Women's History Review articles

Volume 25 (3)

‘Memory Speaks from Today’: analyzing oral histories of female members of the MIR in Chile through the work of Luisa Passerini
vol. 25 (3): 382-407
On Luisa Passerini: subjectivity, Europe, affective historiography
vol. 25 (3): 408-426
Destroyed by Love: nation, memory, and humanity in South Asia
vol. 25 (3): 427-446
Response on Borders, Conflict Zones, and Memory
vol. 25 (3): 447-457
‘Bodies Across Borders. Oral And Visual Memory in Europe and Beyond’ (BABE): a conversation with Luisa Passerini, Donna Gabaccia, and Franca Iacovetta
vol. 25 (3): 458-469
Arab Feminisms: gender and equality in the Middle East; JEAN SAID MAKDISI, NOHA BAYOUMI & RAFIF RIDA SIDAWI (Eds)
vol. 25 (3): 470-472
A Class by Herself: protective laws for women workers, 1890s–1990s; NANCY WOLOCH
vol. 25 (3): 472-474
Watching Women's Liberation, 1970: feminism's pivotal year on the network news; BONNIE J. DOW
vol. 25 (3): 474-477
Margot Asquith's Great War Diary 1914–1916: the view from Downing Street; MICHAEL BROCK & ELEANOR BROCK (Eds)
vol. 25 (3): 477-479
Magic and Masculinity: ritual magic and gender in the early modern era; FRANCIS TIMBERS
vol. 25 (3): 479-480
Elizabeth I and her Circle; SUSAN DORAN
vol. 25 (3): 481-482
Sex, Gender and the Sacred: reconfiguring religion in gender history; JOANNA DE GROOT & SUE MORGAN
vol. 25 (3): 482-484
Women and Irish Diaspora Identities: theories, concepts and new perspectives; D. A. J. MacPHERSON & MARY J. HICKMAN (Eds)
vol. 25 (3): 484-486
Gabrielle Petit: the death and life of a female spy in the First World War; SOPHIE DE SCHAEPDRIJVER
vol. 25 (3): 486-488
The Rise of Women's Transnational Activism: identity and sisterhood between the world wars; MARIE SANDELL
vol. 25 (3): 488-491

Volume 25 (2)

‘The Defection of Women’: the New Zealand Contagious Diseases Act repeal campaign and transnational feminist dialogue in the late nineteenth century
vol. 25 (2): 187-206
The Work of Memory: embodiment, materiality and home in Jeanne Bouvier's autobiographical writings
vol. 25 (2): 207-226
Women, Law and John Stuart Mill
vol. 25 (2): 227-253
‘One Can Only Guess What Might Have Happened if the Worker Had Not Intervened in Time': the Liverpool Vigilance Association, moral vulnerability and Irish girls in early- to mid-twentieth-century Liverpool
vol. 25 (2): 254-273
Women's Citizenship and the First World War: general remarks and a case study of women's enfranchisement in Austria and Germany
vol. 25 (2): 274-295
One History or Many Herstories? Gender politics and the history of physiotherapy's origins in the nineteenth and early twentieth century
vol. 25 (2): 296-319
‘Everyone needs a holiday from work, why not mothers?’ Motherhood, Feminism and Citizenship at the Australian Royal Commission on Human Relationships, 1974–1977
vol. 25 (2): 320-336
Documents of Life Revisited: narrative and biographical methodology for a 21st century critical humanism; LIZ STANLEY (Ed.)
vol. 25 (2): 337-339
Veiled Warriors: allied nurses of the First World War; CHRISTINE E. HALLETT
vol. 25 (2): 339-341
The Home Front in Britain: images, myths and forgotten experiences since 1914; MAGGIE ANDREWS & JANIS LOMAS (Eds)
vol. 25 (2): 341-343

Volume 25 (1)

Inspired by Constance Maynard: exploring women's sexual, emotional and religious lives through their writings
vol. 25 (1): 1-16
Constance Maynard's Languages of Love
vol. 25 (1): 17-34
Love, Passion, Conversion: Constance Maynard and evangelical missionary writing
vol. 25 (1): 35-52
Religion, Same-Sex Desire, and the Imagined Geographies of Empire: the case of Constance Maynard (1849–1935)
vol. 25 (1): 53-73
Constance Maynard's Life-Writing Considered as Spiritual Autobiography
vol. 25 (1): 74-88
An Exploration of Religion and Education in the Life of Constance Maynard, Mistress of Westfield College
vol. 25 (1): 89-104
‘We Must Advance, We Must Expand': architectural and social challenges to the domestic model at the College for Ladies at Westfield
vol. 25 (1): 105-123
‘Sentimental Follies’ or ‘Instruments of Tremendous Uplift’? reconsidering women's same-sex relationships in interwar Britain
vol. 25 (1): 124-142
‘Went into raptures’: reading emotion in the ordinary wartime diary, 1941–1946
vol. 25 (1): 143-160
New Queer Histories: Laura Doan's Disturbing Practices and the Constance Maynard Archive
vol. 25 (1): 161-168
A Raindrop Unfallen: innocence and Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint Pierre's Paul and Virginia (1788)
vol. 25 (1): 169-186

Volume 24 (6)

Editorial Board
vol. 24 (6): 0-0
Imperial Families: women writing home in Georgian Britain
vol. 24 (6): 843-860
Control over Life, Control over Body: female suicide in early republican Turkey
vol. 24 (6): 861-880
Abortion Policy and Social Suffering: the objectification of Romanian women's bodies under communism (1966–1989)
vol. 24 (6): 881-899