The Medieval History Journal articles

Volume 18 (1)

Book Review: A. Azfar Moin, The Millennial Sovereign: Sacred Kingship and Sainthood in Islam
Anooshahr, A., vol. 18 (1): 183-191

Volume 17 (2)

The Literary Subversive: A Brief Overview of the Role of Intellectuals in Resistance
Steavu, D., vol. 17 (2): 195-206
The Vicissitudes of the Mahāsammata in East Asia: The Buddhist Origin Myth of Kingship and Traces of a Republican Imagination
Rambelli, F., vol. 17 (2): 207-227
Self-immolation, Resistance and Millenarianism in Medieval Chinese Buddhism
Benn, J. A., vol. 17 (2): 229-254
'Conversion of the Barbarians' [Huahu ] Discourse as Proto Han Nationalism
Raz, G., vol. 17 (2): 255-294
Cosmogony and the Origin of Inequality: A Utopian Perspective from Taoist Sources
Steavu, D., vol. 17 (2): 295-335
Stages of Decline: Cultural Memory, Urban Nostalgia and Political Indignation as Imaginaries of Resistance in Yue Ke's Pillar Histories (Ting shi)
Levine, A. D., vol. 17 (2): 337-378
Local Resistance in Early Medieval Chinese Historiography and the Problem of Religious Overinterpretation
Espesset, G., vol. 17 (2): 379-406

Volume 17 (1)

Tribute: Jacques Le Goff (1924-2014)
vol. 17 (1): 0-0
Fiscal Centralisation and the Rise of the Modern State in the Ottoman Empire
Pamuk, Şevket, vol. 17 (1): 1-26
Conversion and Autobiography: The Case of Salimbene of Parma
Epurescu-Pascovici, I., vol. 17 (1): 27-55
Adaptations to Climatic Variability: Irrigation and Settlement Patterns in Early Medieval Rajasthan
Kumar, M., vol. 17 (1): 57-86
Regionalising National History: Ancient and Medieval Vietnamese Maritime Trade in the East Asian Context
Tuan, H. A., vol. 17 (1): 87-106
Imported Chronology: The Use of Indian Images of Kings and Gods in European Paintings and Book Art (1650-1740)
Forberg, C., vol. 17 (1): 107-144
Silk and Weavers of Silk in Medieval Peninsular India
Ramaswamy, V., vol. 17 (1): 145-169
Book Review: Peter B. Golden, Central Asia in World History
Schottenhammer, A., vol. 17 (1): 171-175
Book Review: Molly Green, Catholic Pirates and Greek Merchants: A Maritime History of the Mediterranean
Oesterle, J. R., vol. 17 (1): 175-178
Book Review: Clifford H. Lawrence, The Friars: The Impact of the Early Mendicant Movement on Western Society (The Medieval World)
Ertl, T., vol. 17 (1): 178-180
Book Review: Fabio Rambelli and Eric Reinders, Buddhism and Iconoclasm in East Asia: A History
Andreeva, A., vol. 17 (1): 180-185
Book Review: Carina L. Johnson, Cultural Hierarchy in 16th Century Europe: The Ottomans and the Mexicans
Juterczenka, S., vol. 17 (1): 185-188
Book Review: Rai Chaturman Saksena Kayasth, Chahar Gulshan (Akhbar-un Nawadir): An Eighteenth Century Gazetteer of Mughal India
Singh, A., vol. 17 (1): 188-190
Book Review: Robert Cowan, The Indo-German Identification: Reconciling South Asian Origins and European Destinies 1765-1885
Zachar, G., vol. 17 (1): 190-194

Volume 16 (2)

Obituary: Nandita Prasad Sahai (1960-2013)
vol. 16 (2): 0-0
Ertl, T., vol. 16 (2): 233-250
Handling Diversity with Absolute Civility: The Global Historical Legacy of Mughal Sulh-i Kull
Kinra, R., vol. 16 (2): 251-295
Handling of Diversity in Early Modern India?: Perception and Evaluation in German Discourse
Fluechter, A., vol. 16 (2): 297-334
A Demon with Ruby Eyes
Asif, M. A., vol. 16 (2): 335-369
Identities and Narratives in Medieval Europe and in European Historical Research
Kintzinger, M., vol. 16 (2): 371-387
Communicating Vessels: Ecclesiastic Centralisation, Religious Diversity and Knowledge in Medieval Latin Europe
Jaspert, N., vol. 16 (2): 389-424
State-building and the Management of Diversity in India (Thirteenth to Seventeenth Centuries)
Lefevre, C., vol. 16 (2): 425-447
Rule by Consensus: Forms and Concepts of Political Order in the European Middle Ages
Schneidmuller, B., vol. 16 (2): 449-471
Governing Agrarian Diversities: The State and the Making of an Early Modern Economy in Sixteenth-century Northern India
Datta, R., vol. 16 (2): 473-499
Money Topples Borders: Economy and Diversity in Pre-modern Europe
Ertl, T., vol. 16 (2): 501-524
Approaching Diplomatic and Courtly Gift-giving in Europe and Mughal India: Shared Practices and Cultural Diversity
Siebenhuner, K., vol. 16 (2): 525-546
A Clock for the Sultan: Diplomatic Gift-giving from an Intercultural Perspective
Burschel, P., vol. 16 (2): 547-563
Gift-exchange as a Means of 'Handling Diversity': Japanese-European Interactions in the Seventeenth Century
De Winter, W., vol. 16 (2): 565-583

Volume 16 (1)

Early Medieval Law in India and Europe: A Plea for Comparisons
Reynolds, S., vol. 16 (1): 1-20
Forbidden Privileges and History-Writing in Medieval India
Sarkar, N., vol. 16 (1): 21-62
The Last Cakravartin? The Gujarat Sultan as 'Universal King' in Fifteenth Century Sanskrit Poetry
Kapadia, A., vol. 16 (1): 63-88
Temperature Reconstruction for North-Eastern Italy over the Last Millennium: Analysis of Documentary Sources from the Historical Perspective
Enzi, S., Sghedoni, M., Bertolin, C., vol. 16 (1): 89-120