Mediterranean Historical Review articles

Volume 26 (2)

The dance of the islands: insularity, networks, the Athenian empire, and the Aegean world
vol. 26 (2): 190-195
Hispania and the Roman Mediterranean AD 100-700: ceramics and trade
vol. 26 (2): 195-197
Les Grecs de l'Italie méridionale post-byzantine: une acculturation en douceur
vol. 26 (2): 197-200
Carlo I d'Angiò e il Mediterraneo: politica, diplomazia e commercio internazionale prima dei Vespri
vol. 26 (2): 200-202
Enemies and familiars: slavery and mastery in fifteenth-century Valencia
vol. 26 (2): 202-206
Ottoman Cyprus: a collection of studies on history and culture
vol. 26 (2): 206-208
British imperialism in Cyprus, 1878-1915: the inconsequential possession
vol. 26 (2): 208-210
Réforme de l'État et réformismes au Maghreb (XIXe-XXe siècles)
vol. 26 (2): 210-218
Eleftherios Venizelos: the trials of statesmanship
vol. 26 (2): 218-221
Un altro Mediterraneo: una storia commune fra scontri e integración
vol. 26 (2): 221-224
Publications Received
vol. 26 (2): 225-227

Volume 26 (1)

Rhetoric and ideology in the Book of Ramon Muntaner
Rubiés, Joan-Pau, vol. 26 (1): 1-29
Royal justice in the Aragonese kingdom of Naples: theory and the realities of power
Sakellariou, Eleni, vol. 26 (1): 31-50
Hispania and royal humanism in Alfonsine Naples
Stacey, Peter, vol. 26 (1): 51-65
Plague and foreign threats to public health in early modern Venice
Osheim, Duane J., vol. 26 (1): 67-80
'It is not possible to be both a Jew and a Christian': Converso religious identity and the inquisitorial trial of Custodio Nunes (1604-5)
Soyer, François, vol. 26 (1): 81-97
Mastic: a Mediterranean luxury product
Freedman, Paul, vol. 26 (1): 99-113

Volume 25 (2)

Hames, Harvey J., vol. 25 (2): 107-111
Roger de Hauteville, Emir of Sicily
Stanton, Charles D., vol. 25 (2): 113-132
A Byzantine title in a post-Byzantine world: local aspirations and the theory of translatio imperii in the use of the exarchal title by the archbishops of Ravenna through the Middle Ages
Raccagni, Gianluca, vol. 25 (2): 133-146
Two excitationes for the Third Crusade: the letters of brother Thierry of the Temple
Pryor, John H., vol. 25 (2): 147-168
Frederick II's crusade: an example of Christian-Muslim diplomacy
Takayama, Hiroshi, vol. 25 (2): 169-185
Going among the infidels: the mendicant orders and Louis IX's first Mediterranean campaign
Power, Amanda, vol. 25 (2): 187-202
A Jew amongst Christians and Muslims: introspection in Solomon ibn Adret's response to ibn Hazm
Hames, Harvey J., vol. 25 (2): 203-219

Volume 25 (1)

Three perspectives on Judah Halevi's voyage to Palestine
Malkiel, David J., vol. 25 (1): 1-15
Benjamin of Tudela, Spanish explorer
Shalev, Zur, vol. 25 (1): 17-33
Genoese trade networks in the southern Iberian peninsula: trade, transmission of technical knowledge and economic interactions
Fábregas García, Adela, vol. 25 (1): 35-51
The Ottoman Jews: between distorted realities and legal fictions
Veinstein, Gilles, vol. 25 (1): 53-65
Shipping enterprise in the eighteenth century: the case of the Greek subjects of Venice
Pagratis, Gerassimos D., vol. 25 (1): 67-81
Bringing kinship (back) in
Algazi, Gadi, vol. 25 (1): 83-92
Pouvoir et finance en Méditerranée pré-moderne: le deuxième État mamelouk et le commerce des épices (1382-1517)
Fuess, Albrecht, vol. 25 (1): 93-96
The civic communities in the Venetian-ruled Greek lands (13th-18th centuries): a synthetic approach
Panopoulou, Angeliki, vol. 25 (1): 96-102
A Discourse on the Island of Cyprus
Arbel, Benjamin, vol. 25 (1): 103-105

Volume 24 (2)

The late Ottoman port-cities and their inhabitants: subjectivity, urbanity, and conflicting orders
Kechriotis, Vangelis, vol. 24 (2): 71-78
Imperial rivalry and port-cities: a view from above
Tabak, Faruk, vol. 24 (2): 79-94
Class and cosmopolitanism: the historiographical fortunes of merchants in Eastern Mediterranean ports
Gekas, Athanasios, vol. 24 (2): 95-114
Banking in Izmir in the early twentieth century
Frangakis-Syrett, Elena, vol. 24 (2): 115-132
The port-city in the fields: investigating an improper urbanity in mid-nineteenth-century Cyprus
Aymes, Marc, vol. 24 (2): 133-149
Greek Orthodox immigrants and modes of integration within the urban society of Istanbul (1850-1923)
Anastassiadou, Méropi, vol. 24 (2): 151-167
Down and out on the quays of İzmir: 'European' musicians, innkeepers, and prostitutes in the Ottoman port-cities
Fuhrmann, Malte, vol. 24 (2): 169-185