Women's History Review articles

Gaining a Public Voice: Ottoman women's struggle to survive in the print life of early twentieth-century Ottoman society, and the example of Halide Edib (1884–1964)
Women, Law and John Stuart Mill
‘One Can Only Guess What Might Have Happened if the Worker Had Not Intervened in Time': the Liverpool Vigilance Association, moral vulnerability and Irish girls in early- to mid-twentieth-century Liverpool
Luxury and Gender in European Towns, 1700–1914; DEBORAH SIMONTON, MARJO KAARTINEN & ANNE MONTENACH (Eds)
Le Vote des Françaises: cent ans de débats 1848–1944; ANNE-SARAH BOUGLÉ-MOALIC; ‘Féministe d'abord’: Cécile Brunschvicg (1877–1946); CÉCILE FORMAGLIO
The Altar at Home: sentimental literature and nineteenth-century American religion; CLAUDIA STOKES
Aphrodisiacs, Fertility, and Medicine in Early Modern England. JENNIFER EVANS
The Match Girl and the Heiress; SETH KOVEN
‘The Defection of Women’: the New Zealand Contagious Diseases Act repeal campaign and transnational feminist dialogue in the late nineteenth century
The Work of Memory: embodiment, materiality and home in Jeanne Bouvier's autobiographical writings

Volume 24 (5)

Forum: Women in Sport
vol. 24 (5): 655-661
‘How the Modern Girl Attains Strength and Grace’: the Girl's Own Paper, sport and the discipline of the female body, 1914–1956
vol. 24 (5): 662-680
‘Our own paper’: evaluating the impact of Women's Cricket magazine, 1930–1967
vol. 24 (5): 681-699
Sporting Women and Machonas: negotiating gender through sports in Argentina, 1900–1946
vol. 24 (5): 700-720
The Spectre of the ‘Man-Woman Athlete’: Mark Weston, Zdenek Koubek, the 1936 Olympics and the uncertainty of sex
vol. 24 (5): 721-738
Risky or Relaxing? Exercise during Pregnancy in Britain, c.1930–1960
vol. 24 (5): 739-756
Escaping Assimilation's Grasp: Aboriginal women in the Australian women's military services
vol. 24 (5): 757-775
Appealing to the Female Vote: Dutch political parties and the approach of women voters in general election campaigns, c.1922–1980
vol. 24 (5): 776-808
The Public Voice of Women
vol. 24 (5): 809-818
Early Modern Women
vol. 24 (5): 819-822
Daughters of the Anglican Clergy: religion, gender and identity in Victorian England; MIDORI YAMAGUCHI
vol. 24 (5): 823-825
Feminism, Gender and Universities: politics, passion and pedagogies; MIRIAM E. DAVID
vol. 24 (5): 825-827
Feminist History in Canada: new essays on women, gender, work and nation; CATHERINE CARSTAIRS & NANCY JANOVICEK (Eds)
vol. 24 (5): 827-829
Coolie Woman: the odyssey of indenture; GAIUTRA BAHADUR
vol. 24 (5): 829-831
Medicine, Morality, and Political Culture. Legislation on Venereal Disease in Five Northern European Countries, c.1870–c.1995; IDA BLOM
vol. 24 (5): 831-833
The Defiant Life of Vera Figner: surviving the Russian Revolution; LYNNE ANN HARTNETT
vol. 24 (5): 833-835
A Free-Spirited Woman: the London diaries of Gladys Langford, 1936–1940; PATRICIA MALCOLMSON & ROBERT MALCOLMSON (Eds)
vol. 24 (5): 835-837
Women and the Reinvention of the Political: feminism in Italy, 1968–1983; MAUD BRACKE
vol. 24 (5): 838-840
British Pirates and Society, 1680–1730; MARGARETTE LINCOLN
vol. 24 (5): 840-842

Volume 24 (4)

Letters between Mothers and Daughters
vol. 24 (4): 483-489
Poor Maternity: Clare of Assisi's letters to Agnes of Prague
vol. 24 (4): 490-501
Social Negotiations in Correspondence between Mothers and Daughters in Tudor and Early Stuart England
vol. 24 (4): 502-527
What's Love Got to Do with It? Dynastic Politics and Motherhood in the Letters of Eleonora of Aragon and her Daughters
vol. 24 (4): 528-547
‘My daughter, my dear’: the correspondence of Catherine de Médicis and Elisabeth de Valois
vol. 24 (4): 548-569
Tenderness, Tittle-tattle and Truth in Mother–Daughter Letters: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Mary Wortley Montagu Stuart, Countess of Bute, and Lady Louisa Stuart
vol. 24 (4): 570-590
‘A conscientious and well-informed Victorian mother’: Elizabeth Gaskell's letters to her daughters
vol. 24 (4): 591-602
From ‘Dearest Mama’ to ‘Dear Mother’: changing styles in early twentieth-century letters from daughters to mothers
vol. 24 (4): 603-620
Making Women's Histories: beyond national perspectives; PAMELA S. NADELL & KATE HAULMAN (Eds)
vol. 24 (4): 621-623
Fires on the Border: the passionate politics of labor organizing on the Mexican frontera; ROSEMARY HENNESSY
vol. 24 (4): 623-625
Buying into the Regime: grapes and consumption in Cold War Chile and the United States; HEIDI TINSMAN
vol. 24 (4): 625-627