Labor History articles

Volume 53 (3)

The New Economy and the Modern South, by Michael Dennis,
vol. 53 (3): 448-450

Volume 53 (2)

Chicago and the Little Steel strike
vol. 53 (2): 167-204
Political congruence: a conceptual framework and historical case study
vol. 53 (2): 205-223
Blue collars striking the Red Flag: formal and descriptive representation of the working class in the Belgian House of Representatives 1946–2007
vol. 53 (2): 225-243
Labour repression and social justice in Franco's Spain: the political objectives of compulsory sickness insurance, 1942–1957
vol. 53 (2): 245-267
Editorial note
vol. 53 (2): 269-0
Neoliberalism not globalization: why we need to build the Left
vol. 53 (2): 269-274
Neo-liberal globalisation, the manufacturing of insecurity and the power of labour
vol. 53 (2): 274-279
On the transparency and opacity of the economic landscape
vol. 53 (2): 279-284
Grounding thinking utopia
vol. 53 (2): 284-291
Global labour studies: the crises and an emerging research agenda
vol. 53 (2): 291-298
Reevaluating US company paternalism from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries
vol. 53 (2): 299-304
Freedom bound: law, labor, and civic identity in colonizing English America, 1580–1865, by Christopher Tomlins
vol. 53 (2): 305-306
Beyond the fields: Cesar Chavez, the UFW, and the struggle for justice in the 21st century, by Randy Shaw
vol. 53 (2): 307-308
Restoring the power of unions: it takes a movement, by Julius Getman
vol. 53 (2): 309-310
There's always work at the post office: African American postal workers and the fight for jobs, justice, and equality, by Philip F. Rubio
vol. 53 (2): 310-312
The temp economy: from Kelly Girls to Permatemps in postwar America, by Erin Hatton
vol. 53 (2): 312-314
Sweatshops at sea: merchant seamen in the world's first globalized industry, from 1812 to the present, by Leon Fink
vol. 53 (2): 314-316
Constructing affirmative action: the struggle for equal employment opportunity, by David Hamilton Golland
vol. 53 (2): 316-317
The deepest wounds: a labor and environmental history of sugar in northeast Brazil, by Thomas D. Rogers
vol. 53 (2): 318-319
The civil wars in US labor: birth of a new workers’ movement or death throes of the old?, by Steve Early
vol. 53 (2): 319-321
The civil wars in US labor: birth of a new workers’ movement or death throes of the old?, by Steve Early
vol. 53 (2): 321-323
Letter to the Editor
vol. 53 (2): 325-326
Response to Richard Schneirov
vol. 53 (2): 327-328

Volume 53 (1)

‘Us is spelled U.S.’: The Crafted With Pride campaign and the fight against deindustrialization in the textile and apparel industry
vol. 53 (1): 1-23
From Whitehall to Brussels: Thatcher, Delors and the Europeanization of the TUC
vol. 53 (1): 25-50
Equal pay – or what? Economics, politics and the 1968 Ford sewing machinists’ strike
vol. 53 (1): 51-68
The struggle over the services directive: the role of the European Parliament and the ETUC
vol. 53 (1): 69-89
Waving or drowning? British labor history in troubled waters
vol. 53 (1): 91-119
Labor History symposium: assessing Howell John Harris, The Right to Manage, after 30 years
vol. 53 (1): 121-142
The Labor Question in America: Economic Democracy in the Gilded Age, by Rosanne Currarino
vol. 53 (1): 143-145
Changes in Japanese Employment Practices: Beyond the Japanese Model, by Arjan Keizer
vol. 53 (1): 145-147
The Political Economy of Managed Migration: Nonstate Actors, Europeanization, and the Politics of Designing Migration Policies, by Georg Menz
vol. 53 (1): 147-148
New Trade Union Activism: Class Consciousness or Social Identity?, by Sian Moore
vol. 53 (1): 149-150
Activation Policies and the Protection of Individual Rights: A Critical Assessment of the Situation in Denmark, Finland and Sweden, by Paul Van Aerschot
vol. 53 (1): 150-152
The Invisible Handcuffs of Capitalism: How Market Tyranny Stifles the Economy by Stunting Workers, by Michael Perelman
vol. 53 (1): 152-154
Intern Nation: How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy, by Ross Perlin
vol. 53 (1): 154-156
Formal and Informal Work. The Hidden Work Regime in Europe, by Birgit Pfau-Effinger, Lluís Flaquer, and Per H. Jensen (eds.)
vol. 53 (1): 156-158
The International Political Economy of Work and Employability, by Phoebe Moore
vol. 53 (1): 158-160
Social Vulnerability in Europe. The New Configuration of Social Risks, by Costanzo Ranci, ed.
vol. 53 (1): 160-162