Scottish Historical Review

The Scottish Historical Review is the premier journal in the field of Scottish Historical Studies, covering all periods of Scottish history from the early to the modern, encouraging a variety of historical approaches.

Contributors are regarded as authoritative in their subject area; the pages of the journal are regularly graced by leading Scottish historians.

In addition to its extensive book reviews, the Scottish Historical Review supports the compilation of List of Articles in Scottish History and List of Essays on Scottish History in Books, which cover articles published in the preceding year which is included in the Bibliography of British and Irish History.

Published Apr & Oct

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Latest articles

Volume 96 (1)

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An Open Economy: The Berwick Shipping Trade, 1311–1373
Joe Donnelly, vol. 96 (1): 1-31
Managing the Early Modern Periphery: Highland Policy and the Highland Judicial Commission, c. 1692–c. 1705
Allan Kennedy, vol. 96 (1): 32-60
Scottish Rolls of Honour and Rolls of Service: A Neglected Source
Linda Riddell, vol. 96 (1): 61-86
‘Public-spirited men’: Economic Unionist Nationalism in Inter-War Scotland
Angus Mackenzie, vol. 96 (1): 87-109
Ross, Land Assessment and Lordship in Medieval Northern Scotland
Alex Woolf, vol. 96 (1): 110-112
Turpie, Kind Neighbours: Scottish Saints and Society in the Later Middle Ages
Andrea Ruddick, vol. 96 (1): 112-114
Martin, The Maitland Quarto: A New Edition of Cambridge, Magdalene College, Pepys Library MS 1408
J. Derrick McClure, vol. 96 (1): 114-115
Mason and Reid (eds), Andrew Melville (1545–1642): Writings, Reception, and Reputation
Jane Stevenson, vol. 96 (1): 115-117
MacCoinnich, Plantation and Civility in the North Atlantic World: The Case of the Northern Hebrides, 1570–1639
Thomas Brochard, vol. 96 (1): 117-119
Spence, Women, Credit, and Debt in Early Modern Scotland
Rebecca Mason, vol. 96 (1): 119-121
Wilks, Of Neighing Coursers and of Trumpets Shrill: A Life of Richard, 1st Lord Dingwall and Earl of Desmond (c. 1570–1628)
Blake I. Campbell, vol. 96 (1): 121-122
Powell, The Crisis of British Protestantism. Church Power in the Puritan Revolution, 1638–44
Scott Spurlock, vol. 96 (1): 122-124
Stewart, Rethinking the Scottish Revolution: Covenanted Scotland, 1637–1651
Micheál Ó Siochrú, vol. 96 (1): 124-126
Whitley, A Great Grievance: Ecclesiastical Lay Patronage in Scotland until 1750
Chris R. Langley, vol. 96 (1): 126-127
Finlay, Legal Practice in Eighteenth-Century Scotland
J.D. Ford, vol. 96 (1): 127-129
Carr, Gender and Enlightenment Culture in Eighteenth-Century Scotland; Plassart, The Scottish Enlightenment and the French Revolution
Robin Mills, vol. 96 (1): 129-131
Grace, Opium and Empire: The Lives and Careers of William Jardine and James Matheson
Isabella Jackson, vol. 96 (1): 132-133
Cooke, Stanley: From Arkwright Village to Commuter Suburb, 1784–2015
Sally Tuckett, vol. 96 (1): 134-135