The Medieval History Journal articles

Volume 16 (1)

Jean Gerson's Assessment of the Issue of Religious Zeal in the Context of the Tyrannicide Controversy
Mazour-Matusevich, Y., vol. 16 (1): 121-137
Empire and Periphery? The Qing Empire's Relations with Japan and the Ryukyus (1644-c. 1800), a Comparison
Schottenhammer, A., vol. 16 (1): 139-196
Book Review: Pauline Stafford (ed.), A Companion to the Early Middle Ages: Britain and Ireland c.500-c.1100
Garcia, M., vol. 16 (1): 197-199
Book Review: Albrecht Fuess and Jan-Peter Hartung (eds), Court Cultures in the Muslim World: Seventh to Nineteenth Centuries
Al-Azmeh, A., vol. 16 (1): 199-206
Book Review: John Robert Maddicott, The Origins of the English Parliament. 924-1327
Gebert, B., vol. 16 (1): 207-210
Book Review: Walter A. Goffart, Barbarians, Maps, and Historiography: Studies on the Early Medieval West
Noble, T. F. X., vol. 16 (1): 211-213
Book Review: Paul Dalton, Charles Insley and Louise J. Wilkinson (eds), Cathedrals, Communities and Conflict in the Anglo-Norman World
Peltzer, J., vol. 16 (1): 213-215
Book Review: Lisa Balabanlilar, Imperial Identity in the Mughal Empire: Memory and Dynastic Politics in Early Modern South and Central Asia
Eaton, R. M., vol. 16 (1): 216-219
Book Review: Teofilo F. Ruiz, : A King Travels: Festive Traditions in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain
Barros, C., vol. 16 (1): 219-221
Book Review: Sheldon Pollock (ed.), Forms of Knowledge in Early Modern Asia: Explorations in the Intellectual History of India and Tibet, 1500-1800; Allison Busch, Poetry of Kings: The Classical Hindi Literature of Mughal India; Rosalind O'Hanlon and Davi
Jha, P., vol. 16 (1): 221-232

Volume 15 (2)

Contextualising Choices: Islamicate Elements in European Arts
Beyer, V., Dolezalek, I., vol. 15 (2): 231-242
Fashionable Form and Tailor-made Message: Transcultural Approaches to Arabic Script on the Royal Norman Mantle and Alb
Dolezalek, I., vol. 15 (2): 243-268
Veil and Shroud: Eastern References and Allegoric Functions in the Textile Imagery of a Twelfth-century Gospel Book from Braunschweig
Bucheler, A., vol. 15 (2): 269-297
Cosmopolitan Claims: Islamicate Spolia During the Reign of King Henry II, 1002-1024
Toussaint, G., vol. 15 (2): 299-318
Copying Cordoba? Toledo and Beyond
Nickson, T., vol. 15 (2): 319-354
Islamicate Elements in the Velasco Palaces: Constructing a Castilian Court Architecture
Montero, E. P., vol. 15 (2): 355-383
Islamicising Motifs in Byzantine Lead Seals: Exoticising Style and the Expression of Identity
Walker, A., vol. 15 (2): 385-413
Objects, Frames, Practices: A Postscript on Agency and Braided Histories of Art
Juneja, M., vol. 15 (2): 415-423

Volume 15 (1)

A History of Rhythms during the Middle Ages
Schmitt, J.-C., vol. 15 (1): 1-24
New Methods and Old Records: Awareness and Perceptions of the Near East in Hans Tucher's Account of his Journey to the Holy Land and Egypt
Meyer, C., vol. 15 (1): 25-62
Orthodoxy, Dissent and Politics in Medieval France and Anatolia: A Comparative Perspective
Salgrl, S., vol. 15 (1): 63-102
Narcotics and Drugs: Pleasure, Intoxication or Simply Therapeutic--North India, Sixteenth-- Seventeenth Centuries
Bhargava, M., vol. 15 (1): 103-135
'Fathers' and 'Sons': Inscribing Self and Empire at Vijayanagara, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
Chekuri, C., vol. 15 (1): 137-169
'By the Evidence of This City': Enclosing Land and Memory in Fifteenth-century Coventry
Leech, D., vol. 15 (1): 171-196
Book Review: Objects of Translation: Material Culture and Medieval 'Hindu-Muslim' Encounter
Mukhia, H., vol. 15 (1): 197-201
Book Review: The Penitential State: Authority and Atonement in the Age of Louis the Pious
Gravel, M., vol. 15 (1): 202-210
Book Review: Homo legens. Styles et pratiques de lecture: Analyses compares des traditions orales et ecrites au Moyen Age
Lutter, C., vol. 15 (1): 210-214
Book Review: The Politics of Law in Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy: Essays in Honour of Lauro Martines
Frank, T., vol. 15 (1): 215-220
Book Reviews: Forging a Region: Sultans, Traders, and Pilgrims in Gujarat
Hasan, F., vol. 15 (1): 220-222
Book Review: Enchanted Europe: Superstition, Reason, and Religion
Akasoy, A., vol. 15 (1): 222-225
Book Review: The Sephardic Diaspora, Livorno, and Cross-cultural Trade in the Early Modern Period
ZauggRoberto, R., vol. 15 (1): 225-228
Book Review: The Making of the Awadh Culture
Fisher, M. H., vol. 15 (1): 228-230

Volume 14 (2)

Introduction: Literary Cultures at the Frontiers: Literature and Identity in the Early Modern World
Guha, S., vol. 14 (2): 151-157
Literary Culture on the Burma-Manipur Frontier in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Charney, M. W., vol. 14 (2): 159-181
The 'World of the Text' and Political Thought in Bengali Mangal-kavya, c. 1500-1750
Curley, D. L., vol. 14 (2): 183-211
Sex and the Border: Byzantine Epics and the Spanish Frontier Ballad
Duque, A., vol. 14 (2): 213-228
La Mala Algaraba: Church, Monarchy and the Arabic Language in 16th-century Spain
Gimenez-Eguibar, P., Wasserman Soler, D. I., vol. 14 (2): 229-258
Intercultural Identity and the Local Vernacular: Neapolitan History as Articulated in the Cronaca di Partenope (c. 1350)
Kelly, S., vol. 14 (2): 259-284
Multilingual Dramas at the Tanjavur Maratha Court and Literary Cultures in Early Modern South India
Peterson, I. V., vol. 14 (2): 285-321
The View from San Juan del Rio: Mexican Indigenous Annals and the History of the Wider World
Townsend, C., vol. 14 (2): 323-342