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Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society

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Childhood in the Past

Play, Toys and Memory in International Perspective: Grimsby, Poland, Lebanon and Australia, 1947 to the Present
Mary Clare Martin, vol. 7 (2): 77-81
Memories of Childhood in Post-War Grimsby
John A. Smith, vol. 7 (2): 82-94
Playing Free in the Polish People’s Republic: Making Do Without Consumerism
Ewa Sidorenko, vol. 7 (2): 95-116
Playing on the Boundaries: A Childhood across Cultural and Geographical Lines
Rania Hafez, vol. 7 (2): 117-132
Children's Toys and Memories of Migration in Australian Museums
Eureka Henrich, vol. 7 (2): 133-146
Book Reviews
vol. 7 (2): 147-149

CHINOPERL: Journal of Chinese Oral and Performing Literature

vol. 33 (2): 0-0
A Kunqu Masterpiece and Its Interpretations: Tanci (The Ballad) from Hong Sheng’s Changsheng dian (Palace of Lasting Life)
Joseph S. C. Lam, vol. 33 (2): 97-120
Ng Wing Mui (Mui Yee) and the Revival of the Sineung (Blind Female) Singing Style in Cantonese Naamyam (Southern Tone)
Yu Siu Wah, vol. 33 (2): 121-134
Remembering Mrs. Pian, My Mentor and Friend
Bell Yung, vol. 33 (2): 135-157
“Jaw Laoshy” and Teaching Chinese
Perry Link, vol. 33 (2): 158-179
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