation in the East: Our Lady of Camina in the principality of Achaia
vol. 41 (1): 60-87
Common good and private justice: letters of marque and the utilitas publica in fourteenth-century Marseilles
vol. 41 (1): 88-106
Crossing boundaries in the Mediterranean: papal trade licences from the Registra supplicationum of Pope Clement VI (1342–52)
vol. 41 (1): 107-129

Volume 40 (4)

Bruno of Merseburg and his historical method, c.1085
vol. 40 (4): 381-398
The fires of hell and the burning of heretics in the accounts of the executions at Orleans in 1022
vol. 40 (4): 399-420
Time and identity in Stephen of Rouen's Draco Normannicus
vol. 40 (4): 421-438
French-language documents produced by the Hospitallers, 1231–1310
vol. 40 (4): 439-457
False knights and true men: contesting chivalric masculinity in English treason trials, 1388–1415
vol. 40 (4): 458-477
Regulating interpersonal debt in the bishop's court of Carpentras: litigation, litigators and the court, 1486 and 1487
vol. 40 (4): 478-498

Volume 40 (3)

Memory and interpretation: new approaches to the study of the crusades
vol. 40 (3): 225-236
The echoes of victory: liturgical and para-liturgical commemorations of the capture of Jerusalem in the West
vol. 40 (3): 237-259
True Romans: remembering the crusades among Eastern Christians
vol. 40 (3): 260-275
Constructing memory: holy war in the Chronicle of the Poles by Bishop Vincentius of Cracow
vol. 40 (3): 276-291
In search of the Marshal's lost crusade: the persistence of memory, the problems of history and the painful birth of crusading romance
vol. 40 (3): 292-310
What remains: women, relics and remembrance in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade
vol. 40 (3): 311-328
Memories of the preaching for the Fifth Crusade in Caesarius of Heisterbach's Dialogus miraculorum
vol. 40 (3): 329-345
‘O Damietta’: war memory and crusade in thirteenth-century Egypt
vol. 40 (3): 346-360