Journal of Medieval History

The Journal of Medieval History aims at meeting the need for a major international publication devoted to all aspects of the history of Europe in the Middle Ages. Each issue comprises around four or five articles on European history, including Britain and Ireland, between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. The Journal also includes review articles, historiographical essays and 'state of research' studies.

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Latest articles

Volume 42 (5)

‘Water mixed with the blood of Thomas’: contact relic manufacture pictured in Canterbury Cathedral’s stained glass
vol. 42 (5): 535-558
The beginnings of royal pardon in Scotland
vol. 42 (5): 559-587
Arnau de Vilanova at the summit of Oloron (1287): a major inflection point in the life of a medieval physician
vol. 42 (5): 588-602
Recreating the Judean Hills? English hermits and the Holy Land
vol. 42 (5): 603-626

Volume 42 (4)

‘Those same cursed Saracens’: Charlemagne's campaigns in the Iberian Peninsula as religious warfare
vol. 42 (4): 405-428
Saints, rulers and communities in Southern Italy: the Vitae of the Italo-Greek saints (tenth to eleventh centuries) and their audiences
vol. 42 (4): 429-455
The Norman Conquest of the classical past: William of Poitiers, language and history
vol. 42 (4): 456-478
The royal entries of Henry VI in a London civic manuscript
vol. 42 (4): 479-493
Community regulation and its effects: the aggressive actions of parishioners against priests and women in Paris, 1483–1505
vol. 42 (4): 494-510

Volume 42 (3)

Recovering the histories of women religious in England in the central Middle Ages: Wilton Abbey and Goscelin of Saint-Bertin
vol. 42 (3): 285-303
From prophecy to apocalypse: the verb tenses of Jerusalem in Robert the Monk's Historia of the First Crusade
vol. 42 (3): 304-316
Aristocratic patronage, political networking and the shaping of a private sanctuary: Countess Clemence of Flanders and the early years of Bourbourg Abbey (c.1103–21)
vol. 42 (3): 317-337
Civic religion in late medieval Europe
vol. 42 (3): 338-356
Ruling from afar: government and information management in late medieval Sicily
vol. 42 (3): 357-381
Lancastrian rule and the resources of the prince of Wales, 1456–61
vol. 42 (3): 382-404

Volume 42 (2)

Hegemony, rebellion and history: Flodoard's Historia Remensis ecclesiae in Ottonian perspective
vol. 42 (2): 155-176
Orderic Vitalis and the First Crusade
vol. 42 (2): 177-201
Twelfth-century Italian confraternities as institutions of pastoral care
vol. 42 (2): 202-225
Merchants on the margins: fifteenth-century Bruges and the informal market
vol. 42 (2): 226-253
The mystery of plague in medieval Iceland
vol. 42 (2): 254-284