Social History of Medicine articles

Volume 25 (3)

Alexandra Walsham, The Reformation of the Landscape: Religion, Identity, and Memory in Early Modern Britain and Ireland
Yale, E., vol. 25 (3): 749-750
Erika Dyck and Christopher Fletcher (eds), Locating Health: Historical and Anthropological Investigations of Place and Health
Long, V., vol. 25 (3): 750-752
J. T. H. Connor and Stephan Curtis (eds), Medicine in the Remote and Rural North, 1800-2000
Hardy, A., vol. 25 (3): 752-753
Tony Halliday, The Temperamental Nude: Class, Medicine and Representation in Eighteenth-Century France
Craske, M., vol. 25 (3): 754-755
James E. Shaw and Evelyn S. Welch, Making and Marketing Medicine in Renaissance Florence
Wallis, P., vol. 25 (3): 755-757
Duncan Wilson, Tissue Culture in Science and Society: The Public Life of a Biological Technique in Twentieth Century Britain
Reubi, D., vol. 25 (3): 757-758
Patricia Gherovici, Please Select Your Gender: From the Invention of Hysteria to the Democratizing of Transgenderism
Chiang, H., vol. 25 (3): 758-759
Michael Brown, Performing Medicine: Medical Culture and Identity in Provincial England, c.1760-1850
Hamlin, C., vol. 25 (3): 759-760

Volume 25 (2)

Musical Hypnosis: Sound and Selfhood from Mesmerism to Brainwashing
Kennaway, J., vol. 25 (2): 271-289
Public Health, Peasant Bodies and the Spanish Colonisation of Patagonia
Poska, A. M., vol. 25 (2): 290-306
Revisiting a 'Demographic Freak': Irish Asylums and Hidden Hunger
Grimsley-Smith, M., vol. 25 (2): 307-323
Alienists, Attendants and the Containment of Suicide in Public Lunatic Asylums, 1845-1890
York, S., vol. 25 (2): 324-342
Bacteriology in the Service of Sanitation: The Factory Environment and the Regulation of Industrial Anthrax in Late-Victorian Britain
Stark, J. F., vol. 25 (2): 343-361
Race, Disease, and Public Violence: Smallpox and the (Un)Making of Calgary's Chinatown, 1892
Burnett, K., vol. 25 (2): 362-379
Birth Attendants and Midwifery Practice in Early Twentieth-century Derbyshire
Reid, A., vol. 25 (2): 380-399
Uses of a Pandemic: Forging the Identities of Influenza and Virus Research in Interwar Britain
Bresalier, M., vol. 25 (2): 400-424
Social Medicine and Medical Pluralism: the Valley Trust and Botha's Hill Health Centre, South Africa, 1940s to 2000s
Digby, A., Sweet, H., vol. 25 (2): 425-445
Taking Care in the Air: Jet Air Travel and Passenger Health, a Study of British Overseas Airways Corporation (1940-1974)
Budd, L. C. S., Bell, M., Warren, A. P., vol. 25 (2): 446-461
Diseased, Depraved or just Drunk? The Psychiatric Panic over Alcoholism in Communist Yugoslavia
Savelli, M., vol. 25 (2): 462-480
The Ethics and Politics of Force-Feeding Terror Suspects in West German Prisons
Passmore, L., vol. 25 (2): 481-499
When Subjects Bite Back: The Bristol Cancer Help Centre Study and Increasing Consumer Involvement in UK Medical Research in the 1990s
Dawes, L. L., vol. 25 (2): 500-519
Marks, H. M., vol. 25 (2): 520-539
Cynthia Klestinec, Theatres of Anatomy: Students, Teachers, and Traditions of Dissection in Renaissance Venice
Pranghofer, S., vol. 25 (2): 540-541
Andrew Cunningham, The Anatomist Anatomis'd: An Experimental Discipline in Enlightenment Europe
Maerker, A., vol. 25 (2): 541-542
Anna Maerker, Model Experts: Wax Anatomies and Enlightenment in Florence and Vienna, 1775-1815
Hoffmann, K. A., vol. 25 (2): 542-543
Rebecca Messbarger, The Lady Anatomist: The Life and Work of Anna Morandi Manzolini
Knoeff, R., vol. 25 (2): 544-545
Samuel J. M. M. Alberti, Morbid Curiosities: Medical Museums in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Al-Gailani, S., vol. 25 (2): 545-546
Elizabeth Stephens, Anatomy as Spectacle: Public Exhibitions of the Body from 1700 to the Present
Sappol, M., vol. 25 (2): 546-548
Thomas Schlich, The Origins of Organ Transplantation: Surgery and Laboratory Science 1880-1930
Becker, D., vol. 25 (2): 549-550
Irma Taavitsainen and Paivi Pahta (eds), Medical Writing in Early Modern English
Read, S., vol. 25 (2): 550-552
Volker Roelcke, Paul J. Weindling and Louise Westwood (eds), International Relations in Psychiatry: Britain, Germany, & the United States to World War II
Marks, S., vol. 25 (2): 552-553
Markham J. Geller, Ancient Babylonian Medicine: Theory and Practice
Bock, B., vol. 25 (2): 554-555
Meegan Kennedy, Revising the Clinic: Vision and Representation in Victorian Medical Narrative and the Novel
Simon, L., vol. 25 (2): 555-556
Vanessa Heggie, A History of British Sports Medicine
Wrynn, A. M., vol. 25 (2): 556-557
Sergius Kodera, Disreputable Bodies: Magic, Medicine, and Gender in Renaissance Natural Philosophy
Henry, J., vol. 25 (2): 557-559
Katharine Hodgkin (ed.), Women, Madness and Sin in Early Modern England: The Autobiographical Writings of Dionys Fitzherbert, The Early Modern Englishwoman 1500-1750: Contemporary Editions
Lund, M. A., vol. 25 (2): 559-560
Keith Wailoo, Julie Livingstone, Steven Epstein and Robert Aronowitz (eds), Three Shots at Prevention: The HPV Vaccine and the Politics of Medicine's Simple Solutions
Baker, J. P., vol. 25 (2): 560-562
Chryssi Bourbou, Health and Disease in Byzantine Crete (7th-12th Centuries AD)
Dvorjetski, E., vol. 25 (2): 562-563
Leigh Whaley, Women and the Practice of Medical Care in Early Modern Europe, 1400-1800
Smith, L. W., vol. 25 (2): 563-565
Julie Anderson, War, Disability and Rehabilitation in Britain: 'Soul of a Nation'
Bourke, J., vol. 25 (2): 565-566