The Journal of Pacific History

The Journal of Pacific History is a refereed international journal serving historians, prehistorians, anthropologists and others interested in the study of mankind in the Pacific Islands (including Hawaii and New Guinea), and is concerned generally with political, economic, religious and cultural factors affecting human presence there. It publishes articles, annotated previously unpublished manuscripts, notes on source material and comment on current affairs. It also welcomes articles on other geographical regions, such as Africa and Southeast Asia, or of a theoretical character, where these are concerned with problems of significance in the Pacific.

4 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 48 (4)

Editorial Board
vol. 48 (4): ebi-ebi
Archaeological Identification of Stone Fish-weirs Mentioned to Freycinet in 1819 on the Island of Guam
vol. 48 (4): 349-368
Trading Sentiments
vol. 48 (4): 369-385
The 1836 Lewis Collection and the Torres Strait Turtle-Shell Mask of Kulka
vol. 48 (4): 386-408
Averting ‘Irresponsible Nationalism’
vol. 48 (4): 409-428
Who Will be the Next Mālietoa? Will there be Another Mālietoa?
vol. 48 (4): 429-442
Samoa's Price for 25 Years of Political Stability
vol. 48 (4): 443-463
Americanised, Decolonised, Globalised and Federalised
vol. 48 (4): 464-483
From the Archives
vol. 48 (4): 484-493
Media Review
vol. 48 (4): 494-495
Voyages: from Tongan villages to American suburbs and No Family Is an Island: cultural expertise among Samoans in diaspora
vol. 48 (4): 496-497
Don't Ever Whisper: Darlene Keju: Pacific health pioneer, champion for nuclear survivors
vol. 48 (4): 497-498
Herman van Roijen 1905–1991: een diplomaat van klasse
vol. 48 (4): 498-500
A Shark Going Inland Is My Chief: the island civilization of ancient Hawai‘i
vol. 48 (4): 500-501
Ma‘i Lepera: disease and displacement in nineteenth-century Hawai‘i.
vol. 48 (4): 501-502
The Austral Islands: history, art and art history
vol. 48 (4): 502-503

Volume 48 (3)

Agnes C.P. Watt and Melanesian Personhood
vol. 48 (3): 243-266
Distant Daughters
vol. 48 (3): 267-285
New Developments in the International Relations of the Pacific Islands
vol. 48 (3): 286-293
Aviation Regionalism in the Pacific
vol. 48 (3): 294-308