Journal of Urban History articles

Volume 39 (2)

Making and Remaking Boston's Environmental History, for Bostonians and for the Rest of Us
Longhurst, J., vol. 39 (2): 336-341
"First Blacks," Race and the Twentieth-Century City
Bigham, D. E., vol. 39 (2): 342-347
Wish Images for Twenty-First-Century (American) Cities
Sankalia, T., vol. 39 (2): 348-356

Volume 39 (1)

Suburban Diversity in Postwar America
Lassiter, M. D., Niedt, C., vol. 39 (1): 3-14
The Changs Next Door to the Diazes: Suburban Racial Formation in Los Angeles's San Gabriel Valley
Cheng, W., vol. 39 (1): 15-35
"It Was a Real Village": Community Identity Formation among Black Middle-Class Residents in Pontchartrain Park
Gafford, F. D., vol. 39 (1): 36-58
Family Ideals: The Diverse Meanings of Residential Space in Chicago during the Post-World War II Baby Boom
Potter, S., vol. 39 (1): 59-78
"Public Benefits from Public Choice": Producing Decentralization in Metropolitan Los Angeles, 1954-1973
Connor, M. A., vol. 39 (1): 79-100
Glass and Steel: The Shell Oil/Bulova Tower as a Psycho-Spatial Aglet at the Canadian National Exhibition, 1955-1985
Munroe, J. A., vol. 39 (1): 101-129
Under a Golden Sun: The Cultural Politics and Industrial Development of Southern California
Schrank, S., vol. 39 (1): 130-138
Is Bigger Better? Urban History on a Millennial Scale
Friedrichs, C. R., vol. 39 (1): 139-142

Volume 38 (6)

Saints and the "Long Civil Rights Movement": Claiming Space in Memphis
Beaupre, L. E., vol. 38 (6): 971-1002
"Every Man His Own Landlord": Working-class Suburban Speculation and the Antebellum Republican City
Heath, A., vol. 38 (6): 1003-1020
Ordering the Disorderly Slum: "Standardizing" Quality of Life in Marseille Tenements and Bidonvilles
Nasiali, M., vol. 38 (6): 1021-1035
The Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Redlining, and the National Proliferation of Racial Lending Discrimination, 1921-1950
Woods, L. L., vol. 38 (6): 1036-1059
The Machine in the City: Public Appropriation of the Tramway in Britain and Germany, 1870-1915
Schmucki, B., vol. 38 (6): 1060-1093
Competing Visions of the American Single-Family Home: Defining McMansions in the New York Times and Dallas Morning News, 2000-2009
Miller, B. J., vol. 38 (6): 1094-1113
Transportation and Power
Basmajian, C., vol. 38 (6): 1114-1120
Model Miami: Finding New Urban Paradigms for New American Cities
Lasner, M. G., vol. 38 (6): 1121-1127
Entrepreneurial Bureaucrats in the Neighborhood
McNickle, C., vol. 38 (6): 1128-1132
The Death of the Skyscraper
Merwood-Salisbury, J., vol. 38 (6): 1133-1137
Stories of Chicago: Narrative, Theory, and Evidence
Lewis, R., vol. 38 (6): 1138-1144

Volume 38 (5)

Introduction: The Case for Studying Cities and Nationalisms
Bickford-Smith, V., vol. 38 (5): 855-861
Incubator City: Shanghai and the Crises of Empires
Bickers, R., vol. 38 (5): 862-878
Between Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism: The Strange Death of Liberal Alexandria
Moore, J., vol. 38 (5): 879-900
City and Nation in an African Context: National Identity in Kinshasa
Freund, B., vol. 38 (5): 901-913
Group Identities, Oil, and the Local Political Domain in Kirkuk: A Historical Perspective
Bet-Shlimon, A., vol. 38 (5): 914-931
Fighting for Unionist Home Rule: Competing Identities in Dublin 1880-1929
Wallace, C., vol. 38 (5): 932-949
Nationalism and the City in Colonial India: Bombay, c. 1890-1940
Kidambi, P., vol. 38 (5): 950-967

Volume 38 (4)

Naked Houses: The Architecture of Nudism and the Rethinking of the American Suburbs
Schrank, S., vol. 38 (4): 635-661
Moving to Integration? The Origins of Chicago's Gautreaux Program and the Limits of Voucher-Based Housing Mobility
Gill, A. M. K., vol. 38 (4): 662-686
Radical Culture in Black Necropolis: Sun Ra, Alton Abraham, and Postwar Chicago
Sites, W., vol. 38 (4): 687-719
Population Growth in Late-Nineteenth-Century Bogota: Insights on a Demographic Dilemma
Sowell, D., vol. 38 (4): 720-730
Social Reform and Allotment Gardening in Twentieth-Century York
Wilson, R. J., vol. 38 (4): 731-752
(Dis)Empowering Homeless People: The Battle for Atlanta's Imperial Hotel, 1990-1991
Steffen, C. G., vol. 38 (4): 753-776
The Role of the Train Station in the Image Formation of the Early Republican Ankara
Sak, S., Basa, I., vol. 38 (4): 777-802
Revisting Gangs in the Post-World War II North American City: A Forum
Gilfoyle, T. J., vol. 38 (4): 803-811
Beyond the Oriental Ghetto: New Directions in Asian American Urban History
Lee, S. S.-H., vol. 38 (4): 812-819
Jews and Their Neighbors in Breslau and Kiev
Brenner, A. D., vol. 38 (4): 820-823
Sociology, History, and the Newest Immigrants
Shaffer, R., vol. 38 (4): 824-834