Journal of Urban History articles

Volume 37 (5)

Exploring the Underground Economy in the United States
Sims, K., vol. 37 (5): 793-798
Finding Room: Domesticity and Deportment in Nineteenth-Century Urban America
Garrison, J. R., vol. 37 (5): 799-803
Indian Others and Spanish Fantasies: The Making and Masking of Mexican Los Angeles
Tang, S. H., vol. 37 (5): 804-809
From Pure City to Mass Tourism: Studies of Italian Urban Space in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Foot, J., vol. 37 (5): 810-813

Volume 37 (4)

Changelings: Transformative Perceptions of San Jose's Street Children, 1965-1981
Aldebot-Green, S., vol. 37 (4): 479-496
From Airfield to Airport: An Institutionalist-Historical Approach to the Early Development of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, 1916-1940
El Makhloufi, A., Kaal, H., vol. 37 (4): 497-518
The Reluctant Rise of an Urban Regime: The Exercise of Power in Fargo, North Dakota
Bauroth, N., vol. 37 (4): 519-540
The Pied Piper of the Ghetto: Lyndon Johnson, Environmental Justice, and the Politics of Rat Control
McLaughlin, M., vol. 37 (4): 541-561
Virginia Lee Burton's Little House in Popular Consciousness: Fuelling Postwar Environmentalism and Antiurbanism?
Goddard, J., vol. 37 (4): 562-582
Creating a Unified Business Elite: The Origins of the Chicago Central Area Committee
Rast, J., vol. 37 (4): 583-605
Review Essay: Urban Growth, the Transformation of Nature, and Inequities: Barbara L. Allen (2003). Uneasy Alchemy: Citizens and Experts in Louisiana's Chemical Corridor Disputes Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. xiii + 211 pp., illustrations, maps, notes, referen
McGurty, E., vol. 37 (4): 606-613
A Horse Is a Horse, of Course, but Also Much More: Recovering the Animal Contribution to the Urbanization and Industrialization of America: Ann Norton Greene (2008). Horses at Work: Harnessing Power in Industrial America Cambridge, MA: Harvard University
Rawson, M., vol. 37 (4): 614-618
Decline and Renewal in North American Cities: Eric L. Clements (2003). After the Boom in Tombstone and Jerome, Arizona: Decline in Western Resource Towns. Reno, NV: University of Nevada Press. xv + 389 pp., illustrations, maps, tables, notes, bibliography
Highsmith, A. R., vol. 37 (4): 619-626
A Fight to Forget: Urban Renewal, Robert Moses, Jane Jacobs, and the Stories of Our Cities: Hilary Ballon and Kenneth T. Jackson, eds. (2007). Robert Moses and the Modern City: The Transformation of New York New York, NY: Norton. 336 pp., illustrations, m
Mennel, T., vol. 37 (4): 627-634

Volume 37 (3)

The War on Grant Avenue: Business Competition and Ethnic Rivalry in San Francisco's Chinatown, 1937-1942
Brooks, C., vol. 37 (3): 311-330
From Falangism to Technocracy: The Legislation and the Reality of Spanish Urbanism in Barcelona, 1939-1976
Goldsmith, T., vol. 37 (3): 331-354
Roosevelt Island: Exception to a City in Crisis
Freemark, Y., vol. 37 (3): 355-383
What a Difference a Place Makes: The Reflexive (Mis) management of a City's Pasts
Halevi, S., Blumen, O., vol. 37 (3): 384-399
Planning's End? Urban Renewal in New Haven, the Yale School of Art and Architecture, and the Fall of the New Deal Spatial Order
Goldstein, B., vol. 37 (3): 400-422
Conquering the Suburbs: Politics and Work in Early Modern Edinburgh
Allen, A. M., vol. 37 (3): 423-443
Review Essay: Art, Artists, and the Image of the Twentieth-Century City: Michele H. Bogart (2006). The Politics of Urban Beauty: New York and its Art Commission. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. xvii + 368 pp., photographs, illustrations, appendices,
Shkuda, A., vol. 37 (3): 444-450
Flash Men, Jolly Fellows, and Fancy Books: Nineteenth-Century New York, the Nation, and Sexuality in Print: Patricia Cline Cohen, Timothy J. Gilfoyle, and Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz in association with the American Antiquarian Society (2008). The Flash Pres
Hijar, K., vol. 37 (3): 451-459
Contrasting Histories of the English Provincial Town: Terry Slater and Nigel Goose, Editors (2008). A County of Small Towns: The Development of Hertfordshire's Urban Landscape to 1800 Hatfield, UK: University of Hertfordshire Press. 448 pp., $33.95 (paper
Waddell, B., vol. 37 (3): 460-465
The Racial Politics of Urban Street Gangs: Costa Vargas, Joao H. (2006). Catching Hell in the City of Angels: Life and Meanings of Blackness in South Central Los Angeles. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, pp. xii, 305, introductions, tables, app
Pihos, P. C., vol. 37 (3): 466-473

Volume 37 (2)

"The Very Model of Modern Urban Decay": Outsiders' Narratives of Industry and Urban Decline in Gary, Indiana
O'Hara, S. P., vol. 37 (2): 135-154
The City and the Nation: Sofia's Trajectory from Glory to Rubble in WWII
Gigova, I., vol. 37 (2): 155-175
Envisioning Disaster in the 1910 Paris Flood
Jackson, J. H., vol. 37 (2): 176-207
Between Fixity and Fantasy: Assessing the Spatial Impact of Colonial Urban Dualism
Cunningham Bissell, W., vol. 37 (2): 208-229
"But Burn--No": The Rest of the Crowd in Three Civil Disorders in 1960s Chicago
Seligman, A. I., vol. 37 (2): 230-255
Reconciling Beauty and Utility in Early City Planning: The Contribution of John Nolen
Freestone, R., vol. 37 (2): 256-277
The Historic Building in the Modernized City: The Cathedrals of Paris and Rouen in the Nineteenth Century
Murphy, K. D., vol. 37 (2): 278-296
Review Essays: The Reach of an Automotive Giant: Urban Implications of an Industrial Policy: Greg Grandin (2009). Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford's Forgotten Jungle City. New York: Metropolitan Books, 432 pp., photos, maps, index, $27.50 hardc
Barrow, H. B., vol. 37 (2): 297-301
Interdisciplinary Approaches Come to Town: Stewart, Rachel. (2009). The Town House in Georgian London. London: Yale University Press, {pound}35, hardback, 978-0-300-15277-7. Bond, Erik. (2007). Reading London: Urban Speculation and Imaginative Government
Heller, B., vol. 37 (2): 302-308

Volume 37 (1)

Metropolitan Revisions: Storylines from American History
Ebner, M. H., vol. 37 (1): 3-23
Public Spaces and Private Lives in Paris: Introduction
Fuchs, R. G., vol. 37 (1): 24-27
Knowing Paris: Changing Approaches to Describing the Enlightenment City
Thompson, V. E., vol. 37 (1): 28-42
Sauvons le Luxembourg: Urban Greenspace as Private Domain and Public Battleground, 1865--1867
Hopkins, R. S., vol. 37 (1): 43-58
The Cosmos of the Paris Apartment: Working-Class Family Life in the Nineteenth Century
Ferguson, E., vol. 37 (1): 59-67
Public Space and Private Lives: Comments
Ryan, M. P., vol. 37 (1): 68-72
Responding to the Second Ghetto: Chicago's Joe Smith and Sin Corner
Pacyga, D. A., vol. 37 (1): 73-89