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American Communist History

On the Front Lines of the Cold War: An American Correspondent’s Journal from the Chinese Civil War to the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam
John Reed, American Spy?
“Never Losing Faith”: An Analysis of the National Committee to Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case, 1951–1953
vol. 12 (3): 163-191
Saving Memories: Canadian Veterans of the Spanish Civil War and Their Pursuit of Government Recognition
vol. 12 (3): 193-212
Academic McCarthyism in the District of Columbia: The Termination of Professor Richard Reichard at George Washington University
vol. 12 (3): 213-235
Watching the Books: The Federal Government's Suppression of the Washington Cooperative Bookshop 1939–1950
vol. 12 (3): 237-265
Of G-Men and Eggheads: The FBI and the New York Intellectuals
vol. 12 (3): 267-281
The Saga of the Rosenbergs: The Trial That Keeps on Giving
vol. 12 (3): 283-298

American Nineteenth Century History

The Irreducibility of the County in the South and America, Past and Present
Joseph Dennie and The Farmer's Weekly Museum: Readership and Pseudonymous Celebrity in Early National Journalism
Population Knowledge and the Practice of Guardianship
vol. 15 (1): 15-42
A Nation of Deadbeats: An Uncommon History of America's Financial Disasters
vol. 15 (1): 89-90
The Roots of Rough Justice: Origins of American Lynching
vol. 15 (1): 90-92
Taming Passion for the Public Good: Policing Sex in the Early Republic
vol. 15 (1): 93-94
Rebels and Runaways: Slave Resistance in Nineteenth-Century Florida
vol. 15 (1): 95-96
Forging Freedom: Black Women and the Pursuit of Liberty in Antebellum Charleston
vol. 15 (1): 96-98
Shifting Grounds: Nationalism and the American South, 1848–1865
vol. 15 (1): 104-105
Sick from Freedom: African American Illness and Suffering during the Civil War and Reconstruction
vol. 15 (1): 108-109
Chicago in the Age of Capital: Class, Politics, and Democracy during the Civil War and Reconstruction
vol. 15 (1): 110-111
Playing It Straight: Art and Humor in the Gilded Age
vol. 15 (1): 111-113
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