Labor History articles

Volume 55 (1)

Communism, the cold war, and a company town: the rise and fall of UE Local 709
vol. 55 (1): 67-96
Reeducation through work? Mountain roads in the Spanish concentration universe (Western Pyrenees, 1939–1942)
vol. 55 (1): 97-116
The impossible transition from ‘absolute monarchy’ toward industrial democracy in France: the experience of workers' representatives at Schneider, 1899–1936
vol. 55 (1): 117-136

Volume 54 (5)

Introduction: beyond national history
vol. 54 (5): 485-490
The turn to transnational labor history and the study of global trade unionism
vol. 54 (5): 491-511
Pitching for each others' team: the North American Free Trade Agreement and labor transnationalism
vol. 54 (5): 512-526
The limits of transnational solidarity: the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the Swaziland and Zimbabwean crises
vol. 54 (5): 527-539
China and the British left in the twentieth century: transnational perspectives
vol. 54 (5): 540-553
Léon Jouhaux, Louis Saillant and the national and international in transnational trade unionism
vol. 54 (5): 554-576

Volume 54 (4)

Tragedy or farce? The repetition of Australian industrial relations history, 1929 and 2007
vol. 54 (4): 355-376
Did unemployed workers choose not to work in interwar Britain? Evidence from the voices of unemployed workers†
vol. 54 (4): 377-392
‘Labor is back?’: The AFL-CIO during the presidency of John J. Sweeney, 1995–2009
vol. 54 (4): 393-420
Mine medicine: knowledge and power on South Africa's gold mines
vol. 54 (4): 421-435
The evolution of freedom of association in Australia's federal industrial relations law: from trade union security to workplace rights
vol. 54 (4): 436-458
Introduction Labor History symposium: Gumbrell-McCormick and Hyman, Trade Unions in Western Europe: Hard Times, Hard Choices
vol. 54 (4): 459-0
For a reconfiguration of trade union action: a wide-ranging interpretation beyond hypotheses of convergence
vol. 54 (4): 460-465
Trade unions in Western Europe: hard times, hard choices
vol. 54 (4): 466-470
National unionism and union democracy in crisis
vol. 54 (4): 471-476
European trade unions: in search of a narrative
vol. 54 (4): 477-483

Volume 54 (3)

Mauritius 1938: the origins of a milestone in colonial trade union legislation
vol. 54 (3): 223-239
Socialist emulation in China: worker heroes yesterday and today
vol. 54 (3): 240-255
Patterns of trade union participation in territorial pacts: the case of a northern Italian province
vol. 54 (3): 256-270
Strikingly indifferent: the myth of militancy on the docks prior to World War II
vol. 54 (3): 271-285
Foundations for longevity: the ILO, New Zealand and the strategies of autonomy, relevance and presence
vol. 54 (3): 286-300
From movement to organization: constructing identity in Swedish trade unions
vol. 54 (3): 301-320
Transitioning labor to the ‘lean years’: the middle class and employer repression of organized labor in post-World War I Chicago
vol. 54 (3): 321-342
Union voices: tactics and tensions in UK organizing
vol. 54 (3): 343-344
Unequal desires: race and erotic capital in the stripping industry
vol. 54 (3): 344-346
The archaeology of class war: the Colorado Coalfield strike of 1913–1914
vol. 54 (3): 346-348
The woman behind the New Deal: the life and legacy of Frances Perkins – social security, unemployment insurance, and the minimum wage
vol. 54 (3): 348-350
Breadwinners: working women and economic independence, 1865–1920
vol. 54 (3): 350-352
The Day Wall Street exploded: a story of America in its first age of terror
vol. 54 (3): 352-353

Volume 54 (2)

The legacy and lessons of the PATCO strike after 30 years: A dialogue
vol. 54 (2): 123-137
Organizing for partnership: the influence of the American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organisations on the British Trades Union Congress 1995–2005
vol. 54 (2): 138-160
Back to the nineteenth century: the managerial reform of the French civil service
vol. 54 (2): 161-175
Labor history symposium: the twenty-fifth anniversary of Christopher Tomlins, The State and the Unions
vol. 54 (2): 176-0
Christopher Tomlins' The State and the Unions today: what the critical synthesis can teach us now that the unions have gone
vol. 54 (2): 177-192
Moving beyond the critical synthesis: does the law preclude a future for US unions?
vol. 54 (2): 193-200
The state and its unions: Reassessing the antecedents, development, and consequences of New Deal labor law
vol. 54 (2): 201-207
The State, the Unions, and the critical synthesis in labor law history: a 25-year retrospect
vol. 54 (2): 208-221