Journal of Modern Chinese History articles

Volume 6 (1)

The Collection of Ni Sichong's Correspondence, edited by the Editorial Office of Modern Historical Materials, Institute of Modern History, CASS, and Fuyang Teachers College
vol. 6 (1): 127-128
Notes on Contributors
vol. 6 (1): 129-130

Volume 5 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 5 (2): 0-0
From Private Library and Bookstore to Communist Party: Yun Daiying’s Social Engagement and Political Transformation, 1917–1921
vol. 5 (2): 129-150
Li Hanjun's views on socialism
vol. 5 (2): 151-181
The renowned foreign philosophers' China lectures during the May Fourth era and China's “taking Russia as the teacher”
vol. 5 (2): 183-198
Beyond the carrot and stick: the political economy of US military aid to China, 1945–1951
vol. 5 (2): 199-216
The May Fourth Movement as interpreted by the Chinese intelligentsia of the 1930s
vol. 5 (2): 217-232
Retrospect and prospect of overseas studies on Chiang Kai-shek and related topics
vol. 5 (2): 233-246
Chiang Kai-shek's diary: a comparison between the original and copies compiled by Mao Sicheng – using the entries from July 1926 as examples
vol. 5 (2): 247-260
The Formation and Transformation of Democratic Ideas in Modern China, by Lu Xiaobo
vol. 5 (2): 261-263
An Outline of the Academic History of Marxism in China, 1919–1949, by Wu Hanquan
vol. 5 (2): 263-264
Constructing General Knowledge: Textbooks and the Cultural Transformation of Modern China, by Bi Yuan
vol. 5 (2): 264-266
Studies on Sino–French Educational Cooperation (1912–1949), by Ge Fuping
vol. 5 (2): 266-268
Salvation and Self-Salvation: A Study of the Border Service of the Church of Christ in China, by Yang Tianhong
vol. 5 (2): 268-270
The Coming of the Suicidal Age?: Chinese Intellectuals' Extreme Behavior and Their Choice of Values in the Early Twentieth Century, by Hai Qing
vol. 5 (2): 270-271
Chiang Kai-shek's Interpersonal Relationships: Perspective Across the Straits, edited by Wang Chaoguang
vol. 5 (2): 271-273
The Biography of Gao Gang, by Dai Maolin and Zhao Xiaoguang
vol. 5 (2): 273-274
A History of the Modern Chinese Army, by Li Xiaobing
vol. 5 (2): 275-276
The Collection of Financial Archival Materials of the People's Republic of China (1958–1965) (10 volumes), edited by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
vol. 5 (2): 277-278
Notes on Contributors
vol. 5 (2): 279-281

Volume 5 (1)

The formation of modern concepts of “civilization” and “culture” and their application during the late Qing and early Republican times
Xingtao, Huang, vol. 5 (1): 1-26
Interpreting “liberty”: an analysis of the history of ideas
Qing, Zhang, vol. 5 (1): 27-43
The concept of “science” in modern Chinese thought
Hui, Wang, vol. 5 (1): 45-67
Interpreting “democracy” in modern China
Yuezhi, Xiong, vol. 5 (1): 69-88
World revolution knocking at the heavenly gate: Kang Youwei and his use of geming in 1898
Jianhua, Chen, vol. 5 (1): 89-108
New Perspectives on Provincial Assemblies: A Bottom-up Approach to the Experiment with Constitutional Reform , edited by Zhou Yezhong and Jiang Guohua
Wei, Xie, vol. 5 (1): 109-110
The Economic History of Modern China, 1927-1937 (3 Volumes) , edited by Liu Kexiang and Wu Taichang
Xiaoxia, Pan, vol. 5 (1): 111-112
The “Part” Sacrificed: A Study of Social and Ecological Changes in the Area North of the Huaihe River (1680-1949) , by Ma Junya
Qianping, Chen, vol. 5 (1): 112-114
Studies on the Changes in Feminine Rights during the Early Years of the Republic of China: Centering on the Dali Yuan's Judicial Verdict and Explanation of Marriage and Inheritance , by Xu Jingli
Yongheng, Hu, vol. 5 (1): 114-116
The Birth of Reorganization , by Wang Liang-ching
Yu-Te, Jen, vol. 5 (1): 116-117
Treaty Revision Campaign of the Beijing Government, 1912-1928: Out of the Shadow of the “Abrogation of Unequal Treaties,” by Tang Chi-Hua
Jianbiao, Ma, vol. 5 (1): 117-119
Diplomatic Strategy and the Foreign Policy of the Chinese Nationalist Government from the Outbreak of the Pacific War , by Wang Jianlang
Zhongjun, Hou, vol. 5 (1): 120-121
Kinmen: Civil War and the Cold War: Studies of the Declassified Archives from Washington, Moscow and Beijing , edited by Shen Zhihua and Tang Chi-Hua
Chaowu, Dai, vol. 5 (1): 122-123
The Settlement of the Pending Historical Issues between China and the Soviet Union , edited by Xu Yuebiao
Kaike, Chen, vol. 5 (1): 123-125
Notes on Contributors
vol. 5 (1): 127-128

Volume 4 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 4 (2): 0-0
Editorial Board
vol. 4 (2): 0-0
Crisis, challenge and choice: recent theoretical trends of anti-modernism and Western studies in Chinese history
Jinghao, Sun, vol. 4 (2): 121-143
Crisis, challenge and choice: recent theoretical trends of anti-modernism and Western studies in Chinese history
Jinghao, Sun, vol. 4 (2): 121-143