Social History of Medicine articles

Volume 28 (4)

Fathers and Hospital Childbirth in New Zealand
Bryder, L., vol. 28 (4): 725-741
Charles V. Roman and the Spectre of Polygenism in Progressive Era Public Health Research
Keel, T. D., vol. 28 (4): 742-766
'The bones tell a story the child is too young or too frightened to tell': The Battered Child Syndrome in Post-war Britain and America
Crane, J., vol. 28 (4): 767-788
'A Chequered (and Mated) Scientific Career': Robert Case and the Politics of Occupational Bladder Cancer
Higgins, D., Tweedale, G., vol. 28 (4): 789-804
Bolstering the Greatness of the Homeland: Productivity, Disability and Medicine in Franco's Spain, 1938-1966
Martinez-Perez, J., Del Cura, M., vol. 28 (4): 805-824
Making up 'Vulnerable' People: Human Subjects and the Subjective Experience of Medical Experiment
Campbell, N. D., Stark, L., vol. 28 (4): 825-848
'Dear Father my health has broken down': Writing Health in Irish Charity Letters, 1922-1940
Earner-Byrne, L., vol. 28 (4): 849-868
Medico-politics of Gendered Health: The Case of Cardiovascular Prevention in East and West Germany, 1949-1990
Madarasz-Lebenhagen, J., vol. 28 (4): 869-888
'Insane emigrants' in transit. Psychiatric Patients' Files as a Source for the History of Return Migration, c. 1910
Blok, G., vol. 28 (4): 889-901
William Clift's Sketches of Executed Murderers
Neher, A., vol. 28 (4): 902-921
Mrs Stone & Dr Smellie: Eighteenth-century Midwives and their Patients
Badger, F., vol. 28 (4): 922-923
Paula J. Martin. Suzanne Noël: Cosmetic Surgery, Feminism and Beauty in Early Twentieth-Century France
Davis, K., vol. 28 (4): 923-924
Barron H. Lerner, The Good Doctor: A Father, A Son, and the Evolution of Medical Ethics
Stark, L., vol. 28 (4): 925-926
Samuel J. M. M. Alberti (ed.), War, Art and Surgery: The Work of Henry Tonks and Julia Midgley
Callen, A., vol. 28 (4): 926-928
Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds, Nye: The Political Life of Aneurin Bevan
Seaton, A., vol. 28 (4): 928-929
Steven M. Oberhelman (ed.), Dreams, Healing, and Medicine in Greece: From Antiquity to the Present
Totelin, L., vol. 28 (4): 930-931
Megan J. Coyer and David E. Shuttleton (eds), Scottish Medicine and Literary Culture, 1726-1832
Wilson, E., vol. 28 (4): 931-933
Julia Skelly, Addiction and British Visual Culture, 1751-1919: Wasted Looks
Hickman, T. A., vol. 28 (4): 933-934
Krista Maglen, The English System: Quarantine, Immigration and the Making of a Port Sanitary Zone
Foxhall, K., vol. 28 (4): 934-935
Tim Carter, Merchant Seamen's Health, 1860-1960: Medicine, Technology, Shipowners and the State in Britain
Gorski, R., vol. 28 (4): 936-937
Jessica Howell, Exploring Victorian Travel Literature: Disease, Race and Climate
Livingstone, D. N., vol. 28 (4): 937-938
Annett Büttner, Die konfessionelle Kriegskrankenpflege im 19. Jahrhundert
Hackmann, M., vol. 28 (4): 938-940
Jens Gründler, Armut und Wahnsinn: 'Arme Irre' und ihre Familien im Spannungsfeld von Psychiatrie und Armenfürsorge in Glasgow, 1875-1921
Dickson, S., vol. 28 (4): 940-941
Sevasti Trubeta, Physical Anthropology, Race and Eugenics in Greece (1880s-1970s)
Kritsotaki, D., vol. 28 (4): 941-942
Abena Dove Osseo-Asare, Bitter Roots: The Search for Healing Plants in Africa
Prince, R. J., vol. 28 (4): 943-944
Sandra Opdycke, The Flu Epidemic of 1918: America's Experience in the Global Health Crisis
Bristow, N. K., vol. 28 (4): 944-946
Maria Isabel Porras Gallo, Mariano Ayarzagüena Sanz, Jaime de las Heras Salord and Maria Jose Baguena Cervellera (eds), El drama de la polio. Un problema social y familiar en la Espana franquista
Rodriguez-Ocana, E., vol. 28 (4): 946-947
Sean Hsiang-lin Lei, Neither Donkey nor Horse: Medicine in the Struggle over China's Modernity
Luesink, D., vol. 28 (4): 947-948
Clare Debenham, Birth Control and the Rights of Women: Post-Suffrage Feminism in the Early Twentieth Century
Hall, L., vol. 28 (4): 949-950
Robert Beachy, Gay Berlin: Birthplace of a Modern Identity
Winkler, A., vol. 28 (4): 950-952
James Rodger Fleming and Ann Johnson, Toxic Airs: Body, Planet, Place in Historical Perspective
Cooper, T., vol. 28 (4): 952-953
Gary B. Ferngren. Medicine and Religion: A Historical Introduction
Petro, A. M., vol. 28 (4): 953-955
Rod Philips, Alcohol a History
Berridge, V., vol. 28 (4): 955-956
Teresa Ortiz-Gomez and Maria Jesus Santesmas (eds), Gendered Drugs and Medicine: Historical and Socio-Cultural Perspectives
Hoffman, B., vol. 28 (4): 956-958

Volume 28 (3)

Medical Condition, Demon or Undead Corpse? Sleep Paralysis and the Nightmare in Medieval Europe
Gordon, S., vol. 28 (3): 425-444
'I would not feel the pain if I were with you': Catalina Micaela and the Cycle of Pregnancy at the Court of Turin, 1585-1597
Sanchez, M. S., vol. 28 (3): 445-464
'Nature Concocts & Expels': The Agents and Processes of Recovery from Disease in Early Modern England
Newton, H., vol. 28 (3): 465-486
Ignored Disease or Diagnostic Dustbin? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in the British Context
Ferguson, A. H., vol. 28 (3): 487-508
Inhaling Democracy: Cigarette Advertising and Health Education in Post-war West Germany, 1950s-1975
Elliot, R., vol. 28 (3): 509-531
The Poison of Touch: Tracing Mercurial Treatments of Venereal Diseases in Tibet
Gerke, B., vol. 28 (3): 532-554