Journal of Urban History articles

Volume 42 (6)

A Small Suburb Becomes a Boomburb: Explaining Suburban Growth in Naperville, Illinois
Miller, B. J., vol. 42 (6): 1135-1152
Cities of Socialism: Migration, Mass Housing, and Political Change in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union after World War II
Sezneva, O., vol. 42 (6): 1153-1157
Milwaukee Urban History Scholarship: An Engagement with Scale and Scope
Truitt, A. M., vol. 42 (6): 1158-1162
Mapping the Elephant: Toward a Spatial History of the Japanese Empire
Grunow, T. R., vol. 42 (6): 1163-1180

Volume 42 (5)

Introduction: Sex and the Colonial City
Semley, L., vol. 42 (5): 831-840
"Refugee from St. Domingue Living in This City": The Geography of Social Networks in Testaments of Refugee Free Women of Color in New Orleans
Neidenbach, E. C., vol. 42 (5): 841-862
Rape, Race, and Respectability in a South African Port City: East London, 1870-1927
Thornberry, E., vol. 42 (5): 863-880
"My Most Beautiful Ornament Is My House": National Womanhood and Urban Modernity in Late Colonial and Postcolonial Senegal, 1956-1968
Fretwell, E. A., vol. 42 (5): 881-899
Trouble on the Docks: Strikes, Scabs, and the Colonial Question in Marseilles Port Neighborhoods
Nasiali, M., vol. 42 (5): 900-918
Opposing Forces: The "Open Housing" Debate among Citizens, the Daily Press, and the Mayor in Milwaukee, 1967-1968
Janecky, P. R., vol. 42 (5): 919-937
About the Ideal Layout of the City Street in the Twelfth to Sixteenth Centuries: The Myth of the Renaissance in Town Building
Boerefijn, W., vol. 42 (5): 938-952
Diversity. Conflict. Empowerment? The Politics of Black Chicago from Abolition to Harold Washington
Mitrani, S., vol. 42 (5): 953-959
The Road (Becoming) Less Traveled: The History of Highways in America
Renne, J. L., vol. 42 (5): 960-964
Is There Real Potential of Sustainable City Life?
Pagan, K. W., vol. 42 (5): 965-971
Tokyo and Beyond: Space and Place in Urban Japan
Hanes, J. E., vol. 42 (5): 972-983

Volume 42 (4)

Living Stones: The House as Actor in Early Modern Europe
Jütte, D., vol. 42 (4): 659-687
The Evolution of an Urban Vision: The Multilevel Pedestrian Networks in Hong Kong, 1965-1997
Tan, Z., Xue, C. Q. L., vol. 42 (4): 688-708
Managing School Integration and White Flight: The Debate over Chicagos Future in the 1960s
Steffes, T. L., vol. 42 (4): 709-732
The International Garden City Campaign: Transnational Negotiations on Town Planning Methods 1913-1926
Geertse, M., vol. 42 (4): 733-752
Navigating by Nose: Fresh Air, Stench Nuisance, and the Urban Environment, 1840-1880
Kiechle, M., vol. 42 (4): 753-771
Queers and the City
Capo, J., vol. 42 (4): 772-781
The Transformation of Jewish Culture in European and American Cities
Shapira, E., vol. 42 (4): 782-787
Dispatches from the Garden State: Urban Studies Approaches to the History of New Jersey
Merin, M., vol. 42 (4): 788-793
Recent Trends in Medieval Urban History
Rollo-Koster, J., vol. 42 (4): 794-799
The Limits of Public Health Reform in Urban America
Wilson, D. J., vol. 42 (4): 800-805
Stimulating Culture: Coffee and Coffeehouses in Modern European History
Unowsky, D., vol. 42 (4): 806-810
Architect, Engineer, and Builder
Fenske, G., vol. 42 (4): 811-821
Revitalizing, Rethinking, and Shaping the City
Mumford, E. P., vol. 42 (4): 822-827

Volume 42 (3)

Japanese Cities in Global Context
Hein, C., vol. 42 (3): 463-476
Nagasakis Districts: Western Contact with Japan through the History of a Citys Space
Palmer, D., vol. 42 (3): 477-505
Paving Power: Western Urban Planning and Imperial Space from the Streets of Meiji Tokyo to Colonial Seoul
Grunow, T. R., vol. 42 (3): 506-556
Urban Survey and Planning in Twentieth-Century Japan: Wajiro Kons "Modernology" and Its Descendants
Kuroishi, I., vol. 42 (3): 557-581
Toward an "Unburnable City": Reimagining the Urban Landscape in 1930s Japanese Media
Shepherdson-Scott, K., vol. 42 (3): 582-603
Metabolist Utopias and Their Global Influence: Three Paradigms of Urbanism
Lin, Z., vol. 42 (3): 604-622
Rediscovering Japanese Urban Space in a World Context
Oshima, K. T., vol. 42 (3): 623-633
Freedom North Studies, the Long Civil Rights Movement, and Twentieth-Century Liberalism in American Cities
Purnell, B., vol. 42 (3): 634-640
"I Love You Peters Proud Creation": Cultural Topographies of St. Petersburg
Anemone, A., vol. 42 (3): 641-646
From Silks to Spices: Changing Processes of Retailing and Consumption in Eighteenth-Century English Towns
Dyer, S., vol. 42 (3): 647-653

Volume 42 (2)

Health Care and Urban Revitalization: A Historical Overview
Day, J. N., vol. 42 (2): 247-258
The Hospital City in an Ethnic Enclave: Tufts-New England Medical Center, Bostons Chinatown, and the Urban Political Economy of Health Care
McKee, G. A., vol. 42 (2): 259-283