Psychoanalysis and History

Psychoanalysis and History is devoted both to the study of the history of psychoanalysis and the application of psychoanalytic ideas to historiography, thus forming a bridge between the academic study of history and psychoanalysis.

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The journal is indexed in the Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index) and ranked 22 out of 70 in History, 16 out of 36 in History of Social Sciences and 7 out of 13 in Psychology, Psychoanalysis, with an impact factor of 0.33 (2013).

Published January and July.

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Latest articles

Volume 19 (2)

Front matter
vol. 19 (2): -
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vol. 19 (2): -
Matt ffytche, vol. 19 (2): 145-150
Why Does Psychoanalysis Matter to History and Philosophy of Science? On the Ramifications of Forrester's Axiom
Andreas Mayer, vol. 19 (2): 151-166
John Forrester and Lacan
Darian Leader, vol. 19 (2): 167-172
The Irredeemable Debt: On the English Translation of Lacan's First Two Public Seminars
Dany Nobus, vol. 19 (2): 173-214
Foucault, Power-Knowledge and the Individual
John Forrester, vol. 19 (2): 215-232
Colleagues, Correspondents and the Institution: Or: Is a Psychoanalysis Without Institutions Possible?
John Forrester, vol. 19 (2): 233-238
John Forrester and Laura Cameron, Freud in Cambridge
Maud Ellmann, vol. 19 (2): 239-248
John Forrester, Thinking in Cases
Bonnie Evans, vol. 19 (2): 249-256
Bibliography of John Forrester's Works
vol. 19 (2): 257-268
Anna Bentinck van Schoonheten, Karl Abraham, Life and Work, a Biography
Ernst Falzeder, vol. 19 (2): 269-273
Daniel Burston, A Forgotten Freudian: The Passion of Karl Stern
Stephen Frosh, vol. 19 (2): 274-276
Bülent Somay, The Psychopolitics of the Oriental Father, and Frank F. Scherer, The Freudian Orient
Akshi Singh, vol. 19 (2): 277-281
Brett Kahr with illustrations by Alison Bechdel, Tea with Winnicott
B. William Brennan, vol. 19 (2): 282-285
Ilonka Venier Alexander, The Life and Times of Franz Alexander: From Budapest to California
Anna Borgos, vol. 19 (2): 286-289

Volume 19 (1)

Front matter
vol. 19 (1): -
Back matter
vol. 19 (1): -
Matt ffytche, vol. 19 (1): 1-5
Who Was the ‘Heroine’ of Freud's First Case History? Problems and Issues in the Identification of Freud's patients
Richard Skues, vol. 19 (1): 7-54