National Identities

National Identities explores the formation and expression of national identity from antiquity to the present day. It examines the role in forging identity of cultural (language, architecture, music, gender, religion, the media, sport, encounters with 'the other' etc.) and political (state forms, wars, boundaries) factors, by examining how these have been shaped and changed over time. The historical significance of 'nation'in political and cultural terms is considered in relationship to other important and in some cases countervailing forms of identity such as religion, region, tribe or class. The focus is on identity, rather than on contingent political forms that may express it. The journal is not prescriptive or proscriptive in its approach. Instead, it acts as a forum within which the growing number of scholars working in this field can explore this important subject. Comparative perspectives are encouraged, and the journal features regular review essays as well as book reviews.

Four issues per year.

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Latest articles

Veil. Mirror of identity
Irish nationalism and European integration: the official redefinition of the island of Ireland

Volume 18 (4)

Autonomist and secessionist parties in post-communist democracies. Structural and institutional factors in the study of a dynamic phenomenon
vol. 18 (4): 379-396
White Zimbabwean farmers’ unstable mobilities, identity and history in Douglas Rogers’ The last resort: a memoir of Zimbabwe
vol. 18 (4): 397-408
Into the IRIS: a model for analyzing identity dynamics in conflict
vol. 18 (4): 409-423
Russian Eurasianism, an ideology of empire
vol. 18 (4): 425-427
Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, vol. 3
vol. 18 (4): 427-430
The politics of imagining Asia
vol. 18 (4): 430-433

Volume 18 (3)

‘Love beyond colour’: the formation of interracial gay men's intimate relationships in post-apartheid South Africa
vol. 18 (3): 241-264
Kirkuk conflict in its ethnic/political media: the Turkmen newspaper Alqal'a as a model
vol. 18 (3): 265-287
The origins and nature of American nationalism
vol. 18 (3): 289-312
The Ulster Covenant and the pulse of Protestant Ulster
vol. 18 (3): 313-325
Gillray and the French Revolution
vol. 18 (3): 327-343
The importance of Australian national identity to a sense of belonging of Anglo-Celtic and Chinese cultural groups in regional Australia
vol. 18 (3): 345-368
Rewriting the nation: British theatre today
vol. 18 (3): 369-371
Struggle over identity: the official and the alternative ‘Belarussianness’
vol. 18 (3): 371-372
The future governance of citizenship
vol. 18 (3): 372-375
Brave new world: imperial and democratic nation-building in Britain between the wars
vol. 18 (3): 376-378

Volume 18 (2)

‘Freedom of speech’ in the self-descriptions of the Estonian extreme right groupuscules
vol. 18 (2): 89-104
Contesting the anti-totalitarian consensus: the concept of national independence, the memory of the Second World War and the ideological cleavages in post-war Greece
vol. 18 (2): 105-123