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The Journal of Victorian Culture (JVC) promotes the best work on all aspects of nineteenth-century society, culture, and the material world including: literature, art, performance, politics, science, medicine, technology, lived experience, and ideas. It welcomes submissions which address a broad Victorian studies readership and explore new questions and approaches. Concerned with the long nineteenth century, its legacies, and echoes in the present day, the journal encourages articles which interrogate periodisation, historiography and critical traditions.

Four issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 20 (4)

Editorial Board
vol. 20 (4): 0-0
How Civilized Were the Victorians?
vol. 20 (4): 439-452
‘Come all you Wild and Wicked Youths’: Representations of Young Male Convicts in Nineteenth-Century English Broadsides
vol. 20 (4): 453-470
His Two Mates Around Him Were Crying: Masculine Sentimentality in Late-Victorian Culture
vol. 20 (4): 471-490
King Solomon’s Gold: Ophir in an Age of Empire
vol. 20 (4): 491-508
Kaleidoscopism: The Circulation of a Mid-Century Metaphor and Motif
vol. 20 (4): 509-530
Defending ‘the Principle of Representation’: Andrew Bisset, The English Civil War, and The History of the Struggle for Parliamentary Government in England
vol. 20 (4): 531-548
William Wordsworth and the Invention of Tourism, 1820-1900, by
vol. 20 (4): 549-552
William Henry Fox Talbot: Beyond Photography
vol. 20 (4): 552-555
The Match Girl and the Heiress
vol. 20 (4): 556-558
The Dawn of the Cheap Press in Victorian Britain: The End of the ‘Taxes on Knowledge’, 1849–1869/British Political Culture and the Idea of ‘Public Opinion’, 1867–1914
vol. 20 (4): 559-563
Christina Rossetti and the Bible: Waiting with the Saints/Christina Rossetti’s Gothic
vol. 20 (4): 563-567
High Minds: The Victorians and the Birth of Modern Britain
vol. 20 (4): 568-570
Personal Business: Character and Commerce in Victorian Literature and Culture
vol. 20 (4): 570-574
Lewis Carroll: The Man and His Circle
vol. 20 (4): 574-577
Notes on Contributors
vol. 20 (4): 578-580

Volume 20 (3)

Mapping ‘Wordsworthshire’: A GIS Study of Literary Tourism in Victorian Lakeland
vol. 20 (3): 287-307
‘The Colonial Children Cry’: Jo the Crossing-Sweep Goes to the Colonies
vol. 20 (3): 308-325
Silas Marner, Catalepsy, and Mid-Victorian Medicine: George Eliot's Ethics of Care
vol. 20 (3): 326-340
Rape on the Railway: Women, Safety, and Moral Panic in Victorian Newspapers
vol. 20 (3): 341-356