Scandinavian Journal of History

The Scandinavian Journal of History presents articles on Scandinavian history and review essays surveying themes in recent Scandinavian historical research. It concentrates on perspectives of national historical particularities and important long-term and short-term developments. The editorial policy gives particular priority to Scandinavian topics and to efforts of placing Scandinavian developments into a larger context. Studies explicitly comparing Scandinavian processes and phenomena to those in other parts of the world are therefore regarded as particularly important. In addition to publishing articles and review essays, the journal includes short book reviews. Review essay proposals and polemical communications are welcomed.

The Scandinavian Journal of History is published for the Historical Associations of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Scandinavian subcommittees of the International Committee of Historical Sciences.

5 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 40 (4)

vol. 40 (4): 485-511
Comparative and transnational perspectives on the introduction of multiculturalism in post-war Sweden
vol. 40 (4): 512-534
The Tranquebarian Society
vol. 40 (4): 535-561
Climatic anomalies, food systems, and subsistence crises in medieval Novgorod and Ladoga
vol. 40 (4): 562-590

Volume 40 (3)

Introduction: Nordic missions, gender and humanitarian practices: from evangelizing to development
vol. 40 (3): 285-297
Modest witness to modernization
vol. 40 (3): 298-331
Gender, Mission and Work
vol. 40 (3): 332-356
Towards translocal development
vol. 40 (3): 357-381
Protecting people in protected places
vol. 40 (3): 382-404
On mission in the cosmopolitan world
vol. 40 (3): 405-431
Religion, relief and humanitarian work among Armenian women refugees in Mandatory Syria, 1927–1934
vol. 40 (3): 432-454
A Nordic Hebrew Christian centre in Jerusalem?
vol. 40 (3): 455-477
‘Ecclesia Nidrosiensis’ and ‘Noregs Veldi’. The Role of the Church in the Making of Norwegian Domination in the Norse World
vol. 40 (3): 478-480
Sensuren i Danmark-Norge. Vilkårene for Offentlige Ytringer 1536–1814
vol. 40 (3): 481-484

Volume 40 (2)

Fridtjof Nansen and the Aegean population exchange
vol. 40 (2): 133-158
Patriotism, money and control
vol. 40 (2): 159-194
Understanding large-scale institutional change
vol. 40 (2): 195-214
Changing the Subject
vol. 40 (2): 215-238
A Tainted Legacy
vol. 40 (2): 239-270
The Sámi Peoples of the North: a social and cultural history
vol. 40 (2): 271-272