Twentieth Century British History articles

Volume 23 (4)

The Passing of Protestant England: Secularisation and Social Change, c.1920-1960. By S. J. D. Green.
Doyle, B. M., vol. 23 (4): 584-585
Police and Policing in the Twentieth Century. Edited by Chris A. Williams.
Taylor, D., vol. 23 (4): 586-587
Bonds of Empire: West Indians and Britishness from Victoria to Decolonization. By Anne Spry Rush.
Altink, H., vol. 23 (4): 588-589
Personal Capitalism and Corporate Governance: British Manufacturing in the First Half of the Twentieth Century. By Myrddin John Lewis, Roger Lloyd-Jones, Josephine Maltby and Mark David Matthews.
Booth, A., vol. 23 (4): 590-592

Volume 23 (3)

TCBH Duncan Tanner Essay Prize Winner 2011 * 'Victory Will Be With Us': British Propaganda and Imperial Duty in Florence during the First World War
Loong, C., vol. 23 (3): 311-335
The Prevention of Rural Depopulation: Housing and the Scottish Women's Rural Institutes, c.1917-39
Wright, V., vol. 23 (3): 336-358
'The Whim of Foreigners': Language, Speech, and Sound in Second World War British Film and Radio
Webster, W., vol. 23 (3): 359-382
'Stay at Home': The Politics of Nuclear Civil Defence, 1968-83
Stafford, J., vol. 23 (3): 383-407
The Ben Pimlott Memorial Lecture 2011 * The 'Big Society' and the 'Big State': Creative Tension or Crowding Out?
Thane, P., vol. 23 (3): 408-429
Speak for Britain! A New History of the Labour Party. By Martin Pugh.
Shaffer, R., vol. 23 (3): 430-432
Nine Wartime Lives: Mass-Observation and the Making of the Modern Self. By James Hinton.
Allport, A., vol. 23 (3): 432-434
Cinema and Radio in Britain and America, 1920-60. By Jeffrey Richards.
Smyth, J. E., vol. 23 (3): 434-436
The Foundations of Anti-Apartheid: Liberal Humanitarians and Transnational Activists in Britain and the United States, c. 1919-64. By Rob Skinner.
Pennybacker, S. D., vol. 23 (3): 436-439
The Rise and Fall of the Healthy Factory: The Politics of Industrial Health in Britain, 1914-60. By Vicky Long.
Zweiniger-Bargielowska, I., vol. 23 (3): 439-441
Holiday Camps in Twentieth-Century Britain: Packaging Pleasure. By Sandra Trudgen Dawson.
Kane, J., vol. 23 (3): 441-443
Popular Culture and Working-Class Taste in Britain, 1930-39: A Round of Cheap Diversions? By Robert James.
Hilliard, C., vol. 23 (3): 443-445
Rolf Gardiner: Folk, Nature and Culture in Interwar Britain. Edited by Matthew Jefferies and Mike Tyldesley.
Chase, M., vol. 23 (3): 446-448

Volume 23 (2)

Rethinking the History of Modern Agriculture: British Pig Production, c.1910-65
Woods, A., vol. 23 (2): 165-191
Building the Promised Land: The Church of Scotland's Church Extension Movement, 1944-61
McFarland, E. W., vol. 23 (2): 192-220
'The City of our Dreams'? The Political and Economic Realities of Rebuilding Britain's Blitzed Cities, 1945-54
Flinn, C., vol. 23 (2): 221-245
Overwhelmed in a Very Small Place: The Wilson Government and the Crisis Over Anguilla
Mawby, S., vol. 23 (2): 246-274
'A Crusade to Enfranchise the Many': Thatcherism and the 'Property-Owning Democracy'
Francis, M., vol. 23 (2): 275-297
Barbed Wire Diplomacy: Britain, Germany and the Politics of Prisoners of War, 1939-1945. By Neville Wylie.
Jones, H., vol. 23 (2): 298-300
National Religion and the Prayer Book Controversy, 1927-1928. (Studies in Modern British Religious History, number 21.) By John G. Maiden.
Harris, A., vol. 23 (2): 300-302
War and Peace: Ireland Since the 1960s. By Christine Kinealy.
Mulholland, M., vol. 23 (2): 302-304
Churchill's Children: The Evacuee Experience in Wartime Britain. By John Welshman.
Shapira, M., vol. 23 (2): 305-306
British Conservatism: The Politics and Philosophy of Inequality. By Peter Dorey.
Robinson, E. A., vol. 23 (2): 307-308
The Conservative Party and the Extreme Right 1945-1975. By Mark Pitchford.
Kowol, K., vol. 23 (2): 309-310

Volume 23 (1)

Introduction: The Documentary Film Movement and the Spaces of British Identity
Anthony, S., Mansell, J. G., vol. 23 (1): 1-11
An Empire of Development: Africa and the Caribbean in God's Chillun
Matera, M., vol. 23 (1): 12-37
GPO Films: American and European models of Advertising in the Projection of Nation
Sargeant, A., vol. 23 (1): 38-56
Accents of Landscape in GPO Country: The Horsey Mail, 1938
Matless, D., vol. 23 (1): 57-79
A City Speaks: The Projection of Civic Identity in Manchester
Wildman, C., vol. 23 (1): 80-99
'A Veritable Hotbed of Feminism': Women's Liberation in St Andrews, Scotland, c.1968-c.1979
Browne, S., vol. 23 (1): 100-123
Rebels without Applause: History, Resistance, and Recognition in the Ulster Defence Association
Reed, R. J., vol. 23 (1): 124-148
The Projection of Britain: A History of the GPO Film Unit.
LeMahieu, D. L., vol. 23 (1): 149-151
Humphrey Jennings and British Documentary Film: A Re-Assessment. By Philip C. Logan.
Anthony, S., vol. 23 (1): 151-153
British Prime Ministers and Democracy: From Disraeli to Blair. By Roland Quinault.
Morgan, K. O., vol. 23 (1): 153-155
A History of British Sports Medicine. By Vanessa Heggie.
Vertinsky, P., vol. 23 (1): 155-157
Imperial Endgame: Britain's Dirty Wars and the End of Empire. By Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon.
Murphy, P., vol. 23 (1): 158-160