Mediterranean Historical Review articles

Volume 25 (1)

Bringing kinship (back) in
Algazi, Gadi, vol. 25 (1): 83-92
Pouvoir et finance en Méditerranée pré-moderne: le deuxième État mamelouk et le commerce des épices (1382-1517)
Fuess, Albrecht, vol. 25 (1): 93-96
The civic communities in the Venetian-ruled Greek lands (13th-18th centuries): a synthetic approach
Panopoulou, Angeliki, vol. 25 (1): 96-102
A Discourse on the Island of Cyprus
Arbel, Benjamin, vol. 25 (1): 103-105

Volume 24 (2)

The late Ottoman port-cities and their inhabitants: subjectivity, urbanity, and conflicting orders
Kechriotis, Vangelis, vol. 24 (2): 71-78
Imperial rivalry and port-cities: a view from above
Tabak, Faruk, vol. 24 (2): 79-94
Class and cosmopolitanism: the historiographical fortunes of merchants in Eastern Mediterranean ports
Gekas, Athanasios, vol. 24 (2): 95-114
Banking in Izmir in the early twentieth century
Frangakis-Syrett, Elena, vol. 24 (2): 115-132
The port-city in the fields: investigating an improper urbanity in mid-nineteenth-century Cyprus
Aymes, Marc, vol. 24 (2): 133-149
Greek Orthodox immigrants and modes of integration within the urban society of Istanbul (1850-1923)
Anastassiadou, Méropi, vol. 24 (2): 151-167
Down and out on the quays of İzmir: 'European' musicians, innkeepers, and prostitutes in the Ottoman port-cities
Fuhrmann, Malte, vol. 24 (2): 169-185
Scraping the surface: the techno-politics of modern streets in turn-of-twentieth-century Alexandria
Barak, On, vol. 24 (2): 187-205
Protecting the city's interest: the Greek Orthodox and the conflict between municipal and vilayet authorities in İzmir (Smyrna) in the Second Constitutional Period
Kechriotis, Vangelis, vol. 24 (2): 207-221
The undesirables of Smyrna, 1926
Eldem, Edhem, vol. 24 (2): 223-227

Volume 24 (1)

The poverty of the Patriarchate of Grado and the Byzantine-Venetian Treaty of 1082
Nicovich, John Mark, vol. 24 (1): 1-16
Ibn al-Lihyani: sultan of Tunis and would-be Christian convert (1311-18)
Lower, Michael, vol. 24 (1): 17-27
How to influence Venetian economic policy: collective petitions of the Netherlandish merchant community in the early seventeenth century
van Gelder, Maartje, vol. 24 (1): 29-47
Bougie, port maghrébin, 1067-1510
de Larivière, Claire Judde, vol. 24 (1): 49-50
La culture matérielle médiévale. L'Italie méridionale byzantine et normande
Maurici, Ferdinando, vol. 24 (1): 50-52
The image of an Ottoman city: imperial architecture and urban experience in Aleppo in the 16th and 17th centuries
Singer, Amy, vol. 24 (1): 52-54
In the service of the Venetian Republic: Massimiliano Buzzaccarini Gonzaga's letters from Malta to Venice's Magistracy of Trade: 1754-1776
Greene, Molly, vol. 24 (1): 54-55
Modernism and modernity in the Mediterranean world
Harrington, Thomas S., vol. 24 (1): 55-57
Moderns abroad. Architecture, cities and Italian imperialism
Meyer-Maril, Edina, vol. 24 (1): 57-62
Modern Greece: a cultural poetics
Bryant, Rebecca, vol. 24 (1): 62-64
A singular antiquity: archaeology and Hellenic identity in twentieth-century Greece
Hall, Jonathan M., vol. 24 (1): 64-69

Volume 23 (2)

Meanings behind myths: the multiple manifestations of the Tree of the Virgin at Matarea
Halikowski Smith, Stefan, vol. 23 (2): 101-128
Where are Bonaparte's siege cannon? An episode in the Egyptian campaign
Cvikel, Deborah, vol. 23 (2): 129-142
Greek merchant families perceiving the world: the case of Demetrius Vikelas
Moutafidou, Ariadni, vol. 23 (2): 143-164
Fernand Braudel and the Ottomans: the emergence of an involvement (1928-50)
Heywood, Colin, vol. 23 (2): 165-184

Volume 23 (1)

Relations between the state and the private sphere: speculation and corruption in nineteenth-century Greece
Chatziioannou, Maria Christina, vol. 23 (1): 1-14
Russian interests in nineteenth-century Thessaloniki
Frary, Lucien J., vol. 23 (1): 15-33
Cultural aspects of philanthropy: Belle Époque administrators and Jewish peasants in the Galilee
Seltenreich, Yair, vol. 23 (1): 35-51

Volume 22 (2)

Commercial Networks in the Mediterranean and the Diffusion of Early Attic Red-figure Pottery (525-490 BCE)
Paleothodoros, Dimitris, vol. 22 (2): 165-182
Brotherhoods of Faith and Provident Planning: The Non-public Associations of the Greek World
Gabrielsen, Vincent, vol. 22 (2): 183-210
Thessalians Abroad, the Case of Pharsalos
Stamatopoulou, Maria, vol. 22 (2): 211-236
Profitable Networks: Coinages, Panegyris and Dionysiac Artists
Psoma, Selene, vol. 22 (2): 237-255
On the Road to India with Apollonios of Tyana and Thomas the Apostle
Reger, Gary, vol. 22 (2): 257-271
Via Egnatia after Egnatius: Imperial Policy and Inter-regional Contacts
Lolos, Yannis, vol. 22 (2): 273-293
Hadrian's Panhellenion : A Network of Cities?
Doukellis, Panagiotis N., vol. 22 (2): 295-308
Merchant Networks in the Greek World: The Impact of Rome
Rathbone, Dominic, vol. 22 (2): 309-320