Journal of Religious History articles

Volume 38 (2)

Michael Ruse: The Gaia Hypothesis: Science On a Pagan Planet. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2013; pp. xiv + 251.
Carole M. Cusack, vol. 38 (2): 283-284
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Juanita Feros Ruys, vol. 38 (2): 296-298

Volume 38 (1)

Anglican Evangelical Theology, c. 1820–1850: The Case of Edward Bickersteth
Gareth Atkins, vol. 38 (1): 1-19
The Interest of Reason Is to Go Without God. Jacobi's Polemic Against Philosophical Theology
Peter Jonkers, vol. 38 (1): 20-34
Pedalling the Death of a Life: A Late Victorian Variation on Dealing with Grief
Alan H. Cadwallader, vol. 38 (1): 35-52
“Let Every Christian Denomination Cheerfully Unite”: The Origins of Presbyterian Interdenominationalism
William Harrison Taylor, vol. 38 (1): 53-70
Sarah and Her Sisters: Letters, Emotions, and Colonial Identities in the Early Modern Atlantic World
Jacqueline Van Gent, vol. 38 (1): 71-90
The Colonial Religion of the Anglican Clergy: Western Australia 1830 to c. 1870
Rowan Strong, vol. 38 (1): 91-114
The Deep History of Ritual and Mythology: New Terrain in the Study of Religion
Jack Tsonis, vol. 38 (1): 115-131
Discourse on the Invention of Discourse: Why We Need the Terminology of “Religion” and “Religions”
Paul Hedges, vol. 38 (1): 132-148
Michael Stausberg and Steven Engler , eds: The Routledge Handbook of Research Methods in the Study of Religion. London and New York: Routledge, 2011; pp. xxi + 543.
Carole M. Cusack, vol. 38 (1): 149-150
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David Garrioch, vol. 38 (1): 150-151
Nathan Montover: Luther's Revolution: The Political Dimensions of Martin Luther's Universal Priesthood. Cambridge: James Clarke & Co., 2011; pp. ix + 154.
Marcus Harmes, vol. 38 (1): 151-151
Richard Fox Young and Jonathan Seitz , eds: Asia in the Making of Christianity: Conversion, Agency, and Indigeneity, 1600s to the Present. Leiden: Brill, 2013; pp. xx + 444.
Daniel Jeyaraj, vol. 38 (1): 152-153
Robert Louis Wilken: The First Thousand Years: A Global History of Christianity. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2012; pp. 388.
Bruce Kaye, vol. 38 (1): 153-155
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Joung Chul Lee, vol. 38 (1): 155-156
Clare Monagle: Orthodoxy and Controversy in Twelfth-Century Religious Discourse: Peter Lombard's Sentences and the Development of Theology. Turnhout: Brepols, 2013; pp. xx + 194.
Ian Christopher Levy, vol. 38 (1): 156-158
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Jeremy Rich, vol. 38 (1): 162-164
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Takashi Shogimen, vol. 38 (1): 164-165
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Timothy Verhoeven, vol. 38 (1): 170-171
Claude Salhani: Islam Without a Veil: Kazakhstan's Path of Moderation. Washington, DC: Potomac Books, 2011; pp. xv + 203.
Charles Weller, vol. 38 (1): 172-172

Volume 37 (4)

Law, Theology, and Praxis ca. 1140–1380: New Approaches to the Study of Law and Theology in Medieval Europe
Constant J. Mews, vol. 37 (4): 435-440
Theology, Practice, and Policy at the Turn of the Thirteenth Century: the Papacy and Peter Lombard
Clare Monagle, vol. 37 (4): 441-456
The Reception of Gratian's Tractatus de penitentia and the Relationship between Canon Law and Theology in the Second Half of the Twelfth Century
Atria A. Larson, vol. 37 (4): 457-473
Law, Theology, and Morality: Conceptions of the Rights to Relief of the Poor in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Jason Taliadoros, vol. 37 (4): 474-493
Attendant to a Higher Judge: Competing Paradigms of Legal Practice in the Thought of Alexander Neckam (1157–1217)
Tomas Zahora, vol. 37 (4): 494-509