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Archives of Natural History

European weather loach (Misgurnus fossilis) at Ulriksdal Palace, Stockholm, in the 1750s
vol. 43 (1): 163-166
Uses of sphagnum moss in folk medicine
vol. 43 (1): 166-166
Keeping track: the importance of the field label on bottled specimens and matters arising
vol. 43 (1): 167-169
Edward Rudge, Plantarum Guianæ rariorum icones et descriptiones hactenus ineditæ: suppressed preface
vol. 43 (1): 169-171
Notes from Wisbech and Fenland Museum: Mrs Doyle's Dublin shells
vol. 43 (1): 171-173
VAN WYHE, John (editor). The annotated Malay archipelago by Alfred Russel Wallace
vol. 43 (1): 174-175
Botanical treasures: objects from the Herbarium and Library of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
vol. 43 (1): 175-176
KILPATRICK, Jane. Fathers of botany: the discovery of Chinese plants by European missionaries
vol. 43 (1): 176-176
NELSON, E. Charles and ELLIOTT, David J. (editors). The curious Mister Catesby, a “truly ingenious” naturalist explores new worlds
vol. 43 (1): 177-177
DE BONT, Raf. Stations in the field: a history of place-based animal research, 1870–1930
vol. 43 (1): 178-178
HENTSCHEL, Klaus. Visual cultures in science and technology. A comparative history
vol. 43 (1): 179-179
SKUNCKE, Marie-Christine, Carl Peter Thunberg. Botanist and physician
vol. 43 (1): 180-181
TAN, Kevin Y. L. Of whales and dinosaurs: the story of Singapore's Natural History Museum
vol. 43 (1): 181-181
LAIRD, Mark. A natural history of English gardening 1650–1800
vol. 43 (1): 182-182
HEMMING, John. Naturalists in paradise. Wallace, Bates and Spruce in the Amazon
vol. 43 (1): 183-184
NÜRNBERG, Reiner, HÖXTERMANN, Ekkehard, and VOIGT, Martina (editors). Elisabeth Schiemann 1881–1972: Vom Aufbruch der Genetik und der Frauen in den Umbrüchen des 20. Jahrhunderts
vol. 43 (1): 184-184
HALL, Dewey W. Romantic naturalists, early environmentalists: an ecocritical study, 1798–1912
vol. 43 (1): 185-185
EDEL, Philippe and DASZKIEWICZ, Piotr. Louis Henri Bojanus, le savant de Vilnius 1776–1827
vol. 43 (1): 186-186
ASSELIN, Alain, CAYOUETTE, Jacques, MATHIEU, Jacques. Curieuses histoires de plantes du Canada
vol. 43 (1): 186-187
MEAD, W. R. Pehr Kalm – his London diary: a Finnish visitor in England in 1748 while on his way to North America
vol. 43 (1): 187-188
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