Journal of Tourism History

he obvious and increasing importance of the global development of tourism, as employer, engine of economic growth and social transformation, agent of contested globalisation, and generator of social and cultural conflict, has engendered extensive academic interest which has issued forth in a wide range of journals focusing on various aspects of or approaches to the interdisciplinary subject area of ‘tourism studies’. These have tended to be present-minded in their analyses, or at least to examine historical trends only over short recent time periods or in abstract and schematic ways. This is partly due to a persisting neglect of tourism on the part of historians, which is now beginning to be addressed, especially through the International Commission for the History of Travel and Tourism , which was founded at the University of Central Lancashire in 2001. As interest in the history of tourism has burgeoned rapidly over the last few years, the lack of a dedicated journal in this field has become increasingly apparent.

The Journal of Tourism History meets this need by providing an international outlet for the publication of articles and reviews covering every aspect of the history of tourism. It is interdisciplinary in ethos, looking outwards from a historical core to engage with the full range of cognate disciplines and theoretical approaches, and welcomes overviews and comparative as well as contextualised case-studies, covering all areas of the world and all approaches to historical study. It has an international editorial board, based on the executive committee of the ICHTT , and an advisory board providing access to global expertise in the field. Subscribers will be drawn from a wide range of institutions and disciplines in higher education and related sectors, consonant with the very wide relevance of historical understanding to tourism studies in all but its most narrowly policy-oriented incarnations, and of the increasing recognition of the importance of tourism history to its ‘home’ discipline. The Journal of Tourism History is edited by Professor John K. Walton, one of the pioneers of the field.
3 issues per year.

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Latest articles

Not many flew down to Rio: tourism and the history of beach-going in twentieth-century Rio de Janeiro
B.J. Barickman, ONLINE EARLY
Tanned guardians, followers and pioneers: Yugoslav directed tourism across Tito's Brijuni Islands
‘The sea connects; it does not divide’: Czech tourism on the interwar Adriatic
Igor Tchoukarine, ONLINE EARLY
The adventures of an Ustasha Youth leader in the Adriatic: transnational fascism and the travel polemics of Dragutin Gjurić
Rory Yeomans, ONLINE EARLY
Replacing Venice in the Adriatic: tourism and Italian irredentism, 1880–1936
Maura Hametz, ONLINE EARLY
Mobile natures: tourism, symbolic geographies, and environmental protection on the Croatian Adriatic
Pamela Ballinger, ONLINE EARLY

Volume 6 (1)

Brass bands, icebergs and jazz: music on passenger shipping 1880–1939
David Cashman, vol. 6 (1): 1-15
Cruise market: a real opportunity for transatlantic shipping lines in the 1960s – the case of the Spanish company Ybarra
Gaetano Cerchiello, vol. 6 (1): 16-37
Picturesque violence: tourism, the film industry, and the heritagization of ‘bandoleros’ in Spain, 1905–1936
Eugenia Afinoguénova, vol. 6 (1): 38-56
The way to a man's heart: how the Soviet travel agency ‘Sputnik’ struggled to feed Western tourists
Andrei Kozovoi, vol. 6 (1): 57-73
What to see and how to see it: tourists, residents, and the beginnings of the walking tour in nineteenth-century Quebec City
Alan Gordon, vol. 6 (1): 74-90
The people's own landscape: nature, tourism, and dictatorship in East Germany
Diane P. Koenker, vol. 6 (1): 91-92
Making Rocky Mountain National Park: the environmental history of an American treasure
Char Miller, vol. 6 (1): 92-94
Landscape in American guides and view books: visual history of touring and travel
Ulrike Spring, vol. 6 (1): 94-96
Finding the fountain of youth: Ponce de Leon and Florida's magical waters
Tracy J. Revels, vol. 6 (1): 96-97
Destination dixie: tourism and southern history
Jodi Skipper, vol. 6 (1): 97-99
Mining heritage and tourism: a global synthesis
Matt Thompson, vol. 6 (1): 99-101
The low cost carrier worldwide
Peter P. Belobaba, vol. 6 (1): 101-102