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Art History

Art History and Memory, From the Couch to the Scanner: On How the New Art History Woke Up to a Neural Future
John Onians, vol. 40 (4): 704-723
Towards a New French Renaissance: Memory, Tradition and Cultural Conservatism in France before the First World War
Neil McWilliam, vol. 40 (4): 724-743
Enduring Characteristics and Unstable Hues: Men in Black in French Painting in the 1860s and 1870s
Marcia Pointon, vol. 40 (4): 744-769
Misprisions of London
Dana Arnold, vol. 40 (4): 770-783
Suitcase Aesthetics: The Making of Memory in Diaspora Art in Britain in the Later 1980s
Deborah Cherry, vol. 40 (4): 784-807
‘The Pursuit of Understanding’: Art History and the Periodical Landscape of Late-1970s Britain
Samuel Bibby, vol. 40 (4): 808-837
Decreation and Undoing: George Bellows's Excavation Paintings, 1907–1909
David Peters Corbett, vol. 40 (4): 838-855
Myths and Memories of Brittany: Reviewing Gauguin's Stereotypes
Gavin Parkinson, vol. 40 (4): 856-883
Memory's Cut: Caravaggio's Sleeping Cupid of 1608
Genevieve Warwick, vol. 40 (4): 884-903
Herbert Read, the École de Paris and Art Criticism, c. 1946
Natalie Adamson, vol. 40 (4): 904-927
World Pictures
Stephanie Porras, ONLINE EARLY
Pictorial Theology and the Paragone in Pontormo's Capponi Chapel
Jessica Maratsos, ONLINE EARLY
Brushes with Infidelity: Truth to Nature in Three Composite Landscapes by Eugene von Guérard
Opticality and Ventriloquism in Juan Muñoz's The Wasteland (1986)
Mark Stuart-Smith, ONLINE EARLY
Ornament in the Kitchen Garden: The Pea as Motif for Goldsmithing in the France of Louis XIII
Marika Takanishi Knowles, ONLINE EARLY
Artist's Model/Model Artist: Wallace Berman's Photographs of Jay DeFeo
Elizabeth Ferrell, ONLINE EARLY
‘Complications and Attacks on the Beauty of Unity’: Le Corbusier and Louis Soutter
Krzysztof Fijalkowski, ONLINE EARLY
Palettes as Signatures and Encoded Identities in Early-Modern Self-Portraits

Australian Economic History Review

Australia's Bankrupt Chinese Furniture Manufacturers, 1880–1930
Peter Gibson, ONLINE EARLY
Stadiums and Scheduling: Measuring Deadweight Losses in the Victorian Football League, 1920–70
Lionel Frost, Luc Borrowman, Abdel K. Halabi, ONLINE EARLY
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