Journal of Urban History articles

Volume 41 (4)

Introduction: Protest in the City: Democracy and Dissent in 1980s Europe
Kirchhof, A. M., MacDougall, C., Weiss, P. U., vol. 41 (4): 603-606
Pandemonium Britain: Interactions between Formal and Informal Places of Governance in the 1980s
O'Brien Castro, M., vol. 41 (4): 607-624
"For a Decent Quality of Life": Environmental Groups in East and West Berlin
Kirchhof, A. M., vol. 41 (4): 625-646
Civil Society from the Underground: The Alternative Antifa Network in the GDR
Weiss, P. U., vol. 41 (4): 647-664
Strategies of Protest from Wroclaw: The Orange Alternative or the Riot of the Gnomes
Szymanski-Dull, B., vol. 41 (4): 665-678
Remembrance of Revolutions Past--A Democratic Resource? 1989--Space of Remembrance in the "Hero Cities" of Leipzig and Timişoara
Hofmann, M., vol. 41 (4): 679-692
"You People Would Keep On Dwelling": Twentieth-Century State Responses to Homelessness in Hungary from Above and Below
Udvarhelyi, E. T., vol. 41 (4): 693-710
From Praise to Condemnation: Ottoman Revivalism and the Production of Space in Early Republican Ankara
Basa, I., vol. 41 (4): 711-738
Parisian Palimpsest: Monuments, Ruins, and Preservation in the Long Nineteenth Century
De Oliveira, P. L. S., vol. 41 (4): 739-745

Volume 41 (3)

Editor's Tribute to Raymond A. Mohl
Goldfield, D., vol. 41 (3): 359-359
Tribute to Raymond A. Mohl, 1938-2015
Biles, R., Rose, M. H., vol. 41 (3): 360-367
The Rise of Italy's Neo-Ghettos
Clough Marinaro, I., vol. 41 (3): 368-387
The New Orleans Lakefront: Nostalgia and the Fate of New Urbanism
Benac, D., vol. 41 (3): 388-403
Where Houston Met Hollywood: Giant, Glenn McCarthy, and the Construction of a Modern City
Calhoun, C., vol. 41 (3): 404-419
Selling Atlanta: Black Mayoral Politics from Protest to Entrepreneurism, 1973 to 1990
Levy, J. A., vol. 41 (3): 420-443
Sardinero and Not a Can of Sardines: Soccer and Spanish Ethnic Identities in New York City during the 1920s
Bunk, B. D., vol. 41 (3): 444-459
"A Town Should Be Built to Make the Whole Thing Work": Modeling Patterson, City Beautiful of California's Central Valley
Ekman, P., vol. 41 (3): 460-478
Exclusion in Arcadia: How Suburban Developers Circulated Ideas about Discrimination, 1890-1950
Glotzer, P., vol. 41 (3): 479-494
The Costs and Consequences of Living in a World Shaped by Leisure Culture: New Literature on Tourism and Urban Recreation in America
Guillen, N., vol. 41 (3): 495-500
Urban Jewish Transformations
Goldstone, G. O., vol. 41 (3): 501-507
Chinese Cities in a Time of Change
Tsui, C. C. M., vol. 41 (3): 508-513
Dreams of Los Angeles: Traversing Power, Navigating Space, and Recovering the Everyday
Zarsadiaz, J., vol. 41 (3): 514-520
Cosmopolitan Attachment: Pluralism and Civic Identity in Late Ottoman Cities
Ersoy, A., vol. 41 (3): 521-525
The City and American Environmentalism
Gioielli, R., vol. 41 (3): 526-533
Miles to Go before We Sleep: Well-Worn Paths and New Directions for Educational Historians
Alvarez, R. L., vol. 41 (3): 534-540
Paris: Haussmann and After
Jordan, D. P., vol. 41 (3): 541-549
Making Visual Order of Urban Disorder: New York City's Nineteenth-Century Illustrated Press
Guarneri, J., vol. 41 (3): 550-554
vol. 41 (3): 555-555

Volume 41 (2)

Introduction: Reinventing the American Postindustrial City
Karimi, P., vol. 41 (2): 147-157
Postindustrialization and the City of Consumption: Attempted Revitalization in Asbury Park, New Jersey
Ammon, F. R., vol. 41 (2): 158-174
Immigrant Island Cities in Industrial Detroit
Akhtar, S., vol. 41 (2): 175-192
Theaster Gates's Dorchester Projects in Chicago
Reinhardt, K., vol. 41 (2): 193-206
New Bedford Resurgent: A New England Town-Gown Story
Dempsey, A. M., vol. 41 (2): 207-226
Getting Out of a Spot: Deployed Technologies and Revamped Codes for a Thriving Twenty-First-Century City
Norman, M., vol. 41 (2): 227-244
The Creative Class, Urban Boosters, and Race: Shaping Urban Revitalization in Kansas City, Missouri
L'Heureux, M.-A., vol. 41 (2): 245-260
Urban Triage, City Systems, and the Remnants of Community: Some "Sticky" Complications in the Greening of Detroit
Kirkpatrick, L. O., vol. 41 (2): 261-278
Limitations of the Temporary: Landscape and Abandonment
Desimini, J., vol. 41 (2): 279-293
Debris of What-Would-Have-Been: A Photo-Essay Concerning Deindustrialization in Hyper-capitalist and Post-socialist Cities
Grigor, T., Katchi.db, R., vol. 41 (2): 294-306
Decline and Renaissance: Photographing Detroit in the 1940s and 1980s
Aelbrecht, W., vol. 41 (2): 307-325
Urban Decay Photography and Film: Fetishism and the Apocalyptic Imagination
Arnold, S., vol. 41 (2): 326-339