Twentieth Century British History articles

Volume 24 (4)

Public Relations and the Making of Modern Britain: Stephen Tallents and the Birth of a Progressive Media Profession. By Scott Anthony
Saler, M., vol. 24 (4): 664-666
Experiencing War as the 'Enemy Other': Italian Scottish Experience in World War II. By Wendy Ugolini.
Webster, W., vol. 24 (4): 667-669
Governing Post-War Britain: The Paradoxes of Progress, 1951-1973. By Glen O'Hara.
Catterall, P., vol. 24 (4): 669-671
Modern Motherhood: Women and Family in England, 1945-2000. By Angela Davis.
Gallwey, A., vol. 24 (4): 671-674

Volume 24 (3)

Duncan Tanner Essay Prize Winner 2012: The Invention of a 'Secular Society'? Christianity and the Sudden Appearance of Secularization Discourses in the British National Media, 1961-4
Brewitt-Taylor, S., vol. 24 (3): 327-350
'That was what Life in Bridgeburn had Made Her': Reading the Autobiographies of Children in Institutional Care in England, 1918-46
Tisdall, L., vol. 24 (3): 351-375
'The Sins of the Fathers': The Contested Recruitment of Second-Generation Italians in the British Forces 1936-43
Ugolini, W., vol. 24 (3): 376-397
Lancashire Life Magazine, 1947-73: A Middle-Class Sense of Place
Hobbs, A., vol. 24 (3): 398-423
Revisiting the 1977 Housing (Homeless Persons) Act: Westminster, Whitehall, and the Homelessness Lobby
Crowson, N. J., vol. 24 (3): 424-447
Ben Pimlott Memorial Lecture 2012: The BBC and the 'Hidden Wiring' of the British Constitution: The Imposition of the Broadcasting Ban in 1988
Seaton, J., vol. 24 (3): 448-471
Lionel Robbins. By Susan Howson.
Brock, J. N., vol. 24 (3): 472-494
The British and the Balkans. Forming Images of Foreign Lands, 1900-1950. By Eugene Michail.
Drace-Francis, A., vol. 24 (3): 474-475
Being Boys: Youth, Leisure and Identity in the Inter-War Years. By Melanie Tebbutt.
Bradley, K., vol. 24 (3): 476-477
Domesticating the Airwaves: Broadcasting, Domesticity and Femininity. By Maggie Andrews
Bingham, A., vol. 24 (3): 478-480
Wales Since 1939. By Martin Johnes.
Crowley, M. J., vol. 24 (3): 480-482
The Food Companions. Cinema and Consumption in Wartime Britain, 1939-1945. By Richard Farmer.
Connelly, M., vol. 24 (3): 482-484
Blood, Sweat and Toil: Remaking the British Working Class, 1939-1945. By Geoffrey G. Field.
Lawrence, J., vol. 24 (3): 484-486
The Eclipse of 'Elegant Economy': The Impact of the Second World War on Attitudes to Personal Finance in Britain. By Martin Cohen.
O'Connell, S., vol. 24 (3): 486-489
1972 and the Ulster Troubles. By Alan F. Parkinson.
Bean, K., vol. 24 (3): 489-491
Working Class Suburbs: Social Change on an English Council Estate, 1930-2010. By Mark Clapson
Shapely, P., vol. 24 (3): 492-494

Volume 24 (2)

Painting with Sound: The Kaleidoscopic World of Lance Sieveking, a British Radio Modernist
Hendy, D., vol. 24 (2): 169-200
'We Lived According to the Tenets of Matthew Arnold': Reflections on the 'Colonial Victorianism' of the Young C. L. R. James
Hogsbjerg, C., vol. 24 (2): 201-223
'Fish-and-Chip Intelligence': Henry Durant and the British Institute of Public Opinion, 1936-63
Roodhouse, M., vol. 24 (2): 224-248
The Failure to Expand Childcare Provision and to Develop a Comprehensive Childcare Policy in Britain during the 1960s and 1970s
Lewis, J., vol. 24 (2): 249-274
'Smoke Without Fire'? Allegations Against the British Army in Northern Ireland, 1972-5
Bennett, H., vol. 24 (2): 275-304
Planning Armageddon: British Economic Warfare and the First World War. By Nicholas A. Lambert.
Philpott, W., vol. 24 (2): 305-307
A Kingdom United: Popular Responses to the Outbreak of the First World War in Britain and Ireland. By Catriona Pennell.
Monger, D., vol. 24 (2): 307-309
At Home and Under Fire. Air Raids and Culture in Britain from the Great War to the Blitz. By Susan R. Grayzel.
Field, G., vol. 24 (2): 309-311
The Women's War of 1929: Gender and Violence in Colonial Nigeria. By Marc Matera, Misty L. Bastian, and Susan Kingsley Kent
Hunter, E., vol. 24 (2): 312-313
The British People and the League of Nations: Democracy, Citizenship and Internationalism, c. 1918-45. By Helen McCarthy.
Hinton, J., vol. 24 (2): 314-315
Common Prostitutes and Ordinary Citizens. Commercial Sex in London, 1885-1960. By Julia Laite
Jackson, L. A., vol. 24 (2): 315-317
Unequal Britain: Equalities in Britain since 1945. Edited by Pat Thane.
Jackson, B., vol. 24 (2): 317-319
The White Man's World. By Bill Schwarz.
Dubow, S., vol. 24 (2): 319-321
The Labour Party and the World. Volume 2. Labour's Foreign Policy since 1951. By Rhiannon Vickers.
Corthorn, P., vol. 24 (2): 321-322
The Working Class in Mid Twentieth-Century England: Community, Identity and Social Memory. By Ben Jones.
Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, F., vol. 24 (2): 322-325

Volume 24 (1)

Fashioning an Ex-crook Self: Citizenship and Criminality in the Work of Netley Lucas
Houlbrook, M., vol. 24 (1): 1-30
The Psychological Study of Anxiety in the Era of the Second World War
Shapira, M., vol. 24 (1): 31-57
West Indian Interventions at the Heart of the Cultural Establishment: Edric Connor, Pearl Connor, and the BBC
Bidnall, A. M., vol. 24 (1): 58-83
'Gay Times': Identity, Locality, Memory, and the Brixton Squats in 1970's London
Cook, M., vol. 24 (1): 84-109
Guardians of the Public Sphere? Political Scandal and the Press, 1979-97
See, H., vol. 24 (1): 110-137