Journal of Urban History articles

Volume 39 (6)

Tracks in the Streets: Railroads, Infrastructure, and Urban Space in Baltimore, 1828-1840
Schley, D., vol. 39 (6): 1062-1084
Sixth Avenue Heartache: Race, Commemoration, and the Colorblind Consensus in Zephyrhills, Florida, 2003-2004
Gottlieb, D., vol. 39 (6): 1085-1105
"Divine Providence": Birmingham and the Cholera Pandemic of 1832
Cawood, I., Upton, C., vol. 39 (6): 1106-1124
"I Like to Get Around": City Girls in Chicago Music Saloons, 1858-1906
Wiltse, J., vol. 39 (6): 1125-1145
"Domed" to Fail? Diverging Stakeholder Interests in a Stadium Referendum
Mason, D. S., Buist, E. A. N., vol. 39 (6): 1146-1162
Modernity and Modernization in North Africa and the Middle East
Kahil, A., vol. 39 (6): 1163-1167
States of Disrepair: Authority, Conflict, and Connectivity in the Age of Infrastructure
Fein, M. R., vol. 39 (6): 1168-1174
Religion in an Urbanizing Europe, c. 1840-1939
McLeod, H., vol. 39 (6): 1175-1180

Volume 39 (5)

"Our Corner of the World": Australian Urban History and the Poetics of Space
Mayne, A., vol. 39 (5): 819-828
The Suburban Idea and Its Enemies
Davison, G., vol. 39 (5): 829-847
Expanding Horizons in the Archaeology of the Modern City: A Tale in Six Projects
Murray, T., vol. 39 (5): 848-863
Harlem in Black and White: Mapping Race and Place in the 1920s
Robertson, S., White, S., Garton, S., vol. 39 (5): 864-880
Jane Jacobs and the Cosmopolitan Metropolis: 2012 UHA Presidential Address
Teaford, J. C., vol. 39 (5): 881-889
Battle of the Port: Memory, Preservation, and Planning in the Creation of the South Street Seaport Museum
Foster, R., vol. 39 (5): 890-908
Middle-Class Castle: Constructing Gentrification at London's Barbican Estate
Nash, L., vol. 39 (5): 909-932
Building a "Family-Friendly" Metropolis: Sexuality, the State, and Postwar Housing Policy
Howard, C., vol. 39 (5): 933-955
Mrs. McCain's Parlor: House and Garden Tours and the Inner-City Restoration Trend in Washington, D.C.
Logan, C., vol. 39 (5): 956-974
Building "A City of Upper-Middle-Class Citizens": Labor Markets, Segregation, and Growth in Austin, Texas, 1950-1973
Busch, A., vol. 39 (5): 975-996
Modernity, Melancholy, Memory, and Filth: New Perspectives on Russian and Soviet Cities
Kirschenbaum, L. A., vol. 39 (5): 997-1002
Mumbai Modern: Colonial Pasts and Postcolonial Predicaments
Kidambi, P., vol. 39 (5): 1003-1011
The Varieties of Urban Experience: A Study in Urban Nature
Sowards, A. M., vol. 39 (5): 1012-1022

Volume 39 (4)

Sport, Culture, and Nation Among the Hibernians of Philadelphia: Irish American Civic Engagement and Cultural Nationalism, 1880-1920
Mullan, M. L., vol. 39 (4): 579-600
The Art Market, Arts Funding, and Sweat Equity: The Origins of Gentrified Retail
Shkuda, A., vol. 39 (4): 601-619
How the Federal Government Zoned America: The Federal Housing Administration and Zoning
Whittemore, A. H., vol. 39 (4): 620-642
Is Access to Food a Public Good? Meat Provisioning in Early New York City, 1790-1820
Baics, G., vol. 39 (4): 643-668
Trouble in Smogville: The Politics of Toronto's Air Pollution during the 1950s
Temby, O., vol. 39 (4): 669-689
Car Parking Matters: Adapting to Changing Customer Mobility in Neighborhood Town Centers of an Inner City Area of Sydney
Moutou, C. J., vol. 39 (4): 690-708
The Quest for Colonial Style in French West Africa: Prefabricating Marche Kermel and Sandaga
Bigon, L., Sinou, A., vol. 39 (4): 709-725
Carthage or Jerusalem? Princely Violence and the Spatial Transformation of the Medieval into the Early Modern City
Arnade, P., vol. 39 (4): 726-748
Local Meets Global: Establishing New Perspectives in Urban History--Lessons from Ahmedabad
Spodek, H., vol. 39 (4): 749-766
Architecture of Descent: Historical Reconstructions and the Politics of Belonging in Kaliningrad, the Former Konigsberg
Sezneva, O., vol. 39 (4): 767-787
Policy versus Practice: The Problems of Urban School Reform
Bigott, J. C., vol. 39 (4): 788-794
Finding Historical Continuities in Berlin's Cityscapes, Images, and Identities
Lisiak, A. A., vol. 39 (4): 795-800
Contemporary Urban History: What the Study of Port Cities Implies for Evidence, Methodology, and Conceptualization
Konvitz, J., vol. 39 (4): 801-806
Strangers on the Seine: Immigration in Modern Paris
Stovall, T., vol. 39 (4): 807-813

Volume 39 (3)

Introduction: Thinking through Urban Renewal
Zipp, S., Carriere, M., vol. 39 (3): 359-365
The Roots and Routes of Urban Renewal
Zipp, S., vol. 39 (3): 366-391
Sidewalk Narratives, Tenement Narratives: Seeing Urban Renewal through the Settlement Movement
Rowan, J. C., vol. 39 (3): 392-410
Chicago, the South Side Planning Board, and the Search for (Further) Order: Toward an Intellectual Lineage of Urban Renewal in Postwar America
Carriere, M., vol. 39 (3): 411-432
Bulldozers, Busing, and Boycotts: Urban Renewal and the Integrationist Project
Hock, J., vol. 39 (3): 433-453