The Journal of Pacific History

The Journal of Pacific History is a refereed international journal serving historians, prehistorians, anthropologists and others interested in the study of mankind in the Pacific Islands (including Hawaii and New Guinea), and is concerned generally with political, economic, religious and cultural factors affecting human presence there. It publishes articles, annotated previously unpublished manuscripts, notes on source material and comment on current affairs. It also welcomes articles on other geographical regions, such as Africa and Southeast Asia, or of a theoretical character, where these are concerned with problems of significance in the Pacific.

4 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 49 (2)

‘We visit the colo towns … when it is safe to go’: Indigenous Adoption of Methodist Christianity in the Wainibuka and Wainimala Valleys, Fiji, in the 1870s
vol. 49 (2): 129-150
Harry Holland's ‘Samoan Complex’
vol. 49 (2): 151-169
Aborigines, Islanders and Hula Girls in Great Barrier Reef Tourism
vol. 49 (2): 170-192
Beyond the Treaty of Waitangi: Māori Tribal Aspirations in an Era of Reform, 1984–2014
vol. 49 (2): 193-213
Norman H. Hardy: Book Illustrator and Artist
vol. 49 (2): 214-233
Matters of the Heart: a history of interracial marriage in New Zealand
vol. 49 (2): 234-235
Being Māori in the City: Indigenous everyday life in Auckland
vol. 49 (2): 235-237
Making Moros: imperial historicism and American military rule in the Philippines’ Muslim south
vol. 49 (2): 237-239
Securing Paradise: tourism and militarism in Hawaiʻi and the Philippines
vol. 49 (2): 239-240
The Japanese Administration of Guam, 1941–1944: a study of occupation and integration policies, with Japanese oral histories
vol. 49 (2): 240-242
Society of Others: kinship and mourning in a West Papuan place
vol. 49 (2): 242-243
Eduard Hernsheim, die Südsee und viel Geld: Biographie
vol. 49 (2): 243-245
Kolonialismus in Ozeanien
vol. 49 (2): 245-246
Naturalists at Sea: scientific travellers from Dampier to Darwin
vol. 49 (2): 247-248
Pacific Missionary George Brown 1835–1917: the Wesleyan Methodist Church
vol. 49 (2): 248-249
Treasured Possessions: Indigenous interventions into cultural and intellectual property
vol. 49 (2): 249-251
Drinking Smoke: the tobacco syndemic in Oceania
vol. 49 (2): 251-252
Erratum: Corrigendum
vol. 49 (2): 253-253

Volume 49 (1)

Making Surfboards: Emergence of a Trans-Pacific Cultural Industry
vol. 49 (1): 1-25
Ta‘isi O.F. Nelson and Sir Maui Pomare Samoans and Māori Reunited
vol. 49 (1): 26-49