South African Historical Journal articles

Volume 64 (4)

A Fire That Blazed in the Ocean. Gandhi and The Poems of Satyagraha in South Africa, 1909–1911
vol. 64 (4): 878-882
Grappling with the Beast: Indigenous Southern African Responses to Colonialism, 1840–1930
vol. 64 (4): 882-883

Volume 64 (3)

The ANC at 100
vol. 64 (3): 381-392
Significant Black South Africans in Britain before 1912: Pan-African Organisations and the Emergence of South Africa's First Black Lawyers
vol. 64 (3): 393-417
Dialectical Dances: Exploring John Dube's Public Life
vol. 64 (3): 418-433
‘A Member of the Race’: Dr Modiri Molema's Intellectual Engagement with the Popular History of South Africa, 1912–1921
vol. 64 (3): 434-449
Women and the Problem of Family in Early African Nationalist History and Historiography
vol. 64 (3): 450-471
The African National Congress in the Western Transvaal/Northern Cape Platteland, c. 1910–1964: Patterns of Diffusion and Support for Congress in a Rural Setting
vol. 64 (3): 472-493
Reflections on Black Politics in South Africa since 1945
vol. 64 (3): 494-506
The Lasting Legacy: The Soviet Theory of the National-Democratic Revolution and South Africa
vol. 64 (3): 507-537
The ANC, MK, and ‘The Turn to Violence’ (1960–1962)
vol. 64 (3): 538-563
Emasculating Agency: An Unambiguous Assessment of Albert Luthuli's Stance on Violence
vol. 64 (3): 564-586
Oliver Tambo and the Dilemma of the Camp Mutinies in Angola in the Eighties
vol. 64 (3): 587-621
Politics and Crime: Reviewing the ANC's Exile History
vol. 64 (3): 622-636
Sex in a Time of Exile: An Examination of Sexual Health, AIDS, Gender, and the ANC, 1980–1990
vol. 64 (3): 637-663
Subaltern Consciousness in South Africa's Labour Movement: ‘Workerism’ in the KwaZulu-Natal Sugar Industry
vol. 64 (3): 664-684
Anti-Apartheid: The Black British Response
vol. 64 (3): 685-706
The ‘Indian Chap’: Recollections of a South African Underground Trainee in Mao's China
vol. 64 (3): 707-736
The African National Congress and the Regeneration of Political Power
vol. 64 (3): 737-739
The Making of an MK Cadre
vol. 64 (3): 740-742
The Communistisation of the ANC
vol. 64 (3): 743-746

Volume 64 (2)

‘The Past and its Possibilities: Perspectives of Southern Africa’; The Southern African Historical Society's 23rd Biennial Conference, 27–29 June 2011, University of KwaZulu-Natal (Howard College campus)
vol. 64 (2): 159-169
The South African Developmental State and the First Attempt to Create a National Health System: Another Look at the Gluckman Commission of 1942–1944
vol. 64 (2): 170-186
Evidence, Encounters and Effects of South Africa's Reforming Gluckman National Health Services Commission, 1942–1944
vol. 64 (2): 187-205
Podcasting the Past: Africa Past and Present and (South) African History in the Digital Age
vol. 64 (2): 206-220
Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: A Comparison of the Construction of Authority and Responsibility in Two South African Cholera Epidemics
vol. 64 (2): 221-235
Lives in the Making: The Possibilities and Impossibilities of Autobiography with Reference to the Case of Amina Cachalia
vol. 64 (2): 236-255
Division in the (Inner) Ranks: The Psychosocial Legacies of the Border Wars
vol. 64 (2): 256-272
The Role of Visiting Indian Hindu Missionaries in their Attempts to ‘Reform’ Hinduism in South Africa, 1933–1935
vol. 64 (2): 273-294
Cultural Crossings from Africa to India: Select Travel Narratives of Indian South Africans from Durban and Cape Town, 1940s to 1990s
vol. 64 (2): 295-312
Post-Conference Postscript
vol. 64 (2): 313-318
Race, Empire, and Citizenship: Sarojini Naidu's 1924 Visit to South Africa
vol. 64 (2): 319-342
‘A living testimony of the heights to which a woman can rise’: Sarojini Naidu, Cissie Gool and the Politics of Women's Leadership in South Africa in the 1920s
vol. 64 (2): 343-363
A Century of Postgraduate Anglo-Boer War (1899–1902) Studies: Masters' and Doctoral Studies Completed at Universities in South Africa, in English-speaking Countries and on the European Continent, 1908–2008
vol. 64 (2): 364-365
The Struggle for the Eastern Cape, 1800–1854: Subjugation and the Roots of South African Democracy
vol. 64 (2): 365-367
Luka Jantjie: Resistance Hero of the South African Frontier
vol. 64 (2): 368-371
A Three-Cornered Life: The Historian W.K Hancock
vol. 64 (2): 371-373
Africa in the Time of Cholera: A History of the Pandemics from 1817 to the Present
vol. 64 (2): 373-375
German Colonialism, Visual Culture, and Modern Memory
vol. 64 (2): 375-378
Love in the Time of AIDS: Inequality, Gender, and Rights in South Africa/When Bodies Remember: Experiences and Politics of AIDS in South Africa
vol. 64 (2): 378-380