Journal of Scottish Historical Studies

The Journal of Scottish Historical Studies (formerly Scottish Economic and Social History) is published by Edinburgh University Press on behalf of the Economic and Social History Society of Scotland. It is a fully refereed outlet for the best research in social, economic and cultural history, in historical geography and anthropology, and in historical theory. It includes regular research and review articles, news and book reviews, and also has occasional interviews, symposia on key books, and appreciations of incidents, sources and ideas in the writing of Scotland’s history.

Published May & Nov

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Latest articles

Volume 36 (2)

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vol. 36 (2): 0-0
Women and Kirk Discipline: Prosecution, Negotiation, and the Limits of Control
vol. 36 (2): 125-142
State Power, Local Autonomy, and War in Scotland, 1625–9
vol. 36 (2): 143-164
George Wilson's Map of Technology: Giving Shape to the ‘industrial arts’ in Mid-nineteenth-century Edinburgh
vol. 36 (2): 165-190
Christ's Soldier, Scotland's Hero: Major-General Andrew Gilbert Wauchope (1846–99)
vol. 36 (2): 191-211
Roger A. Mason and Steven J. Reid, Andrew Melville (1545–1622): Writings, Reception, and Reputation
vol. 36 (2): 212-213
Sharon Adams and Julian Goodare (eds), Scotland in the Age of Two Revolutions
vol. 36 (2): 213-215
Niall Ó Ciosáin, Ireland in Official Print Culture 1800–1850: a New Reading of the Poor Inquiry
vol. 36 (2): 215-216
Allan I. Macinnes and Douglas J. Hamilton (eds), Jacobitism, Enlightenment and Empire, 1680–1820
vol. 36 (2): 216-218
Jane Dawson, John Knox
vol. 36 (2): 218-219
Naomi E.A. Tarrant, ‘Remember Now Thy Creator’: Scottish Girls’ Samplers, 1700–1872
vol. 36 (2): 220-221
Robert A. Dodgshon, No Stone Unturned. A History of Farming, Landscape and Environment in the Scottish Highlands and Islands
vol. 36 (2): 221-222
Bob Harris and Charles McKean, The Scottish Town in the Age of the Enlightenment, 1740–1820; Anthony Lewis, The Builders of Edinburgh New Town, 1767–1795
vol. 36 (2): 223-224
Richard J. Grace, Opium and Empire: The Lives and Careers of William Jardine and James Matheson
vol. 36 (2): 224-226

Volume 36 (1)

Kingsbarns: A Farmers’ Harbour
vol. 36 (1): 1-12
The perils and dangers of these knights (and undead peasants): Interpreting English and Scottish Extent Rolls of 1297–1305
vol. 36 (1): 13-39
Rebellion, Government and the Scottish Response to Argyll's Rising of 1685
vol. 36 (1): 40-59
‘Needle Crusaders’: The Nineteenth-Century Ayrshire Whitework Industry
vol. 36 (1): 60-80