Renaissance Studies articles

Volume 30 (1)

Twelfth Night and the philology of nonsense
Adam Zucker, vol. 30 (1): 88-101
Comparative nonsense: French galimatias and English fustian
Hugh Roberts, vol. 30 (1): 102-119
Hubbub and satire
Andrea Brady, vol. 30 (1): 120-136
When writers gossip: authorial reputation in the literary polemics of the French 1620s*
Mathilde Bombart, vol. 30 (1): 137-151
A Rabelaisian Scotsman in King Cromwell's Court: Sir Thomas Urquhart, the Hartlib circle and the nonsense of a rational language
Nicholas McDowell, vol. 30 (1): 152-168

Volume 29 (5)

Books Received
vol. 29 (5): 781-784

Volume 29 (4)

The psalms and the English Reformation
Ruth Ahnert, vol. 29 (4): 493-508
My tongue shall speak: the voices of the psalms
Hannibal Hamlin, vol. 29 (4): 509-530
‘All skillful praises sing’: how congregations sang the psalms in early modern England
Nicholas Temperley, vol. 29 (4): 531-553
The psalms, war, and royal iconography: Katherine Parr's Psalms or Prayers (1544) and Henry VIII as David
Micheline White, vol. 29 (4): 554-575
The psalms and threat in sixteenth-century English court culture
James Simpson, vol. 29 (4): 576-594
What Wyatt really did to Aretino's Sette Salmi
William T. Rossiter, vol. 29 (4): 595-614
William Hunnis and the success of the Seven Sobs
Clare Costley King'oo, vol. 29 (4): 615-631
The Book of Psalms and the early modern sonnet
Deirdre Serjeantson, vol. 29 (4): 632-649
Mary Sidney's embroidered psalms
Michele Osherow, vol. 29 (4): 650-670
Afterword: the Tudor legacy
Beth Quitslund, vol. 29 (4): 671-677
Note on contributors
vol. 29 (4): 678-680

Volume 29 (2)

Cuttica, Cesare, Sir Robert Filmer (1588–1653) and the Patriotic Monarch. Patriarchalism in Seventeenth-Century Political Thought. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2012. 283 pp. £70.00. ISBN: 978-0719083747 (hb).
Andrew Mansfield, vol. 29 (2): 322-323

Volume 29 (1)

Translation and print culture in early modern Europe
Brenda M. Hosington, vol. 29 (1): 5-18
Vernacular translation in Renaissance France, Spain, Portugal and Britain: a comparative survey
Alexander S. Wilkinson, vol. 29 (1): 19-35
Translation as editorial mediation: Charles Estienne's experiments with the dissemination of knowledge
Hélène Cazes, vol. 29 (1): 36-54
Translating the Classics into the vernacular in sixteenth-century Italy
Outi Merisalo, vol. 29 (1): 55-77
Coding continental: information design in sixteenth-century English vernacular language manuals and translations
Guyda Armstrong, vol. 29 (1): 78-102
Form[e]s of transnationhood: the case of John Wolfe's trilingual Courtier
A. E. B. Coldiron, vol. 29 (1): 103-124
Miracles in translation: Lipsius, Our Lady of Halle and two Dutch translations
Theo Hermans, vol. 29 (1): 125-142
Translating as a way of writing history: Father du Creux's Historiæ Canadensis and the Relations jésuites of New France
Amélie Hamel, vol. 29 (1): 143-161
Translating time: chronicle, prognostication, prophecy
Jonathan Green, vol. 29 (1): 162-177

Volume 28 (5)

The Merchant of Venice and Shakespeare's sense of humour(s)
J. F. Bernard, vol. 28 (5): 643-658
Unresolved debates on usury and greed in late Renaissance France: Guillaume Bouchet and others
Jonathan Patterson, vol. 28 (5): 659-675
A Sulphur-crested Cockatoo in fifteenth-century Mantua: rethinking symbols of sanctity and patterns of trade
Heather Dalton, vol. 28 (5): 676-694
Abbess Piera de' Medici and her kin: gender, gifts, and patronage in Renaissance Florence
Sharon T. Strocchia, vol. 28 (5): 695-713
‘To serve us in that behalf when our pleasure is to call for them’: performing boys in Renaissance England
Shehzana Mamujee, vol. 28 (5): 714-730
Giannozzo Manetti's New Testament: new evidence on sources, translation process and the use of Valla's Annotationes
Annet Haan, vol. 28 (5): 731-747
Bellini, bronze and bombards: Sultan Mehmed II's requests reconsidered
Antonia Gatward Cevizli, vol. 28 (5): 748-765
Giotto e compagni (musée du Louvre, 18 April–15 July 2013). Catalogue by Dominique Thiébaut, with essays by Donal Cooper and Andrea de Marchi, and contributions by Marianne Besseyere, Thomas Bohl, Sonia Chiodo, Marco Ciatti, Joanna Dunn, Myriam Eveno, Cec
Nat Silver, vol. 28 (5): 766-776
In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion (London, The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, 10 May–6 October 2013). Catalogue In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion, ed. Anna Reynolds. London: Royal Collection Trust, 2013. 300 pp. ill
Maria Hayward, vol. 28 (5): 777-781
Elizabeth I and Her People (London, National Portrait Gallery, 10 October 2013–5 January 2014). Catalogue: Elizabeth I and Her People, ed. Tarnya Cooper, with Jane Eade. London: National Portrait Gallery, 2013. 224 pp. 140 colour illus. £30.00. ISBN: 978
Felicity Heal, vol. 28 (5): 782-786
Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe (Baltimore, The Walters Art Museum, 14 October 2012–21 January 2013; Princeton Art Museum, 16 February–9 June 2013, Princeton University Art Museum). Catalogue Revealing the African Presence in Renaiss
Colum Hourihane, vol. 28 (5): 787-792
The Springtime of the Renaissance. Sculpture and the Arts in Florence 1400–60 (Florence, Palazzo Strozzi, 23 March–18 August 2013 and Paris, Musée du Louvre, 26 September 2013–6 January 2014). Catalogue edited by Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi and Marc Borman
Caroline Campbell, vol. 28 (5): 793-798
Iulius Caesar Scaliger, Poetices libri septem. Sieben Bücher über die Dichtkunst, Volume VI. Index to the 1561 edition introduced and edited by Immanuel Musäus. Indices to the complete edition prepared by Luc Deitz, Immanuel Musäus and Gregor Vogt-Spira.
Brian Vickers, vol. 28 (5): 799-800