Journal of Urban History articles

Volume 40 (4)

"No Crystal Stair": The Cleveland Public Schools and the Struggle for Equality, 1900-1930
Miggins, E. M., vol. 40 (4): 671-698
Shantytown Revolution: Slum Clearance, Rent Control, and the Cuban State, 1937-1955
Horst, J., vol. 40 (4): 699-718
"Everybody Was Looking for a Good Government Job": Occupational Choice during Segregation in Arlington, Virginia
Perry, N., Reybold, L. E., Waters, N., vol. 40 (4): 719-741
Trade, Transport, and Storage in Amsterdam Inns (1450-1800)
Hell, M., vol. 40 (4): 742-761
A Symbolic Landscape for Suburbia: Baltimore Chizuk Amuno's "Hebrew Culture Garden"
Kargon, J., vol. 40 (4): 762-791
Place and the City Biography: Between the Local and the Universal in the Sun Belt
Holliday, K. E., vol. 40 (4): 792-798
For the Love of Cities
von Hoffman, A., vol. 40 (4): 799-805
Networks of Power, Knowledge, and Control in Industrializing America
Zonderman, D. A., vol. 40 (4): 806-811
A Queer Public Sphere: Urban History's Sexual Landscape
Potter, C., vol. 40 (4): 812-822

Volume 40 (3)

The Place of the City: Collaborative Learning, Urban History, and Transformations in Higher Education
Meringolo, D. D., vol. 40 (3): 419-424
Preserving Places, Making Spaces in Baltimore: Seeing the Connections of Research, Teaching, and Service as Justice
King, P. N., vol. 40 (3): 425-449
Experiencing the City: Experiential Learning in Urban Environments
Henthorn, T. C., vol. 40 (3): 450-461
Engaging the Neighborhood: The East Rogers Park Neighborhood History Project and the Possibilities and Challenges of Community-Based Initiatives
Mooney-Melvin, P., vol. 40 (3): 462-478
Cracks in the Granite: Paternal Care, the Imperial Facade, and the Limits of Authority in the 1824 St. Petersburg Flood
Dills, R., vol. 40 (3): 479-496
Peruvians in Paterson: The Growth and Establishment of a Peruvian American Community within the Multiethnic Immigrant History of Paterson, New Jersey
Francesco, M. G., vol. 40 (3): 497-513
The Racial Politics of Place: Jim Crow, the New Deal, and Suburban Housing on the Virginia Peninsula
Carroll, F., vol. 40 (3): 514-535
Italian American and African American Encounters in the City and in the Suburb
Carnevale, N. C., vol. 40 (3): 536-562
The Road to Upward Mobility: Urbanity and the Creation of a New Middle Class in Postwar West Germany
Staub, A., vol. 40 (3): 563-584
Oswald Nagler, HURPI, and the Formation of Urban Planning and Design in South Korea: The South Seoul Plan by HURPI and the Mok-dong Plan
Jung, S., vol. 40 (3): 585-605
Making New York New: The Modernization of Manhattan and Its Discontents
Britton, J. A., vol. 40 (3): 606-612
Green Cities, the Search for Sustainability, and Urban Environmental History
Wells, C. W., vol. 40 (3): 613-620
"Martial Metropolises": The Impact of World War II on U.S. Cities
Stur, H. M., vol. 40 (3): 621-626

Volume 40 (2)

The Making of a Gecekondulu Identity: Journalistic Representations of the Squatters in Turkey in the 1970s
Avci, O., vol. 40 (2): 211-231
Neither Welcomed, Nor Refused: Race and Restaurants in Postwar New York City
Jou, C., vol. 40 (2): 232-251
The "Silent Majority" in Black and White: Invisibility and Imprecision in the Historiography of Mass Incarceration
Fortner, M. J., vol. 40 (2): 252-282
Privatization, Devolution, and Jimmy Carter's National Urban Policy
Neumann, T., vol. 40 (2): 283-300
Space of Power and Power of Space: Islam and Conflict over Cemetery Space in Colonial Ibadan
Onwuzuruigbo, I., vol. 40 (2): 301-317
State Impediments to Transit-Centered Planning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1916-1928
Moore, K. W., vol. 40 (2): 318-344
Bringing Good Food In: A History of New York City's Greenmarket Program
Kornfeld, D., vol. 40 (2): 345-356
A Cultural Crossroads at the "Bloody Angle": The Chinatown Tongs and the Development of New York City's Chinese American Community
Chen, M., vol. 40 (2): 357-379
Structure versus Agency Redux: Race and Inequality in Metropolitan America
Michney, T. M., vol. 40 (2): 380-387
The Multiethnic Neighborhood in the United States
Chronopoulos, T., vol. 40 (2): 388-394
All You Need Is Music, Sweet Music: Dance Culture and Community in Urban America
Saab, A. J., vol. 40 (2): 395-400
Reevaluating Postwar Urban Renewal
Wakeman, R., vol. 40 (2): 401-406
Voices from the Storm
Manning, C. E., vol. 40 (2): 407-414

Volume 40 (1)

Commentary on "The New Metropolitan History"
Lewinnek, E., vol. 40 (1): 3-5
Seasoned Long Enough in Concentration: Suburbanization and Transnational Citizenship in Southern California's South Bay
Jenks, H., vol. 40 (1): 6-30
Beyond Corporate Abandonment: General Motors and the Politics of Metropolitan Capitalism in Flint, Michigan
Highsmith, A. R., vol. 40 (1): 31-47
"These Communities Have the Most to Gain from Valley Cityhood": Color-Blind Rhetoric of Urban Secession in Los Angeles, 1996-2002
Connor, M. A., vol. 40 (1): 48-64
When the Motorman Mayor Met the Cable Car Ladies: Engendering Transit in the City That Knows How
Scott, D., vol. 40 (1): 65-96