Scandinavian Journal of History articles

Volume 35 (4)

Biodiversity and Sectoral Responsibility in the Development of Swedish Forestry Policy, 1988-1993
Bush, Terrence, vol. 35 (4): 471-498
Ratakatu 12. Suojelupoliisi 1949-2009
Jensen-Eriksen, Niklas, vol. 35 (4): 499-500
Domestic Secrets: women and property in Sweden, 1600-1857
Bull, Ida, vol. 35 (4): 500-503
Books Received
vol. 35 (4): 504-506

Volume 35 (3)

The Cult of St Nicholas in the Early Christian North (c. 1000-1150)
Garipzanov, Ildar H., vol. 35 (3): 229-246
Re-Indenture, Repatriation and Remittances of Ex-Indentured Indians from Danish St Croix to British India 1863-1873
Roopnarine, Lomarsh, vol. 35 (3): 247-267
Mormons, Civil Authorities and Lutheran Clergy in Finland, 1875-1889
Östman, Kim B., vol. 35 (3): 268-289
Aligning the Non-Aligned: a re-interpretation of why and how Sweden was granted access to US military materiel in the early Cold War, 1948-1952
Nilsson, Mikael, vol. 35 (3): 290-309
Multilateralism and the Shaping of an 'Active Foreign Policy': Sweden during the preparatory phase of the CSCE
Makko, Aryo, vol. 35 (3): 310-329
The Not-Yet-Fully-Welcome 'Guests in the House'
Urbańczyk, Przemysław, vol. 35 (3): 330-344
Norwegian Oil Policy on Svalbard. The Caltex Case 1960-67
Tjelmeland, Hallvard, vol. 35 (3): 345-347
Feud in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Lindström, Dag, vol. 35 (3): 347-349

Volume 35 (2)

Common Road, Common Duty - Public Road, Private Space?: King Magnus Eriksson's law and the understanding of road as a space in late medieval Finland and the Swedish realm
Salminen, Tapio, vol. 35 (2): 115-134
Pagans of Darkness, Cruel Lutherans: images of religious 'others' in the historical accounts concerning the Russion Orthodox Valaam monastery
Parppei, Kati, vol. 35 (2): 135-155
Sport and Politics - Danish-German Sport Collaboration during World War II
Bonde, Hans, vol. 35 (2): 156-176
An Early Modern Consumer Revolution in the Baltic?
Rönnbäck, Klas, vol. 35 (2): 177-197
The Meaning of Normality: the controversy about the mental health campaign in Sweden 1969
Piuva, Katarina, vol. 35 (2): 198-216
In the Company of Dead Historians
Misgeld, Klaus, vol. 35 (2): 217-222
A Hero's Many Faces - Raoul Wallenberg in Contemporary Monuments
Heuman, Johannes, vol. 35 (2): 223-225
Globalisering gjennom et århundre; Norsk aluminiumindustri 1908-2008 (Globalization through a Century; The Norwegian Aluminium Industry 1908-2008)
Eloranta, Jari, vol. 35 (2): 225-227

Volume 35 (1)

Why a Scandinavian Journal of History ?
Hálfdanarson, Guðmundur, vol. 35 (1): 1-2
The Magical Reality of the Late Middle Ages: exploring the world of the fornaldarsögur
Orning, Hans Jacob, vol. 35 (1): 3-20
The Echo of the Quatercentenary of Uppsala University in 1877: Nordic universities as examples in Europe?
Dhondt, Pieter, vol. 35 (1): 21-43
'You Might All Be Speaking Swedish Today': language change in 19th-century Finland and Ireland
Coleman, Michael C., vol. 35 (1): 44-64
Catholic Mission and Conversion in Scandinavia
Maria Werner, Yvonne, vol. 35 (1): 65-85
What's on the Map?: re-assessing the first urban map of Torneå and early map-making in Sweden
Ylimaunu, Timo, vol. 35 (1): 86-107
Soviet Karelia. Politics, Planning and Terror in Stalin's Russia, 1920-1939
Rønning, Ole Martin, vol. 35 (1): 108-110
The Nordic Model. Scandinavia Since 1945
Bergholm, Tapio, vol. 35 (1): 111-112
A Sip from the 'Well of Grace'. Medieval Texts from the Apostolic Penitentiary
Ingesman, Per, vol. 35 (1): 112-114

Volume 34 (4)

Changing the Guards: an Editorial
Ojala, Jari, vol. 34 (4): 353-353
Creating the Swedish Juvenile Delinquent: criminal policy, science and institutionalization c. 1930-1970
Nilsson, Roddy, vol. 34 (4): 354-375
Facing Oligopoly and Protectionism: the fate of small producers in the inter-war nickel industry
Sandvik, Pål Thonstad, vol. 34 (4): 376-393
Christian Manliness for Women?: contradictions of Christian youth organization in early 20th-century Sweden
Sidenvall, Erik, vol. 34 (4): 394-413
A Foreign Benefactor and a Domestic Liberator: the cults of Lenin and Mannerheim in Finland
Halmesvirta, Anssi, vol. 34 (4): 414-432
Witchcraft and Gender in Early Modern Society. Finland and the Wider European Experience
Hagen, Rune Blix, vol. 34 (4): 433-434
En grunnläggande handling. Byggnadsoffer och dagligt liv i medeltid [A Fundamental Act. House offerings and daily life in the Middle Ages]
Øye, Ingvild, vol. 34 (4): 435-437
Etulinjan kynämiehet: Suomalaisen sotakirjallisuuden kustantaminen ja ennakkosensuuri kirjojen julkaisutoiminnan sääntelijänä 1939-1944 [Front Line Pen Pushers: Publication practices and advance censorship of Finnish wartime literature as regulators for b
Rossi, Leena, vol. 34 (4): 437-439
Scripts of Kingship. Essays on Bernadotte and Dynastic Formation in an Age of Revolution
Pedersen, Svein Henrik, vol. 34 (4): 439-443
West over Sea: studies in Scandinavian sea-borne expansion and settlement before 1300
Jennings, Andrew, vol. 34 (4): 443-445
Youth and Age in the Medieval North
Bandlien, Bjørn, vol. 34 (4): 445-449