The Sixties A Journal of History, Politics and Culture articles

Volume 4 (2)

The apartment plot: urban living in American film and popular culture, 1945-75
vol. 4 (2): 226-229
Insider histories of the Vietnam era underground press, part 1
vol. 4 (2): 229-230

Volume 3 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 3 (2): 0-0
From revolutionary rebels to a thinking generation: a reflection on China's Red Guard movement of the mid-1960s
Xu, Luo, vol. 3 (2): 143-162
“We are black folks first”: the black freedom struggle in Rochester, NY and the making of Malcolm X
Hill, Laura Warren, vol. 3 (2): 163-185
We are Marshall Bloom: sexuality, suicide, and the collective memory of the Sixties
Slonecker, Blake, vol. 3 (2): 187-205
“Did anyone ever truly decide?” Rereading cultural feminism through the Patty Hearst case
Tanenbaum, Laura, vol. 3 (2): 207-223
The most dangerous man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers
Foley, Michael S., vol. 3 (2): 225-228
Soundtrack for a revolution
Lafargue, Ferentz, vol. 3 (2): 228-231
Stonewall Uprising
Lekus, Ian, vol. 3 (2): 231-235
Liberalism, Black Power, and the making of American politics, 1965-1980
Cannato, Vincent J., vol. 3 (2): 237-239
A bomb in every issue: how the short, unruly life of Ramparts magazine changed America
Gillis, William, vol. 3 (2): 239-242
Thelonious Monk: the life and times of an American original
Immerwahr, Daniel, vol. 3 (2): 242-244
Framing the Sixties: the use and abuse of a decade from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush
Mattson, Kevin, vol. 3 (2): 244-247
Guerrilla USA: the George Jackson Brigade and the anticapitalist underground of the 1970s
Raskin, Jonah, vol. 3 (2): 247-249
The war on welfare: family, poverty and politics in modern America
See, Katherine O'Sullivan, vol. 3 (2): 250-253
The protest psychosis: how schizophrenia became a black disease
Staub, Michael E., vol. 3 (2): 253-255
The admirable radical: Staughton Lynd and Cold War dissent, 1945-1970; From here to there: the Staughton Lynd reader; Stepping stones: a memoir of a life together
Stewart, Luke, vol. 3 (2): 255-262
Officer, nurse, woman: the Army Nurse Corps in the Vietnam War
Stur, Heather Marie, vol. 3 (2): 262-265
How the Beatles destroyed rock 'n' roll: an alternative history of American popular music
Suisman, David, vol. 3 (2): 265-268
An interview with M.F. Beal
Watts, Linda, vol. 3 (2): 269-283

Volume 3 (1)

A “generation in-itself”: authoritarian rule, exilic mentality, and the postwar generation of intellectuals in 1960s Taiwan
Hsiau, A-chin, vol. 3 (1): 1-31
“The press did you in”: the Poor People's Campaign and the mass media
Mantler, Gordon, vol. 3 (1): 33-54
Everyday archaic: fieldworkers in New Left poetry
Shaw, Lytle, vol. 3 (1): 55-77
Celebrity (post)feminism, the Sixties feminist blockbuster and Down with Love
Taylor, Anthea, vol. 3 (1): 79-96
Czeching the beat, beating the Czech: Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti in Czechia
Kopecký, Petr, vol. 3 (1): 97-103
Bad girls go everywhere: the life of Helen Gurley Brown
Brownmiller, Susan, vol. 3 (1): 105-107
Harlem vs. Columbia University
Cronin, Paul, vol. 3 (1): 107-109
Billy Graham and the rise of the Republican South
Flamm, Michael, vol. 3 (1): 109-112
Daughters of Aquarius: women of the Sixties counterculture
Gerhard, Jane, vol. 3 (1): 112-115
Freedom's orator: Mario Savio and the radical legacy of the 1960s
Gitlin, Todd, vol. 3 (1): 115-117
Beyond the fields: Cesar Chavez, the UFW, and the struggle for justice in the 21 st century
Green, Susan Marie, vol. 3 (1): 118-119
The postwar avant-garde and the culture of protest, 1945 to 1968 and beyond
Heller, Nathan, vol. 3 (1): 119-123
If we could change the world: young people and America's long struggle for racial equality
Hogan, Wesley, vol. 3 (1): 123-126
A day in the life: one family, the beautiful people, and the end of the sixties
Hsu, Hua, vol. 3 (1): 126-129
The permanent tax revolt: how the property tax transformed American politics
Phillips-Fein, Kim, vol. 3 (1): 129-131
Farm friends: from the late sixties to the west seventies and beyond
Slonecker, Blake, vol. 3 (1): 131-134
Four ways of looking at an Aztec Eagle: the contested legacy of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers
Engler, Mark, vol. 3 (1): 135-142

Volume 2 (2)

Writing the Sixties into Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland into the Sixties
Prince, Simon, vol. 2 (2): 145-161
Civil rights mobilization and repression in Northern Ireland: a comparison with the US Deep South
De Fazio, Gianluca, vol. 2 (2): 163-185