Labor History articles

Volume 54 (2)

Back to the nineteenth century: the managerial reform of the French civil service
vol. 54 (2): 161-175
Labor history symposium: the twenty-fifth anniversary of Christopher Tomlins, The State and the Unions
vol. 54 (2): 176-0
Christopher Tomlins' The State and the Unions today: what the critical synthesis can teach us now that the unions have gone
vol. 54 (2): 177-192
Moving beyond the critical synthesis: does the law preclude a future for US unions?
vol. 54 (2): 193-200
The state and its unions: Reassessing the antecedents, development, and consequences of New Deal labor law
vol. 54 (2): 201-207
The State, the Unions, and the critical synthesis in labor law history: a 25-year retrospect
vol. 54 (2): 208-221

Volume 54 (1)

Family wages: The roles of wives and mothers in U.S. working-class survival strategies, 1880–1930
vol. 54 (1): 1-20
Gender conscientization, social movement unionism, and labor revitalization: a perspective from Mexico
vol. 54 (1): 21-41
The limits and potential of Syndicalist influence in the Durham coalfield before the Great War
vol. 54 (1): 42-63
Beyond colonialism: servants, wage earners and indentured migrants in rural France and on Reunion Island (c. 1750–1900)
vol. 54 (1): 64-87
Agent of the market, or instrument of justice? Redefining trade ; union identity in the era of market driven politics
vol. 54 (1): 88-103
We are the union: democratic unionism and dissent at Boeing
vol. 54 (1): 104-105
The role of collective bargaining in the global economy: negotiating for social justice
vol. 54 (1): 105-107
Knights of the razor: black barbers in slavery and freedom
vol. 54 (1): 107-109
Mother Jones: raising Cain and consciousness
vol. 54 (1): 109-111
Company towns in the Americas: landscape, power, and working-class communities
vol. 54 (1): 111-112
Black flame: the revolutionary class politics of anarchism and syndicalism
vol. 54 (1): 113-115
Coping with social change: life strategies of workers in Poland's new capitalism
vol. 54 (1): 115-116
Braceros, migrant citizens and transnational subjects in the postwar United States and Mexico
vol. 54 (1): 116-118
Bloomberg's New York: class and governance in the luxury city
vol. 54 (1): 118-120
The slave next door: human trafficking and slavery in America today
vol. 54 (1): 120-122

Volume 53 (4)

Editorial Board
vol. 53 (4): 0-0
The Niagara Frontier Defense League's patriotic war on labor: the case of Curtiss Aeroplane, 1917–1918
vol. 53 (4): 451-469
Not your average fraternal organization: the IBPOEW and labor activism, 1935–1950
vol. 53 (4): 471-494
Americanism and anti-communism: the UAW and repressive liberalism before the red scare
vol. 53 (4): 495-515
Re-evaluating syndicalist opposition to the First World War
vol. 53 (4): 517-539
Shutting down ‘Big Brown’: reassessing the 1997 UPS strike and the fate of American labor
vol. 53 (4): 541-560
Herbert Hill and the Federal Bureau of Investigation
vol. 53 (4): 561-570
Plans to end the Great Depression from the American public
vol. 53 (4): 571-577
Reforming urban labor: routes to the city, roots in the country, by Janet L. Polansky
vol. 53 (4): 579-580
No turning back: the peacetime revolutions of post-war Britain, by Paul Addison
vol. 53 (4): 581-582
Bolivia's radical tradition: permanent revolution in the Andes, by S. Sándor John
vol. 53 (4): 583-584
Solidarity stories: an oral history of the ILWU, by Harvey Schwartz
vol. 53 (4): 584-586
Livestock/deadstock: working with farm animals from birth to slaughter, by Rhoda M. Wilkie
vol. 53 (4): 586-588
The precariat: the new dangerous class, by Guy Standing
vol. 53 (4): 588-589
A business and labour history of Britain, case studies of Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, by Mike Richardson and Peter Nicholls
vol. 53 (4): 590-591
AFSCME's Philadelphia story: municipal workers and urban power in the twentieth century, by Francis Ryan
vol. 53 (4): 591-593
Russia's factory children: state, society, and law, 1800–1917, by Boris B. Gorshkov
vol. 53 (4): 593-594
Class war? What Americans really think about economic inequality, by Benjamin I. Page and Lawrence R. Jacobs
vol. 53 (4): 595-596
The Problem of Jobs: Liberalism, Race, and Deindustrialization in Philadelphia, by Guian A. McKee
vol. 53 (4): 596-598