Renaissance Studies articles

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Michaël Green, ONLINE EARLY
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Joseph Lombardi, ONLINE EARLY
Protestant evangelicals and addiction in early modern English
Jose Murgatroyd Cree, ONLINE EARLY
The German liberty in England and the Dutch Republic: On the pan-Protestant literary field and the circulation of a loaded epithet
Kevin Chovanec, ONLINE EARLY
Of oysters, witches, birds, and anchors: Conceptions of space and travel in Pierre de Lancre
Thibaut Maus de Rolley, ONLINE EARLY
Charles V's universal empire in the Compendio of Antonio Doria
Matteo Salonia, ONLINE EARLY
Learning and transforming conventional wisdom: Reading and rhetoric in the Elizabethan grammar school
‘Princeps aliorum’ and his followers: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola on the ‘Astrological Tradition’ in the Disputationes adversus astrologiam divinatricem
Ovanes Akopyan, ONLINE EARLY
The Diary of the Swiss Leonhard Thurneysser and Black Africans in Renaissance Lisbon
Bernardo Jerosch Herold, ONLINE EARLY
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Rebecca Unsworth, ONLINE EARLY
Issue Information - Table of Contents
Issue Information - Table of Contents
Book Received
Books Received

Volume 31 (2)

Issue Information - Table of Contents
vol. 31 (2): 175-178
The animal in Renaissance Italy
Stephen Bowd, Sarah Cockram, vol. 31 (2): 183-200
The beginnings of comparative anatomy and Renaissance reflections on the human–animal divide
Benjamin Arbel, vol. 31 (2): 201-222
Real animals in ideal cities: the place and use of animals in Renaissance utopian literature
Cecilia Muratori, vol. 31 (2): 223-239
‘To dust the pelisse’: the erotic side of fur in Italian Renaissance art
Patricia Lurati, vol. 31 (2): 240-260
Human and animal in the Renaissance eye
Frances Gage, vol. 31 (2): 261-276
Interspecies understanding: exotic animals and their handlers at the Italian Renaissance court
Sarah Cockram, vol. 31 (2): 277-296
Talking of animals: whales, ambergris, and the circulation of knowledge in seventeenth-century Rome
Monica Azzolini, vol. 31 (2): 297-318

Volume 30 (4)

Issue Information - Table of Contents
vol. 30 (4): 487-490
Latin drama, religion and politics in early modern Europe
Elizabeth Sandis, Sarah Knight, vol. 30 (4): 495-504
Christ's Passion, Christian tragedy and Ioannes Franciscus Quintianus Stoa's untimely Theoandrothanatos
Russ Leo, vol. 30 (4): 505-525
Dramatic texts in the Tudor curriculum: John Palsgrave and the Henrician educational reforms
Ágnes Juhász-Ormsby, vol. 30 (4): 526-541
Religion and Latin drama in the early modern Low Countries
Jan Bloemendal, vol. 30 (4): 542-561
A woman saint in the Parisian colleges: Claude Roillet's Catharinae Tragoedia (1556)
John Nassichuk, vol. 30 (4): 562-583
Performing Exile: John Foxe's Christus Triumphans at Magdalen College, Oxford
Daniel Blank, vol. 30 (4): 584-601
Drama in the margins – academic text and political context in Matthew Gwinne's Nero: Nova Tragædia (1603) and Ben Jonson's Sejanus (1603/5)
Emma Buckley, vol. 30 (4): 602-622
Byzantine tragedy in Restoration England: Joseph Simons's Zeno and Sir William Killigrew's The Imperial Tragedy
Alison Shell, vol. 30 (4): 623-639

Volume 30 (1)

Issue Information - Table of Contents
vol. 30 (1): 1-3
Gossip and nonsense in Renaissance France and England
Emily Butterworth, Hugh Roberts, vol. 30 (1): 9-16
Gossiping to music in sixteenth-century France
Jeanice Brooks, vol. 30 (1): 17-38
‘When the tongue slips it tells the truth’: tricks and truths of the Renaissance lapsus*
Dominique Brancher, vol. 30 (1): 39-56
Outspoken opinions as collectable items? Engagement and divertissement in the French civil wars
Mark Greengrass, vol. 30 (1): 57-72
Illogic and polemic: The coq-à-l’âne during the Wars of Religion*
Grégoire Holtz, vol. 30 (1): 73-87