Journal of Urban History articles

Volume 38 (1)

Revealing the Empowerment Revolution: A Literature Review of the Model Cities Program
Weber, B. A., Wallace, A., vol. 38 (1): 173-192

Volume 37 (6)

Hitzer, B., Schlor, J., vol. 37 (6): 819-827
Nineteenth-Century Urbanization as Sacred Process: Insights from German Strasbourg
Steinhoff, A., vol. 37 (6): 828-841
The Religious Landscape of Revolutionary St. Petersburg, 1905-1918
Herrlinger, K. P., vol. 37 (6): 842-857
The Political Geography of Judaism in Late Imperial Kiev
Meir, N., vol. 37 (6): 858-870
Secularization and Pluralism: Urban Jewish Cultures in Early Twentieth-Century Berlin
Metzler, T., vol. 37 (6): 871-896
Religion, Politics, and Modern Culture in Interwar Amsterdam
Kaal, H., vol. 37 (6): 897-910
"Stones Run It": Taking Back Control of Organized Crime in Chicago, 1940-1975
Cooley, W., vol. 37 (6): 911-932
Styling the Revolution: Masculinities, Youth, and Street Politics in Jakarta, Indonesia
Lee, D., vol. 37 (6): 933-951
Age 55 or Better: Active Adult Communities and City Planning
Trolander, J. A., vol. 37 (6): 952-974
Charitable Collaborations in Bronzeville, 1928-1944: The Chicago Defender and the Regal Theater
Semmes, C. E., vol. 37 (6): 975-991
The State of Blame in American Cities: Race, Wealth, and the Politics of Housing
Helgeson, J., vol. 37 (6): 992-999
American History as the History of Sexuality and Gender
Johnson, V. M., vol. 37 (6): 1000-1009
Shadows in the City of Light
Hohenberg, P. M., vol. 37 (6): 1010-1014
Ottoman Urban History and the Search for a New Seventeenth Century
Grehan, J., vol. 37 (6): 1015-1018
Is There an "Urban History" of the American Revolutionary City?
Riordan, L., vol. 37 (6): 1019-1025

Volume 37 (5)

The "Swinish Multitude": Controversies over Hogs in Antebellum New York City
McNeur, C., vol. 37 (5): 639-660
"Early Republican Ankara": Struggle over Historical Representation and the Politics of Urban Historiography
Batuman, B., vol. 37 (5): 661-679
"This Is Not a Cotton Picker's Dream": Reapportionment, Conservative Ideology, and the Urban-Rural Divide
Howison, J. D., vol. 37 (5): 680-693
The Impact of Immigration Policies on Transnational Filipino Immigrant Women: A Comparison of Their Social and Spatial Incorporation in Rome and Toronto
Cristaldi, F., Darden, J. T., vol. 37 (5): 694-709
A Hinterland Cauldron: Workers, Politics, and the Remaking of a Midwestern City
Morser, E., vol. 37 (5): 710-731
Unsightly Urban Menaces and the Rescaling of Residential Segregation in the United States
Hanlon, J., vol. 37 (5): 732-756
"Ready to Shoot and Do Shoot": Black Working-Class Self-Defense and Community Politics in Harlem, New York, during the 1920s
King, S., vol. 37 (5): 757-774
The Jewish Quarter after 1967: A Case Study on the Creation of an Ideological-Cultural Landscape in Jerusalem's Old City
Bar, D., Rubin, R., vol. 37 (5): 775-792
Exploring the Underground Economy in the United States
Sims, K., vol. 37 (5): 793-798
Finding Room: Domesticity and Deportment in Nineteenth-Century Urban America
Garrison, J. R., vol. 37 (5): 799-803
Indian Others and Spanish Fantasies: The Making and Masking of Mexican Los Angeles
Tang, S. H., vol. 37 (5): 804-809
From Pure City to Mass Tourism: Studies of Italian Urban Space in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Foot, J., vol. 37 (5): 810-813

Volume 37 (4)

Changelings: Transformative Perceptions of San Jose's Street Children, 1965-1981
Aldebot-Green, S., vol. 37 (4): 479-496
From Airfield to Airport: An Institutionalist-Historical Approach to the Early Development of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, 1916-1940
El Makhloufi, A., Kaal, H., vol. 37 (4): 497-518
The Reluctant Rise of an Urban Regime: The Exercise of Power in Fargo, North Dakota
Bauroth, N., vol. 37 (4): 519-540
The Pied Piper of the Ghetto: Lyndon Johnson, Environmental Justice, and the Politics of Rat Control
McLaughlin, M., vol. 37 (4): 541-561
Virginia Lee Burton's Little House in Popular Consciousness: Fuelling Postwar Environmentalism and Antiurbanism?
Goddard, J., vol. 37 (4): 562-582
Creating a Unified Business Elite: The Origins of the Chicago Central Area Committee
Rast, J., vol. 37 (4): 583-605
Review Essay: Urban Growth, the Transformation of Nature, and Inequities: Barbara L. Allen (2003). Uneasy Alchemy: Citizens and Experts in Louisiana's Chemical Corridor Disputes Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. xiii + 211 pp., illustrations, maps, notes, referen
McGurty, E., vol. 37 (4): 606-613
A Horse Is a Horse, of Course, but Also Much More: Recovering the Animal Contribution to the Urbanization and Industrialization of America: Ann Norton Greene (2008). Horses at Work: Harnessing Power in Industrial America Cambridge, MA: Harvard University
Rawson, M., vol. 37 (4): 614-618
Decline and Renewal in North American Cities: Eric L. Clements (2003). After the Boom in Tombstone and Jerome, Arizona: Decline in Western Resource Towns. Reno, NV: University of Nevada Press. xv + 389 pp., illustrations, maps, tables, notes, bibliography
Highsmith, A. R., vol. 37 (4): 619-626
A Fight to Forget: Urban Renewal, Robert Moses, Jane Jacobs, and the Stories of Our Cities: Hilary Ballon and Kenneth T. Jackson, eds. (2007). Robert Moses and the Modern City: The Transformation of New York New York, NY: Norton. 336 pp., illustrations, m
Mennel, T., vol. 37 (4): 627-634

Volume 37 (3)

The War on Grant Avenue: Business Competition and Ethnic Rivalry in San Francisco's Chinatown, 1937-1942
Brooks, C., vol. 37 (3): 311-330
From Falangism to Technocracy: The Legislation and the Reality of Spanish Urbanism in Barcelona, 1939-1976
Goldsmith, T., vol. 37 (3): 331-354