Journal of Modern Chinese History

In recent years, the main force for research into modern Chinese history has been Chinese scholars, who up until this point have not had a Western outlet for their scholarship. The Institute of Modern History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences seeks to re-dress this with its international publication, the Journal of Modern Chinese History: a new platform for Chinese and foreign scholars to exchange ideas directly. Fully refereed and published twice a year, the journal focuses on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It aims to promote research on modern Chinese history by encouraging discussion of political, economic, ideological, cultural and military history. The journal also encourages discussion on the history of society, foreign affairs, and gender as well as regional research and historiography. The Journal of Modern Chinese History welcomes all original research including research articles, review articles and research notes, especially those reflecting recent developments in scholarship.

2 issues per year.

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Latest articles

Volume 7 (2)

Rocks rolling downhill: The continuity and progress of the Chinese revolution in the twentieth century
vol. 7 (2): 135-155
Mass movements and rural governance in communist China: 1945–1976
vol. 7 (2): 156-180
“One Day” and the future: Popular support for the wartime CCP bases as reflected in the call for essays on “One Day in Jizhong”
vol. 7 (2): 181-199
How state enumeration spoiled Mao’s last revolution
vol. 7 (2): 200-217
Fighting for the leadership of the Chinese Revolution: KMT delegates’ three visits to Moscow
vol. 7 (2): 218-239
Reflections on Chinese revolutionary history and its contemporary legacy Introduction
vol. 7 (2): 240-241
Two kinds of time: Thoughts on renaissance and revolution
vol. 7 (2): 242-245
Understanding “the Grand Revolution” in modern China
vol. 7 (2): 246-249
The importance of revolution as an historical topic
vol. 7 (2): 250-253
One, two, many revolutions
vol. 7 (2): 254-257
Revolutions in China: Historical origins and contemporary relevance
vol. 7 (2): 258-261
Intellectuals and the Chinese Communist Revolution
vol. 7 (2): 262-265
In a Sea of Bitterness: Refugees During the Sino-Japanese War, by R. Keith Schoppa
vol. 7 (2): 266-267
An outline of Chinese history, by Cai Meibiao
vol. 7 (2): 267-269
The Nationalist Party and the Comintern, 1919–1927, by Li Yuzhen
vol. 7 (2): 269-271
Allies at daggers drawn: Sino–American military cooperation during the Pacific War (1941–1945), by Hsi-sheng Ch’i
vol. 7 (2): 271-272
Rediscovering Hu Shih, by Geng Yunzhi
vol. 7 (2): 273-274
A study on the growth and professional situation of modern lawyers: focus on the Beijing lawyers in the Republic of China, by Qiu Zhihong
vol. 7 (2): 274-276
Chinese diplomatic missions to Japan and Sino–Japanese relations before the Sino–Japanese War, 1876–1894, by Dai Dongyang
vol. 7 (2): 276-278
Tibetan Politics and Religion in the 1950s, by Zeng Chuanhui
vol. 7 (2): 278-280