Women's History Review articles

Volume 20 (5)

Editorial Board
vol. 20 (5): 0-0
Introduction: The Gender of Whig Historiography: women writers and Britain's pasts and presents
vol. 20 (5): 673-687
‘A most indefatigable love of history’: Carter, Montagu, and female discussions of history, 1740–1790
vol. 20 (5): 689-718
Late Disturbances: Maria Edgeworth's An Essay on Irish Bulls (1802)
vol. 20 (5): 719-743
La Reine malheureuse: Stuart history, sympathetic history and the Stricklands' history of Henrietta Maria
vol. 20 (5): 745-764
Harriet Martineau: gender, national identity, and the contemporary historian
vol. 20 (5): 765-784
Healing the Wounds of War: (a)mending the national narrative in the historical publications of Charlotte M. Yonge
vol. 20 (5): 785-808
‘That brave company of shadows’: gender, national identity, and the formation of children's British history in Alison Uttley's A Traveller in Time
vol. 20 (5): 809-827
Challenging Masculinism: personal history and microhistory in feminist studies of the women's suffrage movement
vol. 20 (5): 829-841
Gender, Professions and Discourse: early twentieth-century women's autobiography; CHRISTINE ETHERINGTON-WHITE
vol. 20 (5): 843-844
The Newer Eve: women, feminists and the Labour Party; CHRISTINE COLLETTE
vol. 20 (5): 845-846
Naming the Witch: magic, ideology, and stereotype in the ancient world; KIMBERLY B. STRATTON
vol. 20 (5): 846-848
Feminism and Voluntary Action: Eglantyne Jebb and Save the Children, 1876–1928; LINDA MAHOOD
vol. 20 (5): 848-850

Volume 20 (3)

Constructing Citizenship? Women, Welfare and Refugees in France, 1939-1940
Reid, Fiona, vol. 20 (3): 347-368
Darning, Doylies and Dancing: the work of the Leeds Association of Girls' Clubs (1904-1913)
Jones, Helen M. F., vol. 20 (3): 369-388
No Longer Curiously Rare but Only Just within Bounds: women in Scottish history
McDermid, Jane, vol. 20 (3): 389-402
Health Visiting and District Nursing in Victorian Manchester; divergent and convergent vocations
Heggie, Vanessa, vol. 20 (3): 403-422
Mary Wollstonecraft: a life in past and present times
Senders Pedersen, Joyce, vol. 20 (3): 423-436
Sonnet to the Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison (1872-1913)
Montgomery, Catherine, vol. 20 (3): 437-437
'It is caused of the womans part or of the mans part': the role of gender in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction in early modern England
Evans, Jennifer, vol. 20 (3): 439-457
Rebecca West and the Sliding Boundary
Leyshon, Elizabeth, vol. 20 (3): 459-478
The Beginning of Women's Ministry: the revival of the deaconess in the nineteenth-century Church of England
Williams, Sarah C., vol. 20 (3): 479-481
Beyond Jerusalem: music in the Women's Institute, 1919-1969
Andrews, Maggie, vol. 20 (3): 481-482
Visible Histories, Disappearing Women: producing Muslim womanhood in late colonial Bengal
M. Banerjee, Swapna, vol. 20 (3): 483-485
Murder and Morality in Victorian Britain: the story of Madeleine Smith
Logan, Anne, vol. 20 (3): 485-486

Volume 20 (2)

Gender and Generations: women and life cycles
Hughes, Annmarie, vol. 20 (2): 175-188
Intimacy and the Life Cycle in the Marital Relationships of the Scottish Elite during the Long Eighteenth Century
Barclay, Katie, vol. 20 (2): 189-206
'Birds of Passage' or 'Career' Women? Thoughts on the Life Cycle of the Eighteenth-Century European Servant
Simonton, Deborah, vol. 20 (2): 207-225
Managed Holiness and Negotiated Recollection in the Life of Christina of Markyate ( c. 1098-after 1155)
Royle, Joanna, vol. 20 (2): 227-244
'The thing that made me hesitate …': re-examining gendered intersubjectivities in interviews with British secret war veterans
Pattinson, Juliette, vol. 20 (2): 245-263
Inheriting, Marrying, and Founding Farms: women's place on the land
Osterud, Grey, vol. 20 (2): 265-281
Attitudes to Abortion in the Era of Reform: evidence from the Abortion Law Reform Association correspondence
Jones, Emma L., vol. 20 (2): 283-298
The Making of a Modern Female Body: beauty, health and fitness in interwar Britain
Zweiniger-Bargielowska, Ina, vol. 20 (2): 299-317
Strange Old Worlds: socio-critical reports about old-age experiences in West German print media (1970s-1990s)
Streubel, Christiane, vol. 20 (2): 319-337
Making Women's Medicine Masculine: the rise of male authority in pre-modern gynaecology
Furdell, Elizabeth Lane, vol. 20 (2): 339-340
Striking a Light: the Bryant and May matchwomen and their place in history
Thornton, Danielle, vol. 20 (2): 341-342
The Historical Study of Women. England 1500-1700
Hughes, Ann, vol. 20 (2): 342-344
Enterprising Women and Shipping in the Nineteenth Century
Rutterford, Janette, vol. 20 (2): 345-346

Volume 20 (1)

Our Twentieth Anniversary
Purvis, June, vol. 20 (1): 1-2
Lone Mothers
Evans, Tanya, vol. 20 (1): 3-9