Slavery & Abolition

Slavery & Abolition is the only journal devoted in its entirety to a discussion of the demographic, socio-economic, historical and psychological aspects of human bondage from the ancient period to the present. It is also concerned with the dismantling of the slave systems and with the legacy of slavery. The journal publishes research articles, comments, reflections and review articles. There are frequent special thematic issues and an important annual bibliographical supplement on slavery which provides the only comprehensive listing of books and articles in the field.

4 issues per year.

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Latest articles

Up from Childhood: When African-American Enslaved Children Learned of Their Servile Status

Volume 36 (4)

Black Republicans, Black Republic: African-Americans, Haiti, and the Promise of Reconstruction
vol. 36 (4): 545-567
Black Purgatory: Enslaved Women's Resistance in Nineteenth-Century Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
vol. 36 (4): 568-585
Slave Trading in a Republic of Credit: Financial Architecture of the US Slave Market, 1815–1840
vol. 36 (4): 586-602
‘The State of Slavery': Somerset, The Slave, Grace, and the Rise of Pro-Slavery and Anti-Slavery Constitutionalism in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World
vol. 36 (4): 603-617
Master–Horse–Slave: Mobility, Race and Power in the British West Indies, c.1780–1838
vol. 36 (4): 618-641
Minority Voices: Abolitionism in West Africa
vol. 36 (4): 642-661
A Theory of Moral Outrage: Indignation and Eighteenth-century British Abolitionism
vol. 36 (4): 662-683
Seasoning and Abolition: Humoural Medicine in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic
vol. 36 (4): 684-703
‘Mungo Everywhere’: How Anglophones Heard Chattel Slavery
vol. 36 (4): 704-720
British Perceptions of Concubinage and the Patriarchal Arab Household: The Reluctant Abolition of Slavery in Zanzibar, 1890s–1900s
vol. 36 (4): 721-737
‘To Know Where You Come from; That Is Divine’: Three New Documentary Films on the African Slave Experience
vol. 36 (4): 738-746
A tale of two plantations: slave life and labor in Jamaica and Virginia
vol. 36 (4): 747-748
Slavery and war in the Americas: race, citizenship and state building in the United States and Brazil, 1861–1870
vol. 36 (4): 748-750
Shadows of the slave past: memory, heritage and slavery
vol. 36 (4): 750-751
The counter-revolution of 1776: slave resistance and the origins of the United States of America
vol. 36 (4): 751-753
The life and death of Gus Reed: a story of race and justice in Illinois during the Civil War and Reconstruction
vol. 36 (4): 753-754
All men free and brethren: essays on the history of African American freemasonry
vol. 36 (4): 754-755
Daughters of the trade: Atlantic slavers and interracial marriage on the Gold Coast
vol. 36 (4): 755-756
Handbuch Geschichte der Sklaverei: Eine Globalgeschichte von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart
vol. 36 (4): 757-758