Twentieth Century British History articles

Volume 22 (4)

Criminality and Englishness in the Aftermath: The Racecourse Wars of the 1920s
Shore, H., vol. 22 (4): 474-497
The Entrepreneurial City: The Role of Local Government and City-Centre Redevelopment in Post-War Industrial English Cities
Shapely, P., vol. 22 (4): 498-520
The Buchanan Report, Environment and the Problem of Traffic in 1960s Britain
Gunn, S., vol. 22 (4): 521-542
Roundtable II: Twentieth-Century British History in Western Europe
Steber, M., Capet, A., Berthezene, C., De Champs, E., Downs, L. L., Vervaecke, P., Vincent, J., vol. 22 (4): 543-584
Sport and the Military: The British Armed Forces 1880-1960. By Tony Mason and Eliza Riedi.
French, D., vol. 22 (4): 585-586
A History of Everyday Life in Twentieth-Century Scotland. Edited by Lynn Abrams and Callum G. Brown.
Strange, J.-M., vol. 22 (4): 587-589
Callaghan's Journey to Downing Street. By Paul J. Deveney.
Morgan, K. O., vol. 22 (4): 589-591
Capital Affairs: London and the Making of the Permissive Society. By Frank Mort.
Berridge, V., vol. 22 (4): 591-593
No Wealth but Life: Welfare Economics and the Welfare State in Britain. Edited by Roger E. Backhouse and Tamotsu Nishizawa.
Gorsky, M., vol. 22 (4): 593-595

Volume 22 (3)

TCBH Duncan Tanner Essay Prize Winner 2010: The Week's Good Cause: Mass Culture and Cultures of Philanthropy at the Inter-war BBC
Colpus, E., vol. 22 (3): 305-329
Divisions at Sea: Class, Gender, Race, and Nation in Maritime Films of the Second World War, 1939-60
Summerfield, P., vol. 22 (3): 330-353
'Sometimes I like to stay in and watch TV ...' Kinnock's Labour Party and Media Culture
Robinson, L., vol. 22 (3): 354-390
Obi B. Egbuna, C. L. R. James and the Birth of Black Power in Britain: Black Radicalism in Britain 1967-72
Bunce, R. E. R., Field, P., vol. 22 (3): 391-414
'Imperial Burden' or 'Jews of Africa'?: An Analysis of Political and Media Discourse in the Ugandan Asian Crisis (1972)
Hamai, Y., vol. 22 (3): 415-436
Arthur Horner: A Political Biography. Volume 1 1894-1944 & Volume 2 1944-1968. By Nina Fishman.
Howell, D., vol. 22 (3): 437-441
Haakon Lie, Denis Healey and the Making of an Anglo-Norwegian Special Relationship 1945-1951. By Tony Insall.
Redvaldsen, D., vol. 22 (3): 441-443
The Co-operative Movement and Communities in Britain, 1914-1960: Minding Their Own Business. By Nicole Robertson.
Friberg, K., vol. 22 (3): 443-445
Air Empire: British Imperial Aviation, 1919-39. By Gordon Pirie.
Constantine, S., vol. 22 (3): 445-447
Identities and Social Change in Britain since 1940: The Politics of Method. By Mike Savage.
Lawrence, J., vol. 22 (3): 447-449
Voluntary Action and Illegal Drugs: Health and Society in Britain Since the 1960s. By Alex Mold and Virginia Berridge
Snelders, S., vol. 22 (3): 449-451

Volume 22 (2)

The Liberal Party and the Navy League in Britain before the Great War
Johnson, M., vol. 22 (2): 137-163
'Brothers of the Empire?': India and the British Empire Exhibition of 1924-25
Stephen, D. M., vol. 22 (2): 164-188
Sex, Religion, and the Single Woman c.1950-75: The Importance of a 'Short' Sexual Revolution to the English Religious Crisis of the Sixties
Brown, C. G., vol. 22 (2): 189-215
Brooke, S., Langhamer, C., vol. 22 (2): 216-216
The Politics of Association in Industrial Society
McCarthy, H., Thane, P., vol. 22 (2): 217-229
Politics is Ordinary: Non-governmental Organizations and Political Participation in Contemporary Britain
Hilton, M., vol. 22 (2): 230-268
The Ben Pimlott Memorial Lecture 2010 * The Permissive Society Revisited
Mort, F., vol. 22 (2): 269-298
Oswald Mosley and the New Party. By Matthew Worley.
Love, G., vol. 22 (2): 299-301
An Immigration History of Britain: Multicultural Racism since 1800. By Panikos Panayi
Hackett, S., vol. 22 (2): 301-303

Volume 22 (1)

From War Service to Domestic Service: Ex-Servicewomen and the Free Passage Scheme 1919-22
Noakes, L., vol. 22 (1): 1-27
Veterans of the First World War and Conservative Anti-appeasement
Carr, R., vol. 22 (1): 28-51
'Civil Defence Gives Meaning to Your Leisure': Citizenship, Participation, and Cultural Change in Cold War Recruitment Propaganda, 1949-54
Grant, M., vol. 22 (1): 52-78
Youth Crime and Preventive Policing in Post-War Scotland (c.1945-71)
Bartie, A., Jackson, L. A., vol. 22 (1): 79-102
The Forgotten Survey: Social Services in the Oxford District: 1935-40
Peretz, E., vol. 22 (1): 103-113
'Oh, it was Different Then.' Marriage, Sexuality and the Body before the Sixties
Cocks, H. G., vol. 22 (1): 114-119
The Bank of England: 1950s to 1979 (Studies in Macroeconomic History). By Forrest Capie. * The Decline of Sterling: Managing the Retreat of an International Currency, 1945-1992. By Catherine R. Schenk.
O'Hara, G., vol. 22 (1): 120-123
Settlers and Expatriates. By Robert Bickers.
Potter, S. J., vol. 22 (1): 123-125
Redefining British Politics: Culture, Consumerism and Participation, 1954-70. By Lawrence Black.
Moran, J., vol. 22 (1): 125-127
Occasions of Sin: Sex and Society in Modern Ireland. By Diarmaid Ferriter.
McCormick, L., vol. 22 (1): 127-128
Impaled Upon a Thistle: Scotland Since 1880. By Ewen A. Cameron.
McCarthy, A., vol. 22 (1): 129-130