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Founded in 1952, Past & Present is widely acknowledged to be the liveliest and most stimulating historical journal in the English-speaking world. Note: we are unable to supply abstracts for this journal.

Quarterly: February, May, August, November.

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Volume 228 (1)

Terence Ranger
Vaughan, M., White, L., vol. 228 (1): 3-14
Calamity and Transition: Re-Imagining Italian Trade in the Eleventh-Century Mediterranean
Smith, R. D., vol. 228 (1): 15-56
The Creation of a Franciscan Lay Saint: Margaret of Cortona and her Legenda
Doyno, M. H., vol. 228 (1): 57-91
Citizens, Soldiers and Civic Militias in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Prak, M., vol. 228 (1): 93-123
Information, Language and Political Culture in Early Modern Wales
Bowen, L., vol. 228 (1): 125-158
Rethinking the Bloody Code in Eighteenth-Century Britain: Capital Punishment at the Centre and on the Periphery
King, P., Ward, R., vol. 228 (1): 159-205
Rough Music and Factory Protest in Post-1945 Italy
Favretto, I., vol. 228 (1): 207-247
Humanity's New Heritage: Unesco and the Rewriting of World History
Betts, P., vol. 228 (1): 249-285
Global Crisis or Global Coincidence?
Warde, P., vol. 228 (1): 287-301

Volume 227 (1)

Past & Present Number 227 May 2015 - Front Cover
vol. 227 (1): 0-0
Past & Present - Editorial Board
vol. 227 (1): 0-0
Past & Present Number 227 May 2015 - TOC
vol. 227 (1): 0-0
The Legend of Arius' Death: Imagination, Space and Filth in Late Ancient Historiography
Muehlberger, E., vol. 227 (1): 3-29
Lordship, Urbanization and Social Change in Late Medieval Flanders
Buylaert, F., vol. 227 (1): 31-75
English Law, Irish Trials and Cromwellian State Building in the 1650s
Wells, J., vol. 227 (1): 77-119
Chinese Coolies, Universal Rights and the Limits of Liberalism in an Age of Empire
Young, E., vol. 227 (1): 121-149
American Roots, French Varietals, Russian Science: A Transnational History of the Great Wine Blight in Late-Tsarist Bessarabia
Bittner, S. V., vol. 227 (1): 151-177
Disability and Civil Courage under State Socialism: the Scandal over the Hungarian Guide-Dog School
Baar, M., vol. 227 (1): 179-203
Mandatory Interpretation: Legal Hermeneutics and the New International Order in Arab and Jewish Petitions to the League of Nations
Wheatley, N., vol. 227 (1): 205-248
Wealth and Inequality: Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Tribe, K., vol. 227 (1): 249-263