Journal of Scottish Historical Studies

The Journal of Scottish Historical Studies (formerly Scottish Economic and Social History) is published by Edinburgh University Press on behalf of the Economic and Social History Society of Scotland. It is a fully refereed outlet for the best research in social, economic and cultural history, in historical geography and anthropology, and in historical theory. It includes regular research and review articles, news and book reviews, and also has occasional interviews, symposia on key books, and appreciations of incidents, sources and ideas in the writing of Scotland’s history.

Published May & Nov

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Latest articles

Volume 36 (1)

Kingsbarns: A Farmers’ Harbour
vol. 36 (1): 1-12
The perils and dangers of these knights (and undead peasants): Interpreting English and Scottish Extent Rolls of 1297–1305
vol. 36 (1): 13-39
Rebellion, Government and the Scottish Response to Argyll's Rising of 1685
vol. 36 (1): 40-59
‘Needle Crusaders’: The Nineteenth-Century Ayrshire Whitework Industry
vol. 36 (1): 60-80
Lairds of Suburbia: Scottish Migrant Settlement and Housing in Australian Cities, 1880–1930
vol. 36 (1): 81-102
Esther Breitenbach, Linda Fleming, S. Karly Kehoe and Lesley Orr (eds), Scottish Women A Documentary History, 1780–1914
vol. 36 (1): 103-104
Barry Robertson. Royalists at War in Scotland and Ireland, 1638–1650
vol. 36 (1): 104-106
Ian Levitt (ed.), Treasury Control and Public Expenditure in Scotland 1885–1979
vol. 36 (1): 106-108
Morrice McCrae, Saving the Army, The Life of Sir John Pringle
vol. 36 (1): 108-110
E. Patricia Dennison, Stuart Eydmann, Annie Lyell, Michael Lynch & Simon Stronach, Painting the Town. Scottish Urban History in Art
vol. 36 (1): 110-112
Scottish History Society, Miscellany of the Scottish History Society
vol. 36 (1): 112-114
James Mitchell, The Scottish Question
vol. 36 (1): 114-116
Brian Bonnyman, The Third Duke of Buccleuch and Adam Smith: Estate Management and Improvement in Enlightenment Scotland
vol. 36 (1): 116-117
Julian Goodare (ed.), Scottish Witches and Witch-Hunters
vol. 36 (1): 117-119
Micheál Ó Siochrú & Jane Ohlmeyer (eds), Ireland: 1641. Context and reactions
vol. 36 (1): 119-122
Adrian Greenwood, Victoria's Scottish Lion. The Life of Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde
vol. 36 (1): 122-124

Volume 35 (2)

‘A Legal Limited Monarchy’: Scottish Constitutionalism in the Union of Crowns, 1603–1707
vol. 35 (2): 131-154
The Creation of the Crofting Townships in Tiree
vol. 35 (2): 155-188
Evangelicals and the Plurality of Worlds Debate in Scotland, 1810–55
vol. 35 (2): 189-210
Jewish Responses to Fascism and Antisemitism in Edinburgh, 1933–1945
vol. 35 (2): 211-239