Social History of Medicine articles

Volume 24 (2)

Louise Penner, Victorian Medicine and Social Reform: Florence Nightingale among the Novelists
Howell, J., vol. 24 (2): 497-498
Catharine Coleborne, Madness in the Family: Insanity and Institutions in the Australasian Colonial World, 1860-1914
Suzuki, A., vol. 24 (2): 499-500
John C. Weaver, A Sadly Troubled History: The Meanings of Suicide in the Modern Age
Bailey, V., vol. 24 (2): 500-501
Jason Crouthamel, The Great War and German Memory: Society, Politics and Psychological Trauma, 1914-1945
Neuner, S., vol. 24 (2): 501-502
Sheldon Rubenfeld (ed.), Medicine after the Holocaust; From the Master Race to the Human Genome and Beyond
Baumslag, N., vol. 24 (2): 503-504
Lynn M. Morgan, Icons of Life: a Cultural History of Human Embryos
Franklin, S., vol. 24 (2): 504-506
E. L. Jones and S. J. Snow, Against the Odds: Black and Minority Ethnic Clinicians and Manchester, 1948 to 2009
Haynes, D., vol. 24 (2): 506-507
Flurin Condrau and Michael Worboys (eds), Tuberculosis Then and Now: Perspectives on the History of an Infectious Disease
Waddington, K., vol. 24 (2): 507-509
Carole Reeves and Ann Shaw, The Children of Craig-y-nos: Life in a Welsh Tuberculosis Sanatorium, 1922-1959
Hull, A., vol. 24 (2): 509-510
Alun Roberts, The Welsh National School of Medicine: The Cardiff Years, 1893-1931
Reinarz, J., vol. 24 (2): 510-511
Pilar Leon Sanz (ed.), Health Institutions at the Origins of the Welfare Systems in Europe
Doyle, B. M., vol. 24 (2): 511-513
David Cantor, Christian Bonah and Matthias Dorres (eds), Meat, Medicine and Human Health in the Twentieth Century
Miller, I., vol. 24 (2): 513-515
Louise Hill Curth, The Care of Brute Beasts: A Social and Cultural Study of Veterinary Medicine in Early Modern England
Newton, H., vol. 24 (2): 515-516
Gabriela Soto Laveaga, Jungle Laboratories: Mexican Peasants, National Projects, and the Making of the Pill
Vega y Ortega Baez, R. A., vol. 24 (2): 516-517
Tim Parks, Teach Us to Sit Still: A Sceptic's Search for Health and Healing
Rousseau, G., vol. 24 (2): 517-518
Ernest B. Gilman, Plague Writing in Early Modern England
Cohn, S., vol. 24 (2): 518-520
Michael Solomon, Fictions of Well-Being: Sickly Readers and Vernacular Medical Writing in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain
Evans, J., vol. 24 (2): 520-521
Petter Aaslestad, The Patient as Text: The Role of the Narrator in Psychiatric Notes, 1890-1990
Sheffer, A., vol. 24 (2): 521-522
Amanda J. Thomas, The Lambeth Cholera Outbreak of 1848-1849: The Setting, Causes, Course, and Aftermath of an Epidemic in London
Steere-Williams, J., vol. 24 (2): 522-523
Christopher Hamlin, Cholera: The Biography
Waller, J. C., vol. 24 (2): 524-525
Heather Green Wooten, The Polio Years in Texas: Battling a Terrifying Unknown
Vargha, D., vol. 24 (2): 525-526
Daniel Carpenter, Reputation and Power: Organizational Image and Pharmaceutical Regulation at the FDA
Richert, L., vol. 24 (2): 526-527
Catherine Mills, Regulating Health and Safety in the British Mining Industries, 1800-1914
Perchard, A., vol. 24 (2): 527-529
Cheryl Krasnick Warsh, Prescribed Norms: Women and Health in Canada and the United States since 1800
Biggs, L., vol. 24 (2): 529-530
Stuart Blume, The Artificial Ear: Cochlear Implants and the Culture of Deafness
Anderson, J., vol. 24 (2): 530-531
Oliva Sabuco de Nantes Barrera, The True Medicine
Read, S., vol. 24 (2): 531-532
Christoph Gradmann and Jonathan Simon (eds), Evaluating and Standardizing Therapeutic Agents, 1890-1950
Lesch, J. E., vol. 24 (2): 532-534

Volume 24 (1)

Medieval Medicine: Theory and Practice
Pilsworth, C., Banham, D., vol. 24 (1): 2-4
What's Wrong with Early Medieval Medicine?
Horden, P., vol. 24 (1): 5-25
Beyond the Medical Text: Health and Illness in Early Medieval Italian Sources
Pilsworth, C., vol. 24 (1): 26-40
Extra-Medical Elements in Anglo-Saxon Medicine
Meaney, A. L., vol. 24 (1): 41-56
Dun, Oxa and Pliny the Great Physician: Attribution and Authority in Old English Medical Texts
Banham, D., vol. 24 (1): 57-73
Old Recipes, New Practice? The Latin Adaptations of the Hippocratic Gynaecological Treatises
Totelin, L., vol. 24 (1): 74-91
Medical Magic and the Church in Thirteenth-Century England
Rider, C., vol. 24 (1): 92-107
The Image of the Female Healer in Western Vernacular Literature of the Middle Ages
Harper, A., vol. 24 (1): 108-124
Medical 'Emplotment' and Plotting Medicine: Health and Disease in Late Medieval Portuguese Chronicles
McCleery, I., vol. 24 (1): 125-141
Mixing with Medics
Smith, M., vol. 24 (1): 142-150
Being Able to Learn: Researching the History of a Therapeutic Community
Boyling, E., vol. 24 (1): 151-158
Nutritious Foods and Consumption Choices in the Early Modern Period
Lloyd, P., vol. 24 (1): 161-165
Dan Hurley, Diabetes Rising: How a Rare Disease Became a Modern Pandemic, and What to Do About It
Tattersall, R., vol. 24 (1): 166-167