Social History

Social History publishes articles, reviews and debates of high quality historical analysis. The editors also seek to encourage more experimental formats of presentation, which move away from the structure of the formal scholarly article. These may take the form of interventions that invoke discussion, provoke argument, enter criticism and create new space for analysis. Social History is committed to developing a broad geographical basis. Research on all parts of the world will be considered, and the editors would particularly like to encourage work on areas such as Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. As well as medieval, early modern and nineteenth-century history, Social History aims to extend its coverage of twentieth-century work. The journal is dedicated to providing a forum for theoretical debate and innovation on questions of social formations, genders, classes and ethnicities and is open to approaches from other fields such as sociology, social anthropology, politics, economics and demography. In this light, the editors are committed to making the journal as wide ranging as possible conceptually, certainly going beyond recent struggles associated with post-structuralism. While recognising the important contributions made in these exchanges, the editors wish to see a move away from radical divisions drawn between the social and the cultural.


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Latest articles

Volume 40 (4)

Editorial Board
vol. 40 (4): 0-0
Christopher Schmidt-Nowara
vol. 40 (4): 425-426
Two crises and the making of the early modern period: an historiographical review
vol. 40 (4): 427-445
The Nazi rag-pickers and their wine: the politics of waste and recycling in Nazi Germany
vol. 40 (4): 446-472
Confessional identity and models of aristocratic conversion in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Hungary
vol. 40 (4): 473-496
The role of Spain and the Spanish in the creation of Europe's transnational democratic political culture, 1840–70
vol. 40 (4): 497-517
The production and reproduction of Chinese and Taiwanese identities in Taiwan’s popular songs
vol. 40 (4): 518-537
Women, Work and Sociability in Early Modern London
vol. 40 (4): 538-540
Major-General Thomas Harrison: Millenarian, Fifth Monarchist and the English Revolution 1616–1660
vol. 40 (4): 540-542
Alehouses and Good Fellowship in Early Modern England
vol. 40 (4): 542-544
A Caring County? Social Welfare in Hertfordshire from 1600
vol. 40 (4): 544-546
The Origins of Catalan Nationalism, 1770–1898
vol. 40 (4): 546-548
Inhuman Traffick: The International Struggle against the Transatlantic Slave Trade
vol. 40 (4): 548-549
Entanglements of Empire: Missionaries, Māori, and the Question of the Body
vol. 40 (4): 549-551
Catholics of Consequence: Transnational Education, Social Mobility, and the Irish Catholic Elite, 1850–1900
vol. 40 (4): 551-553
Gypsies in Germany and Italy, 1861–1914: Lives Outside the Law
vol. 40 (4): 553-555
Postcolonial Germany: Memories of Empire in a Decolonized Nation
vol. 40 (4): 555-557
The History of Emotions: An Introduction
vol. 40 (4): 557-558
Juvenile Nation: Youth, Emotions and the Making of the Modern British Citizen, 1880–1914
vol. 40 (4): 558-560
London’s Criminal Underworlds, c. 1720–c. 1930: A Social and Cultural History
vol. 40 (4): 560-562