Twentieth Century British History

Twentieth Century British History covers the variety of British history in the twentieth century in all its aspects. It links the many different and specialized branches of historical scholarship with work in political science and related disciplines. The journal seeks to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, in order to foster the study of patterns of change and continuity across the twentieth century. The editors are committed to publishing work that examines the British experience within a comparative context, whether European or Anglo-American.


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Latest articles

Volume 27 (2)

'The Social Picture of Our Own Times: Reading Obscene Magazines in Mid-Twentieth-Century Britain
Cocks, H., vol. 27 (2): 171-194
The Korean War Never Happened: Forgetting a Conflict in British Culture and Society
Huxford, G., vol. 27 (2): 195-219
'The Pragmatists Solution to Poverty: The Heath Governments Tax Credit Scheme and the Politics of Social Policy in the 1970s
Sloman, P., vol. 27 (2): 220-241
Politics, Patronage, and the State in British Avant-Garde Music, c.1959-c.1974
Addison, D., vol. 27 (2): 242-265
Duncan Tanner Essay Prize 2015: Freedom Planned: Enterprise Zones and Urban Non-Planning in Post-War Britain
Wetherell, S., vol. 27 (2): 266-289
Renaissance on the Right? New Directions in the History of the Post-War Conservative Party
Kowol, K., vol. 27 (2): 290-304
Rethinking Modern British Studies. July 2015: A Reflection
Riley, C. L., vol. 27 (2): 305-309
Haigs Intelligence: GHQ and the German Army, 1916-1918. By Jim Beach.
Kitchen, J. E., vol. 27 (2): 310-312
George Padmore and Decolonization from Below: Pan-Africanism, the Cold War, and the End of Empire. By Leslie James.
Whittall, D., vol. 27 (2): 312-315
Hollywood and the Americanization of Britain from the 1920s to the Present. By Mark Glancy.
Thackeray, D., vol. 27 (2): 315-317
Building the Modern Church: Roman Catholic Church Architecture in Britain, 1955 to 1975. By Robert Proctor.
Harris, A., vol. 27 (2): 317-319
The British Labour Party, Transnational Influences and European Community Membership, 1960-1973. By Kristian Steinnes.
Aqui, L., vol. 27 (2): 319-321
The Next War in the Air: Britains Fear of the Bomber, 1908-1941. By Brett Holman.
Morley, J., vol. 27 (2): 321-323
The Other Special Relationship: Race, Rights and Riots in Britain and the United States. Edited by Robin D.G. Kelley and Stephen Tuck.
Waters, R., vol. 27 (2): 323-325
Transitions in Middlebrow Writing, 1880-1930. Edited by Kate Macdonald and Christoph Singer.
Waller, P., vol. 27 (2): 326-328
Citizenship, Nation, Empire: The Politics of History Teaching in England, 1870-1930. By Peter Yeandle.
Howsam, L., vol. 27 (2): 328-330
Keyness Economic Consequences of the Peace: A Reappraisal. By Jens Hölscher and Matthias Klaes (Eds).
Toye, R., vol. 27 (2): 330-332

Volume 27 (1)

'Left out in the Cold: Village Women and Agricultural Labour in England and Wales during the First World War
Verdon, N., vol. 27 (1): 1-25
Nations of Peace: Nuclear Disarmament and the Making of National Identity in Scotland and Wales
Hill, C. R., vol. 27 (1): 26-50
Literature, Criticism, and Politics in the Early New Left, 1956-62
Hutton, A., vol. 27 (1): 51-75