Journal of Urban History articles

Volume 41 (1)

Globalization and Urbanization in East Asia since the Middle Ages
Silver, C., vol. 41 (1): 165-170
Beyond Smog, Sprawl, and Asphalt: Developments in the Not-So-New Suburban History
Nickerson, M., vol. 41 (1): 171-180

Volume 40 (6)

Outside the World of Tomorrow: New York Labor and the Public Sphere in the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair
London, D. H., vol. 40 (6): 1011-1027
Impacts of Seaplanes and Seaports on the Perception and Conception of the Modern City: The Case of Istanbul
Zelef, M. H., vol. 40 (6): 1028-1053
Assessing the Impact of the Inner Belt: MIT, Highways, and Housing in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Moss, H., Zhang, Y., Anderson, A., vol. 40 (6): 1054-1078
The Great Chicago Waiters' Strike: Producing Urban Space, Organizing Labor, Challenging Racial Divides in 1890s Chicago
Garb, M., vol. 40 (6): 1079-1098
The National Federation of Town Planning and Housing, 1939-1954: A Network for Town Planners and Architects in Franco's Spain
Garcia Gonzalez, M. C., Guerrero, S., vol. 40 (6): 1099-1122
The Best as Enemy of the Good: The Port Authority's 4th Jetport, Lindenthal's Massive Span over the Hudson, and the George Washington Bridge
Doig, J. W., vol. 40 (6): 1123-1137
The Lindsay Administration and the Sanitation Crisis of New York City, 1966-1973
Chronopoulos, T., vol. 40 (6): 1138-1154
History in a Time of Gentrification
Musgrove, G. D., vol. 40 (6): 1155-1160
Global Elites' Power Over Urban Space: The Long History and Bleak Future of Segregating and Selling the City
McCammack, B., vol. 40 (6): 1161-1167
Debating the Long Civil Rights Movement: Exploring Multiracial Alliances and Disputes
Tilghman, J. R., vol. 40 (6): 1168-1173
Cities Compared: Europe and North America in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Lees, A., vol. 40 (6): 1174-1180
Enacting Asian Urbanism
Lu, D., vol. 40 (6): 1181-1187

Volume 40 (5)

Revisiting the Urban Interstates: Politics, Policy, and Culture since World War II
Biles, R., Mohl, R. A., Rose, M. H., vol. 40 (5): 827-830
L.A.'s Invisible Freeway Revolt: The Cultural Politics of Fighting Freeways
Avila, E., vol. 40 (5): 831-842
Expressways before the Interstates: The Case of Detroit, 1945-1956
Biles, R., vol. 40 (5): 843-854
Realignment: Highways and Livability Policy in the Post-Interstate Era, 1978-2013
Fein, M. R., vol. 40 (5): 855-869
Citizen Activism and Freeway Revolts in Memphis and Nashville: The Road to Litigation
Mohl, R. A., vol. 40 (5): 870-893
Acceptably Pleasing: The Urban Advisors and the Struggle to Improve Freeway Design
Muller, E. K., vol. 40 (5): 894-916
The Cotton Mill Village Turned City: A Retrospective Analysis of Three of Georgia's Smallest Cities
Wickersham, M. E., Yehl, R. P., vol. 40 (5): 917-932
The City and the City: Race, Nationalism, and Architecture in Early Twentieth-Century Bangkok
Chua, L., vol. 40 (5): 933-958
The Optics of Urban Ruination: Toward an Archaeological Approach to the Photography of the Japan Air Raids
Fedman, D., Karacas, C., vol. 40 (5): 959-984
Best Laid Plans: Seeing Los Angeles for What It Is, Was, and Could Be
Tarr, A., vol. 40 (5): 985-992
Narrating the Early Modern American City: A Historical Prequel to the Global City
Dantas, M. L. R., vol. 40 (5): 993-999
Interpreting Abandoned Sites: Administrative, Market, and Grassroots Frameworks
McCulloch, M., vol. 40 (5): 1000-1005

Volume 40 (4)

Coordinator's Introduction to the Forum
von Hoffman, A., vol. 40 (4): 631-633
Christopher Klemek's Response to "The Roots and Routes of Urban Renewal"
Klemek, C., vol. 40 (4): 633-635
Jennifer S. Light's Response to "Thinking through Urban Renewal"
Light, J. S., vol. 40 (4): 635-636
Jon Teaford's Response to "The Roots and Routes of Urban Renewal"
Teaford, J., vol. 40 (4): 636-637
Suleiman Osman's Response to "The Roots and Routes of Urban Renewal"
Osman, S., vol. 40 (4): 638-639
Gail Radford's Response to "An 'Ethic of City Rebuilding'"
Radford, G., vol. 40 (4): 640-641
Remember the Workers, Kristin Szylvian's Response to "Thinking through Urban Renewal"
Szylvian, K. M., vol. 40 (4): 641-643
Rip It Up and Start Again? Response to Forum on "The Roots and Routes of Urban Renewal"
Zipp, S., vol. 40 (4): 644-647
The St. Louis Rent Strike of 1969: Transforming Black Activism and American Low-Income Housing
Karp, M., vol. 40 (4): 648-670
"No Crystal Stair": The Cleveland Public Schools and the Struggle for Equality, 1900-1930
Miggins, E. M., vol. 40 (4): 671-698
Shantytown Revolution: Slum Clearance, Rent Control, and the Cuban State, 1937-1955
Horst, J., vol. 40 (4): 699-718
"Everybody Was Looking for a Good Government Job": Occupational Choice during Segregation in Arlington, Virginia
Perry, N., Reybold, L. E., Waters, N., vol. 40 (4): 719-741
Trade, Transport, and Storage in Amsterdam Inns (1450-1800)
Hell, M., vol. 40 (4): 742-761
A Symbolic Landscape for Suburbia: Baltimore Chizuk Amuno's "Hebrew Culture Garden"
Kargon, J., vol. 40 (4): 762-791