Women's History Review articles

Volume 23 (2)

Genteel Women: empire and domestic material culture, 1840–1910; DIANNE LAWRENCE
vol. 23 (2): 310-311
Destined for a Life of Service: defining African-Jamaican womanhood, 1865–1938; HENRICE ALTINK
vol. 23 (2): 312-314
Rewriting Medieval Japanese Women: politics, personality, and literary production in the life of Nun Abutsu; CHRISTINA LAFFIN
vol. 23 (2): 314-316
Domestic Violence and the Law in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa; EMILY S. BURRILL, RICHARD L. ROBERTS & ELIZABETH THORNBERRY (Eds)
vol. 23 (2): 316-318
Winifred Holtby's Social Vision: ‘members one of another’; LISA REGAN
vol. 23 (2): 318-320
A Frenchwoman's Imperial Story: Madame Luce in nineteenth-century Algeria; REBECCA ROGERS
vol. 23 (2): 320-322
Liberalism and Local Government in Early Victorian London; BENJAMIN WEINSTEIN
vol. 23 (2): 322-324

Volume 23 (1)

A Historical Account of Community Mobilization in Public Education in Early Twentieth-Century African America: introducing Miss Virginia Estelle Randolph, master-teacher and community mobilizer
vol. 23 (1): 1-17
The Spectacle of Woman as Creator: representation of women composers in the French, German and English feminist press 1880–1930
vol. 23 (1): 18-42
Organising and Representing Women: the historical case of the Female Confectioners Union
vol. 23 (1): 43-59
Women's Refuges and the State in Victoria, Australia: a campaign for secrecy of address
vol. 23 (1): 60-81
Feminine by Design: re-engendering mural painting at the fin de siècle
vol. 23 (1): 82-98
Gendered Division of Labor among Special Settlers in the Soviet Union, 1941–1956
vol. 23 (1): 99-119
Vera ‘Jack’ Holme: cross-dressing actress, suffragette and chauffeur
vol. 23 (1): 120-136
The Dispossessed State: narratives of ownership in 19th-century Britain and Ireland; SARA L. MAURER
vol. 23 (1): 137-138
The Sick Child in Early Modern England, 1580–1720; HANNAH NEWTON
vol. 23 (1): 138-140
Intrepid Women. Cantinières and Vivandières of the French Army; THOMAS CARDOZA
vol. 23 (1): 141-143
Radclyffe Hall: a life in the writing; RICHARD DELLAMORA
vol. 23 (1): 143-144
Abina and the Important Men: a graphic history; TREVOR R. GETZ & LIZ CLARKE
vol. 23 (1): 145-146
The Slave Girls of Baghdad: the Qiyān in the early Abbasid era; FUAD MATTHEW CASWELL
vol. 23 (1): 146-148
Making Socialists: Mary Bridges Adams and the fight for knowledge and power, 1855–1939; JANE MARTIN
vol. 23 (1): 148-150
Gender Politics and Mass Dictatorships: global perspectives; JIE-HYUN LIM & KAREN PETRONE (Eds)
vol. 23 (1): 150-153
Passionate Friendship: the aesthetics of girls' culture in Japan; DEBORAH SHAMOON
vol. 23 (1): 153-155
Literary Celebrity, Gender, and Victorian Authorship, 1850–1914; ALEXIS EASLEY
vol. 23 (1): 155-157
Domesticating the Airwaves: broadcasting, domesticity and femininity; MAGGIE ANDREWS
vol. 23 (1): 157-159
Sojourning for Freedom: Black women, American communism, and the making of Black left feminism; ERIK. S. McDUFFIE
vol. 23 (1): 159-161
Monstrous Motherhood: 18th-century culture and the ideology of domesticity; MARILYN FRANCUS
vol. 23 (1): 161-163
The Prodigious Muse: women's writing in Counter-Reformation Italy; VIRGINIA COX
vol. 23 (1): 163-165
Women and Literary Celebrity in the Nineteenth Century: the transatlantic production of fame and gender; BRENDA R. WEBBER
vol. 23 (1): 165-167
Susan B. Anthony and the Struggle for Equal Rights; CHRISTINE L. RIDARSKY & MARY M. HUTH (Eds)
vol. 23 (1): 167-169

Volume 22 (6)

Editorial Board
vol. 22 (6): 0-0
‘Sugar, Sugar’: questioning the sexual division of labour on Jamaica's sugar plantations in Sistren's The Case of Miss Iris Armstrong and Sweet Sugar Rage
vol. 22 (6): 861-876
Pomeroy v. Pomeroy: beauty, modernity, and the female entrepreneur in fin-de-siècle London
vol. 22 (6): 877-903
Putting Dad in the Picture: fatherhood in the popular women's magazines of 1950s Australia
vol. 22 (6): 904-929
Imperialist Women and Conservative Activism in Early-Twentieth-Century Britain: the political world of Violet Milner
vol. 22 (6): 930-953
An Accidental Liberation: Ugandan women on the front lines of Idi Amin's economic war
vol. 22 (6): 954-970
Challenge, Conformity and Casework in Interwar England: the first women councillors in Devon
vol. 22 (6): 971-994
‘I Insisted I Was Myself’: clergy wives and authentic selfhood in England c. 1960–94
vol. 22 (6): 995-1013
What Was Margaret Thatcher's Legacy for Women?
vol. 22 (6): 1014-1018
The Burgher and the Whore: prostitution in early modern Amsterdam; LOTTE VAN DE POL, trans. LIZ WALTERS: Early Modern Women in the Low Countries: feminizing sources and interpretations of the past; SUSAN BROOMHALL & JENNIFER SPINKS
vol. 22 (6): 1019-1021