Women's History Review articles

Volume 23 (1)

Women and Literary Celebrity in the Nineteenth Century: the transatlantic production of fame and gender; BRENDA R. WEBBER
vol. 23 (1): 165-167
Susan B. Anthony and the Struggle for Equal Rights; CHRISTINE L. RIDARSKY & MARY M. HUTH (Eds)
vol. 23 (1): 167-169

Volume 22 (6)

Editorial Board
vol. 22 (6): 0-0
‘Sugar, Sugar’: questioning the sexual division of labour on Jamaica's sugar plantations in Sistren's The Case of Miss Iris Armstrong and Sweet Sugar Rage
vol. 22 (6): 861-876
Pomeroy v. Pomeroy: beauty, modernity, and the female entrepreneur in fin-de-siècle London
vol. 22 (6): 877-903
Putting Dad in the Picture: fatherhood in the popular women's magazines of 1950s Australia
vol. 22 (6): 904-929
Imperialist Women and Conservative Activism in Early-Twentieth-Century Britain: the political world of Violet Milner
vol. 22 (6): 930-953
An Accidental Liberation: Ugandan women on the front lines of Idi Amin's economic war
vol. 22 (6): 954-970
Challenge, Conformity and Casework in Interwar England: the first women councillors in Devon
vol. 22 (6): 971-994
‘I Insisted I Was Myself’: clergy wives and authentic selfhood in England c. 1960–94
vol. 22 (6): 995-1013
What Was Margaret Thatcher's Legacy for Women?
vol. 22 (6): 1014-1018
The Burgher and the Whore: prostitution in early modern Amsterdam; LOTTE VAN DE POL, trans. LIZ WALTERS: Early Modern Women in the Low Countries: feminizing sources and interpretations of the past; SUSAN BROOMHALL & JENNIFER SPINKS
vol. 22 (6): 1019-1021
The Edinburgh Companion to Virginia Woolf and the Arts; MAGGIE HUMM (Ed.)
vol. 22 (6): 1021-1023
Women Scientists in America: forging a new world since 1972; MARGARET W. ROSSITER
vol. 22 (6): 1023-1025
Feminist Media History: suffrage, periodicals and the public sphere; MARIA DICENZO with LUCY DELAP & LEILA RYAN
vol. 22 (6): 1025-1027
Women in British Politics, 1689–1979; KRISTA COWMAN
vol. 22 (6): 1027-1028
Irish Women and Street Politics 1956–73; TARA KEENAN-THOMSON
vol. 22 (6): 1028-1030
Women's Movements in Asia: feminisms and transnational activism; MINA ROCES & LOUISE EDWARDS (Eds)
vol. 22 (6): 1030-1032
Gender and Conflict since 1914: historical and interdisciplinary perspectives; ANA CARDEN-COYNE (Ed.)
vol. 22 (6): 1032-1034
The Last Caribbean Frontier, 1795–1815; KIT CANDLIN
vol. 22 (6): 1035-1036
Fanny Hill in Bombay: the making & unmaking of John Cleland; HAL GLADFELDER
vol. 22 (6): 1036-1038
Marriage and Revolution: Monsieur and Madame Roland; SIÂN REYNOLDS
vol. 22 (6): 1038-1040
Sinners? Scroungers? Saints? Unmarried Motherhood in Twentieth-Century England; PAT THANE & TANYA EVANS
vol. 22 (6): 1040-1042
The Masculine Woman in Weimar Germany; KATIE SUTTON
vol. 22 (6): 1042-1044

Volume 22 (5)

‘Building a New and Better Order’? Women and Jury Service in England and Wales, c.1920–70
vol. 22 (5): 701-716
Consciousness-Raising in Clapham; Women's Liberation as ‘Lived Experience’ in South London in the 1970s
vol. 22 (5): 717-738
Wounding and Healing: dealing with difference in Christian narratives of migrant women in East London since the 1980s
vol. 22 (5): 739-758
‘The big romance’: Winifred Holtby and the fictionalisation of women's cinemagoing in interwar Yorkshire
vol. 22 (5): 759-776
A ‘Feminist Conspiracy’: Maude Royden, women's ministry and the British press, 1916–1921
vol. 22 (5): 777-800
Uncovering the ‘saintly Anchoress’: myths of Medieval anchoritism and the reclusion of Katharine de Audley
vol. 22 (5): 801-819
Irish Divorce and Domestic Violence, 1857–1922
vol. 22 (5): 820-837
Gender in an Age of Austerity
vol. 22 (5): 838-840
Becoming Imperial Citizens. Indians in the Mid-Victorian Empire; SUKANYA BANERJEE; Marriage and Modernity. Family Values in Colonial Bengal; ROCHONA MAJUMDAR
vol. 22 (5): 841-843
The World Split Open: how the modern women's movement changed America; RUTH ROSEN
vol. 22 (5): 844-845
Creating a Scottish Church: Catholicism, gender and ethnicity in nineteenth-century Scotland; S. KARLY KEHOE
vol. 22 (5): 845-847
Sibling Relations and the Transformations of European Kinship, 1300–1900; CHRISTOPHER H. JOHNSON & DAVID WARREN SABEAN (Eds)
vol. 22 (5): 847-849
The Politics of Gender in Victorian Britain: masculinity, political culture and the struggle for women's rights; BEN GRIFFIN
vol. 22 (5): 849-851
Love, Intimacy and Power: marriage and patriarchy in Scotland, 1650–1850; KATIE BARCLAY
vol. 22 (5): 851-853
Chocolate, Women and Empire: a social and cultural history; EMMA ROBERTSON
vol. 22 (5): 853-855
Women's Bodies and Medical Science: an inquiry into cervical cancer; LINDA BRYDER. The Cartwright Papers: essays on the Cervical Cancer Inquiry 1987–88; JOANNA MANNING (Ed.)
vol. 22 (5): 856-859