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Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean

Datini, Majorque et le Maghreb (14e-15e siècles)
Patrizia Sardina, vol. 27 (3): 307-309
Chronicon: Medieval Narrative Sources. A Chronological Guide with Introductory Essays / Mosaics of Time: The Latin Chronicle Traditions from the First Century BC to the Sixth Century AD. Volume I: A Historical Introduction to the Chronicle Genre from Its
Jamie Wood, vol. 27 (3): 309-311

American Communist History

The Scientific Manager and the FBI: The Surveillance of Walter Polakov in the 1940s
vol. 15 (1): 35-57
The Communist International and US Communism, 1919–1929, by Jacob A. Zumoff
vol. 14 (3): 265-267
“The Reddest of the Blacks”: History Across the Full Spectrum of Civil Rights Activism
vol. 14 (3): 231-239
On the Republication of Sidney Hook's Towards the Understanding of Karl Marx
vol. 14 (3): 279-280
The red taboo in American women's history: on not seeing revolutionary Russia
vol. 14 (3): 221-230
Anti-communism in twentieth-century America: a critical history
vol. 14 (3): 263-265
On Jews and Taboos in American Communist History
vol. 14 (3): 249-255
The Port Huron Statement: Sources and Legacies of the New Left's Founding Manifesto
vol. 14 (3): 268-270
Beyond A Chilling Effect: The Impact of FBI Surveillance on African American Literature during the Hoover Era
vol. 14 (3): 257-262
The Dennis case, communist Bail Jumpers and Oliver Ellsworth's “outlawry” bill
vol. 14 (2): 105-133
A Dark Page in American History: Dalton Trumbo and the Hollywood Blacklist
vol. 14 (2): 205-218
DEATH IN THE ADIRONDACKS: Amtorg, Intrigue, and the Dubious Demise of Isaiya Khurgin and Efraim Sklyansky, August 1925 c 2015
vol. 14 (2): 135-158
United States Communist History Bibliography, 2013–2014
vol. 14 (2): 159-203
A Glede Amidst the Ashes/American Relief Aid and the Spanish Civil War, by ERIC R. SMITH, 2013

American Nineteenth Century History

“Half Bacchanalian, Half Devout”: White Intellectuals, Black Folk Culture, and the “Negro Problem”
vol. 16 (3): 241-267
Cities are Alive with the Sound of Music: Saengerfest and the Transformation of Urban Public Music in Nineteenth-century America
vol. 16 (3): 269-296
Parade's End: A Sesquicentennial Snapshot of Civil War Soldiers, Civilians and Veterans
vol. 16 (3): 297-306
Making Banks Fit for the People: Confidence, Democracy, and the Rise of Banking Alternatives in America, 1880–1914
vol. 16 (3): 307-328
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