Journal of Religious History articles

Volume 35 (2)

Creating Clare of Assisi. Female Franciscan Identities in Later Medieval Italy – By Lezlie S. Knox
CONSTANT J. MEWS, vol. 35 (2): 285-286
Leo the Great – By Bronwen Neil
JOHN MOORHEAD, vol. 35 (2): 286-287
Reject Aeneas, Accept Pius. Selected Letters of Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini (Pope Pius II) – By Thomas M. Izbicki, Gerald Christianson, and Philip Krey, trans.
FRANCES MUECKE, vol. 35 (2): 287-288
The Interdict in the Thirteenth Century: A Question of Collective Guilt – By Peter D. Clarke
CARY J. NEDERMAN, vol. 35 (2): 288-290
Amour du Monde, Amour de Dieu: Esther Edwards et Sarah Prince entre Évangélisme et Lumières – By Lucia Bergamasco
MATTHEW DEL NEVO, vol. 35 (2): 290-290
The Age of Reformation. The Tudor and Stuart Realms 1485–1603 – By Alec Ryrie
JUDITH RICHARDS, vol. 35 (2): 290-291
Cicero on Divination: De Divinatione Book I – Edited by David Wardle, trans.
PAUL ROCHE, vol. 35 (2): 291-293
Mary Tudor – By Judith M. Richards
KENNETH B. E. ROXBURGH, vol. 35 (2): 293-294
Scholarship and Fierce Sincerity: Henry D. A. Major, The Face of Anglican Modernism – By Clive Pearson, Allan Davidson and Peter Lineham
PETER SALAMONSEN, vol. 35 (2): 294-296
Bishop in the Dock: The Sedition Trial of James Liston in New Zealand – By Rory Sweetman
PETER SALAMONSEN, vol. 35 (2): 296-299
Trauma and Transformation: The Political Progress of John Bunyan – Edited by Vera J. Camden
ALISON SEARLE, vol. 35 (2): 299-300
Attempting to Bring the Gospel Home: Scottish Missions to Palestine, 1839–1917 – By Michael Marten
GARDINER H. SHATTUCK, JR., vol. 35 (2): 300-301
Ignatius of Loyola: Letters and Instructions – Edited by Martin E. Palmer, John W. Padberg, and John L. McCarthy, trans.
PAUL SHORE, vol. 35 (2): 301-303
The Sephardic Frontier: The Reconquista and the Jewish Community in Medieval Iberia – By Jonathan Ray
NORMAN SIMMS, vol. 35 (2): 303-304
Huguenots et Juifs – By Myriam Yardeni
NORMAN SIMMS, vol. 35 (2): 304-305
The History of the Church in Art – By Rosa Giorgi
JASON TALIADOROS, vol. 35 (2): 305-305
Lineages of European Political Thought: Explorations along the Medieval/Modern Divide from John of Salisbury to Hegel – By Cary J. Nederman
JASON TALIADOROS, vol. 35 (2): 306-307
The Papacy and Crusading in Europe, 1198–1245 – By Rebecca Rist
JASON TALIADOROS, vol. 35 (2): 307-308
Reading the Qur'an in English: An Introductory Guide – By Robert Campbell
EDWARD J. TYLER, vol. 35 (2): 308-309
Calvin – By George W. Stroup
EDWARD J. TYLER, vol. 35 (2): 309-310
The Cult of St Catherine of Siena: A Study in Civil Religion – By Gerald Parsons
JOANNA BOWEN GILLESPIE, vol. 35 (2): 310-312
To Save My Race from Abuse: The Life of Samuel Robert Cassius – By Edward J. Robinson
JOANNA BOWEN GILLESPIE, vol. 35 (2): 312-313
Views of Seventeenth-Century Vietnam – By Christoforo Borri and Samuel Baron, introduced by Olga Dror and Keith W. Taylor
CHRISTOPHER HARTNEY, vol. 35 (2): 313-315
The Shaping of Ulster Presbyterian Belief and Practice 1770–1840 – By Andrew R. Holmes
STEPHEN J. HUNT, vol. 35 (2): 315-316
Sacred Stories: Religion and Spirituality in Modern Russia – Edited by Mark D. Steinberg and Heather J. Coleman
MARGARET PAXSON, vol. 35 (2): 316-317
Possession, Power and the New Age: Ambiguities of Authority in Neoliberal Societies – By Matthew Wood
ADAM POSSAMAI, vol. 35 (2): 317-318
“Anglo-Catholic in Religion”: T. S. Eliot and Christianity – By Barry Spurr
IVAN HEAD, vol. 35 (2): 318-320

Volume 35 (1)

“The Holy Rollers Are Invading Our Territory”: Southern Baptist Missionaries and the Early Years of Pentecostalism in Brazil
LAURA PREMACK, vol. 35 (1): 1-23
American Presbyterians, Freedmen's Missions, and the Nile Valley: Missionary History, Racial Orders, and Church Politics on the World Stage
HEATHER J. SHARKEY, vol. 35 (1): 24-42
Exploring Nineteenth-Century Haida Translations of the New Testament
MARCUS TOMALIN, vol. 35 (1): 43-71
Provincialising God: Anglicanism, Place, and the Colonisation of Australian Land
MEREDITH LAKE, vol. 35 (1): 72-90
On Puṇyapariṇāmanā in Nāgārjuna's Works
DRASKO MITRIKESKI, vol. 35 (1): 91-105
Monuments and Memory in Early Modern England – By Peter Sherlock
Robert Aldrich, vol. 35 (1): 106-107
Hitler's Priests – By Kevin Spicer
James Chappel, vol. 35 (1): 107-109
Faith in a Hard Ground: Essays on Religion, Philosophy and Ethics by G.E.M. Anscombe – Edited by Mary Geach and Luke Gormally
Paul Crittenden, vol. 35 (1): 109-110
Signs of God's Promise – By Gordon P. Jeanes
Andrew Crome, vol. 35 (1): 110-112
New Religions and Globalization – Edited by Armin W. Geertz and Margit Warburg, with Dorthe Refslund Christensen
Carole M. Cusack, vol. 35 (1): 112-113
Hijab and the Republic: Uncovering the French Headscarf Debate – By Bronwyn Winter
Carole M. Cusack, vol. 35 (1): 113-114
Beginnings. Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives – By Peter C. Bouteneff
Majella Franzmann, vol. 35 (1): 114-116
On Religious Liberty: Selections from the Works of Roger Williams – Edited by James Calvin Davis
Joanna Bowen Gillespie, vol. 35 (1): 116-117