The Medieval History Journal articles

Volume 16 (1)

Book Review: Sheldon Pollock (ed.), Forms of Knowledge in Early Modern Asia: Explorations in the Intellectual History of India and Tibet, 1500-1800; Allison Busch, Poetry of Kings: The Classical Hindi Literature of Mughal India; Rosalind O'Hanlon and Davi
Jha, P., vol. 16 (1): 221-232

Volume 15 (2)

Contextualising Choices: Islamicate Elements in European Arts
Beyer, V., Dolezalek, I., vol. 15 (2): 231-242
Fashionable Form and Tailor-made Message: Transcultural Approaches to Arabic Script on the Royal Norman Mantle and Alb
Dolezalek, I., vol. 15 (2): 243-268
Veil and Shroud: Eastern References and Allegoric Functions in the Textile Imagery of a Twelfth-century Gospel Book from Braunschweig
Bucheler, A., vol. 15 (2): 269-297
Cosmopolitan Claims: Islamicate Spolia During the Reign of King Henry II, 1002-1024
Toussaint, G., vol. 15 (2): 299-318
Copying Cordoba? Toledo and Beyond
Nickson, T., vol. 15 (2): 319-354
Islamicate Elements in the Velasco Palaces: Constructing a Castilian Court Architecture
Montero, E. P., vol. 15 (2): 355-383
Islamicising Motifs in Byzantine Lead Seals: Exoticising Style and the Expression of Identity
Walker, A., vol. 15 (2): 385-413
Objects, Frames, Practices: A Postscript on Agency and Braided Histories of Art
Juneja, M., vol. 15 (2): 415-423

Volume 15 (1)

A History of Rhythms during the Middle Ages
Schmitt, J.-C., vol. 15 (1): 1-24
New Methods and Old Records: Awareness and Perceptions of the Near East in Hans Tucher's Account of his Journey to the Holy Land and Egypt
Meyer, C., vol. 15 (1): 25-62
Orthodoxy, Dissent and Politics in Medieval France and Anatolia: A Comparative Perspective
Salgrl, S., vol. 15 (1): 63-102
Narcotics and Drugs: Pleasure, Intoxication or Simply Therapeutic--North India, Sixteenth-- Seventeenth Centuries
Bhargava, M., vol. 15 (1): 103-135
'Fathers' and 'Sons': Inscribing Self and Empire at Vijayanagara, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
Chekuri, C., vol. 15 (1): 137-169
'By the Evidence of This City': Enclosing Land and Memory in Fifteenth-century Coventry
Leech, D., vol. 15 (1): 171-196
Book Review: Objects of Translation: Material Culture and Medieval 'Hindu-Muslim' Encounter
Mukhia, H., vol. 15 (1): 197-201
Book Review: The Penitential State: Authority and Atonement in the Age of Louis the Pious
Gravel, M., vol. 15 (1): 202-210
Book Review: Homo legens. Styles et pratiques de lecture: Analyses compares des traditions orales et ecrites au Moyen Age
Lutter, C., vol. 15 (1): 210-214
Book Review: The Politics of Law in Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy: Essays in Honour of Lauro Martines
Frank, T., vol. 15 (1): 215-220
Book Reviews: Forging a Region: Sultans, Traders, and Pilgrims in Gujarat
Hasan, F., vol. 15 (1): 220-222
Book Review: Enchanted Europe: Superstition, Reason, and Religion
Akasoy, A., vol. 15 (1): 222-225
Book Review: The Sephardic Diaspora, Livorno, and Cross-cultural Trade in the Early Modern Period
ZauggRoberto, R., vol. 15 (1): 225-228
Book Review: The Making of the Awadh Culture
Fisher, M. H., vol. 15 (1): 228-230

Volume 14 (2)

Introduction: Literary Cultures at the Frontiers: Literature and Identity in the Early Modern World
Guha, S., vol. 14 (2): 151-157
Literary Culture on the Burma-Manipur Frontier in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Charney, M. W., vol. 14 (2): 159-181
The 'World of the Text' and Political Thought in Bengali Mangal-kavya, c. 1500-1750
Curley, D. L., vol. 14 (2): 183-211
Sex and the Border: Byzantine Epics and the Spanish Frontier Ballad
Duque, A., vol. 14 (2): 213-228
La Mala Algaraba: Church, Monarchy and the Arabic Language in 16th-century Spain
Gimenez-Eguibar, P., Wasserman Soler, D. I., vol. 14 (2): 229-258
Intercultural Identity and the Local Vernacular: Neapolitan History as Articulated in the Cronaca di Partenope (c. 1350)
Kelly, S., vol. 14 (2): 259-284
Multilingual Dramas at the Tanjavur Maratha Court and Literary Cultures in Early Modern South India
Peterson, I. V., vol. 14 (2): 285-321
The View from San Juan del Rio: Mexican Indigenous Annals and the History of the Wider World
Townsend, C., vol. 14 (2): 323-342

Volume 14 (1)

From Bidar to Timbuktu: Views from the Edge of the 15th Century Muslim World
Eaton, R. M., vol. 14 (1): 1-20
Ponds, Paddies and Frontier Defence: Environmental and Economic Changes in Northern Hebei in Northern Song China (960-1127)
Zhang, L., vol. 14 (1): 21-43
Monks for Hire: Liang Wudi's Use of Household Monks (jiaseng )
Rauw, T. D., Heirman, A., vol. 14 (1): 45-69
Civitas in Early Medieval Central Europe--Stronghold or District?
Rossignol, S., vol. 14 (1): 71-99
The English Church at the Frontier of Early Modern Catholicism: The Literary Construction of an English Catholic Identity during the Reign of Mary I
Powell, R. A., vol. 14 (1): 101-127
Eileen A. Joy and Craig Dionne (issue editors), 'When Did We Become Post/human?' Postmedieval: A Journal of Medieval Cultural Studies, Vol. 1. Issues 1/2, Spring/Summer 2010
Ertl, T., vol. 14 (1): 129-132
Belle S. Tuten and Tracey L. Billado (eds), Feud, Violence and Practice. Essays in Medieval Studies in Honor of Stephen D. White, Ashgate, Farnham, 2010, 336 pages
Bisson, T. N., vol. 14 (1): 133-134
Katherine Allen Smith and Scott Wells (eds), Negotiating Community and Difference in Medieval Europe: Gender, Power, Patronage and the Authority of Religion in Latin Christendom, Brill, Leiden, 2009.
Herder, M., vol. 14 (1): 134-137
John Haldon (ed.), A Social History of Byzantium, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, 2009, xxvii + 300 pages, 15 maps
Pratsch, T., vol. 14 (1): 137-138