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Scottish Archaeological Journal publishes work which furthers the study of the archaeology of Scotland and neighbouring regions from the earliest prehistory to the present. The journal includes a range of papers reporting on fieldwork, discussion of museum collections and consideration of the social and intellectual context of Scottish archaeology. In addition to documenting new discoveries, the journal promotes scholarly discussion and debate by encouraging the submission of papers of synthesis and analysis.

Book reviews, a distinctive feature of the journal since its establishment (as the Glasgow Archaeological Journal) in 1969, provide a critical perspective on Scottish archaeology and a well-established forum for scholarly debate. In addition to books, recent volumes of the journal have reviewed new museums, exhibitions and research on Scotland published in periodical literature.

Published by Edinburgh University Press on behalf of the Glasgow Archaeological Society.

Published Mar & Oct

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Latest articles

Volume 39 (1)

Front matter
vol. 39 (1): -
Back matter
vol. 39 (1): -
The Archaeology of Roman Sicily
vol. 39 (1): 0-0
A dark and mysterious place: excavations of an Iron Age settlement at Auchrannie, Brodick
vol. 39 (1): 1-34
Prehistoric settlement and ritual activities at Barassie, South Ayrshire
vol. 39 (1): 35-94
Neolithic sherds from St Kilda
vol. 39 (1): 95-100
The preliminary results of the recent excavations at Castlebank Street, Partick: the medieval and seventeenth-century remains
vol. 39 (1): 101-107
Quixwood Moor near Grantshouse: the recovery of an All-Over Corded Beaker dating to the transition of the Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age
vol. 39 (1): 108-115
Darvel Telephone Museum
vol. 39 (1): 116-117
Moffat Museum
vol. 39 (1): 117-118
Eaglesham: The Farmlands and the Orry. By Susan Hunter
vol. 39 (1): 119-120
The Neolithic of Mainland Scotland. Edited by Kenneth Brophy, Gavin MacGregor and Ian Ralston
vol. 39 (1): 120-122
Portmahomack: Monastery of the Picts. Second Edition by Martin Carver
vol. 39 (1): 122-124
Living and dying at Auldhame, East Lothian: The excavation of an Anglian monastic settlement and medieval parish church. By Anne Crone and Erlend Hindmarch with Alex Woolf
vol. 39 (1): 124-127

Volume 38 (1)

The stone crosses of Ireland and the sculpture of early medieval Europe
vol. 38 (1): 0-0
Pioneers in Roman Archaeology: The Antonine Wall Committee
vol. 38 (1): 1-31
A Short Cist Burial at Kilkeddan Farm, Campbeltown, Argyll & Bute
vol. 38 (1): 33-49
Excavation of a Bronze Age Ring-Groove House at Inverkip, Inverclyde
vol. 38 (1): 51-69
European Association of Archaeologists 2015 Annual Meeting
vol. 38 (1): 71-71
Jostein Bergstøl: Review of the Glasgow EAA meeting
vol. 38 (1): 71-72