Labor History articles

Volume 51 (3)

The crisis and the economists: a guide to the perplexed
Friedman, Gerald, vol. 51 (3): 345-362
The Americanisation of Australian workplaces
Gould, Anthony M., vol. 51 (3): 363-388
The rise and demise of the 'social clause' proposal in the 1990s: implications of a discourse theoretical reading
Pahle, Simon, vol. 51 (3): 389-410
China's creative approach to 'union' organizing
Taylor, Bill, vol. 51 (3): 411-428
Walter Reuther, the UAW, and the dilemmas of automation
Steigerwald, David, vol. 51 (3): 429-453
'Our conception of non-partisanship means a partisan non-partisanship': the search for political identity in the American Federation of Labor, 1947-1955
Hower, Joseph E., vol. 51 (3): 455-478
vol. 51 (3): 479-479
Book Reviews
Devault, Ileen A., vol. 51 (3): 481-507

Volume 51 (2)

American corporations and European labor
McKinlay, Alan, vol. 51 (2): 167-172
Exporting the American model? Transatlantic entanglements of industrial relations at Opel and Ford Germany (1948-1965)
Fetzer, Thomas, vol. 51 (2): 173-191
'Safe enclaves'? American multinationals and Spanish trade unionism
Ortiz, Luis, vol. 51 (2): 193-209
American multinationals and British trade unions, c .1945-1974
McKinlay, Alan, vol. 51 (2): 211-229
The circulation of practices: Americanizing social relations at the Cornigliano steel plant (Italy), 1948-1960
Ricciardi, Ferruccio, vol. 51 (2): 231-248
'Low-road Americanization' and the global 'McJob': a longitudinal analysis of work, pay and unionization in the international fast-food industry
Royle, Tony, vol. 51 (2): 249-270
Labor History symposium: Political repression of the American labor movement during its formative years - a comparative perspective
Goldstein, Robert Justin, vol. 51 (2): 271-293
Labor History symposium: responses
Dubofsky, Melvyn, vol. 51 (2): 295-318
Featured review
Cole, Peter, vol. 51 (2): 319-344

Volume 51 (1)

Labor in the information age: a special issue of Labor History
Trumpbour, John, vol. 51 (1): 1-6
Visions of the future, the legacy of the past: demystifying the weightless economy
Nolan, Peter, vol. 51 (1): 7-27
Unions, technologies of coordination, and the changing contours of globally distributed power
Hogan, John, vol. 51 (1): 29-40
Online social networking and trade union membership: what the Facebook phenomenon truly means for labor organizers
Bryson, Alex, vol. 51 (1): 41-53
'Your Rights at Work' campaign: Australia's 'most sophisticated political campaign'
Muir, Kathie, vol. 51 (1): 55-70
Big Pharma, social movements, international labor, and the Internet: critical perspectives on coordination
Little, Stephen, vol. 51 (1): 71-86
Workplace surveillance: an overview
Ball, Kirstie, vol. 51 (1): 87-106
Power without knowledge? Foucault and Fordism, c.1900-50
Coopey, Richard, vol. 51 (1): 107-125
The problem with networks theory
Joseph, Jonathan, vol. 51 (1): 127-144
Labor in the Information Age
Mertes, Tom, vol. 51 (1): 145-166

Volume 50 (4)

A stroll down memory lane: my fifty years-plus association with Labor History
Dubofsky, Melvyn, vol. 50 (4): 399-408
Minzhu guanli : the democratization of factory management in the Chinese revolution
Cliver, Robert, vol. 50 (4): 409-435
Labor History symposium: Gerald Friedman, Reigniting the Labor Movement
Friedman, Gerald, vol. 50 (4): 437-465
Featured reviews
Munck, Ronaldo, vol. 50 (4): 467-497

Volume 50 (3)

'Upon this (foundering) rock': Minneapolis Teamsters and the transformation of US business unionism, 1934-1941
Eidlin, Barry, vol. 50 (3): 249-267
A note on the economic impact of the prerevolutionary nonimportation movements on urban artisans
Morris, Richard J., vol. 50 (3): 269-286
'It knocked this city to its knees': the closure of Pillowtex Mills in Kannapolis, North Carolina and the decline of the US textile industry
Minchin, Timothy J., vol. 50 (3): 287-311
Lifting the curse of dimensionality: measures of the states' labor legislation climate in the United States during the progressive era
Fishback, Price V., vol. 50 (3): 313-346
Lifting the curse of dimensionality: a Europeanist's perspective
Howell, Chris, vol. 50 (3): 347-350
Global warming of the labor legislation climate: comments on Fishback, Holmes, and Allen
Boyer, George R., vol. 50 (3): 350-355
Historical analysis and labor regulation in the progressive era
Tope, Daniel, vol. 50 (3): 355-359
Comments on 'Lifting the curse of dimensionality: measures of the states' labor legislation climate in the United States during the progressive era'
Rosenbloom, Joshua L., vol. 50 (3): 359-363
Featured reviews
Faue, Elizabeth, vol. 50 (3): 365-397