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Cold War History

‘I think we cannot refuse the order’: Britain, America, nuclear non-proliferation, and the Indian Jaguar deal, 1974–1978

Contemporary British History

Between Vanity and Sensitiveness: Indo–British Relations During Vijayalakshmi Pandit’s High-Commissionership (1954–61)
vol. 30 (1): 20-39
British Union of Fascists
vol. 30 (1): 1-19
Developing Psychogeriatric Services in England: A Turning Point in the 1960s?
vol. 30 (1): 40-72
The Bullock Report on Industrial Democracy and the Post-War Consensus
vol. 30 (1): 119-149
Miss Moriarty, the Adventuress and the Crime Queen: The Rise of the Modern Female Criminal in Britain, 1918–1939
vol. 30 (1): 73-98
From Solidarity to ‘Shock Therapy’. British Foreign Policy Towards Poland Under the Thatcher Government, 1980–1990
vol. 30 (1): 99-118
Lancashire Conservatives, Tariff Reform and Indian Responsible Government
‘Angelic Spirits of ‘68’: Memories of 60s’ Radicalism in Responses to the 2010–11 UK Student Protests
‘We’re Internationalists, not Nationalists’: The Political Ramifications of Welsh Labour’s Internal Power Struggle over the ‘One Wales’ Coalition in 2007

Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust

Everyday Life and Survival at Mauthausen during the Final Stages of War: The Hungarian Jews
Regina Fritz, vol. 29 (3): 222-239
Evacuating the Camps: The Last Collective Crime of Nazi Society
Martin Clemens Winter, vol. 29 (3): 138-153
The Final Stage of the Holocaust
Kobi Kabalek, vol. 29 (3): 135-137
The Politics of Human Remains at the ‘Peripheries of the Holocaust’
Zuzanna Dziuban, vol. 29 (3): 154-172
Survival of a Peculiar Remnant: The Jewish Population of Vienna During the Last Years of the War
Michaela Raggam-Blesch, vol. 29 (3): 197-221
Edges of History and Memory: The ‘Final Stage’ of the Holocaust
Kobi Kabalek, vol. 29 (3): 240-263
The Fortune of Survival – Intermarried German Jews in the Dying Breath of the ‘Thousand-Year Reich’
Maximilian Strnad, vol. 29 (3): 173-196
Editorial Board
vol. 29 (3): 0-0

Early Medieval China

Memo from the President of the Early Medieval China Group
Keith Knapp, vol. 2015 (21): 1-1
From Spirited Youth to Loyal Official: Life Writing and Didacticism in the Jin shu Biography of Wang Dao
Matthew V. Wells, vol. 2015 (21): 3-20
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