Women's History Review articles

Volume 20 (2)

'Birds of Passage' or 'Career' Women? Thoughts on the Life Cycle of the Eighteenth-Century European Servant
Simonton, Deborah, vol. 20 (2): 207-225
Managed Holiness and Negotiated Recollection in the Life of Christina of Markyate ( c. 1098-after 1155)
Royle, Joanna, vol. 20 (2): 227-244
'The thing that made me hesitate …': re-examining gendered intersubjectivities in interviews with British secret war veterans
Pattinson, Juliette, vol. 20 (2): 245-263
Inheriting, Marrying, and Founding Farms: women's place on the land
Osterud, Grey, vol. 20 (2): 265-281
Attitudes to Abortion in the Era of Reform: evidence from the Abortion Law Reform Association correspondence
Jones, Emma L., vol. 20 (2): 283-298
The Making of a Modern Female Body: beauty, health and fitness in interwar Britain
Zweiniger-Bargielowska, Ina, vol. 20 (2): 299-317
Strange Old Worlds: socio-critical reports about old-age experiences in West German print media (1970s-1990s)
Streubel, Christiane, vol. 20 (2): 319-337
Making Women's Medicine Masculine: the rise of male authority in pre-modern gynaecology
Furdell, Elizabeth Lane, vol. 20 (2): 339-340
Striking a Light: the Bryant and May matchwomen and their place in history
Thornton, Danielle, vol. 20 (2): 341-342
The Historical Study of Women. England 1500-1700
Hughes, Ann, vol. 20 (2): 342-344
Enterprising Women and Shipping in the Nineteenth Century
Rutterford, Janette, vol. 20 (2): 345-346

Volume 20 (1)

Our Twentieth Anniversary
Purvis, June, vol. 20 (1): 1-2
Lone Mothers
Evans, Tanya, vol. 20 (1): 3-9
Unmarried Motherhood in Twentieth-Century England
Thane, Pat, vol. 20 (1): 11-29
'Revolting to Humanity': oversights, limitations, and complications of the English Legitimacy Act of 1926
Frost, Ginger, vol. 20 (1): 31-46
The Other Woman and her Child: extra-marital affairs and illegitimacy in twentieth-century Britain
Evans, Tanya, vol. 20 (1): 47-65
The Experience of Pregnancy and Childbirth for Unmarried Mothers in London, 1760-1866
Williams, Samantha, vol. 20 (1): 67-86
Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928), Suffragette Leader and Single Parent in Edwardian Britain
Purvis, June, vol. 20 (1): 87-108
Unmarried Mothers in Ireland, 1880-1973
Luddy, Maria, vol. 20 (1): 109-126
Changing Notions of Lone Motherhood in Twentieth-Century Finland
May, Vanessa, vol. 20 (1): 127-143
For Better or for Worse? The Dilemmas of Unmarried Motherhood in Mid-Twentieth-Century Popular British Film and Fiction
Fink, Janet, vol. 20 (1): 145-160
Florence Nightingale on Social Change in India; Florence Nightingale: the woman and her legend
Hallett, Christine, vol. 20 (1): 161-163
Women of the Right Spirit. Paid Organisers of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) 1904-18
Hannam, June, vol. 20 (1): 163-165
Female Entrepreneurs in Nineteenth-Century Russia
Kay, Alison C., vol. 20 (1): 165-167
Mother and Child: maternity and child welfare in Dublin, 1922-60
Luddy, Maria, vol. 20 (1): 167-169
Imagining la Chica Moderna: women, nation, and visual culture
Schell, Patience A., vol. 20 (1): 169-170
Female Performance Practice on the Fin-de-Siècle Popular Stages of London and Paris: experiment and advertisement; Babylon Girls: black women performers and the shaping of the modern
Woollacott, Angela, vol. 20 (1): 171-174

Volume 19 (5)

Editorial Board
vol. 19 (5): 0-0
Coming of age under Hitler and Stalin: the everyday life of adolescent girls in occupied Latvia
McDowell, Linda, vol. 19 (5): 663-683
'A Jazzed and Patchwork Modern': 'future' girls and modern masculinities in the early popular romances of Berta Ruck
Kanerick, Caroline, vol. 19 (5): 685-702
'Quality', Cinema and the 'Superior Woman' Persona: understanding women's film criticism in post-war Britain (1945-59)
Bell, Melanie, vol. 19 (5): 703-719
Florence Nightingale a Hundred Years on: who she was and what she was not
McDonald, Lynn, vol. 19 (5): 721-740
Sybil Oldfield at Seventy-Two: humanistic feminism—or thinking back through our grandmothers
Oldfield, Sybil, vol. 19 (5): 741-758
Captivity, Confrontation, and Self-Empowerment: identity in Forugh Farrokhzad's poetry
Pourgiv, Farideh, vol. 19 (5): 759-774
Freethought, Free Love and Feminism: secularist debates on marriage and sexual morality, England c. 1850-1885
Schwartz, Laura, vol. 19 (5): 775-793
Database: Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000
Anderson, Bonnie S., vol. 19 (5): 795-797
Behind Enemy Lines. Gender, Passing and the Special Operations Executive in the Second World War
Diamond, Hanna, vol. 19 (5): 797-798
Gender and Power in Irish History; Ireland's Magdalen Laundries and the Nation's Architecture of Containment
Murphy, Cliona, vol. 19 (5): 799-802
Victory Girls, Khaki-Wackies and Patriotutes. The Regulation of Female Sexuality during World War II
Noakes, Lucy, vol. 19 (5): 802-803
Women's Albums and Photography in Victorian England: ladies, mothers and flirts
Tinkler, Penny, vol. 19 (5): 803-805