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Art History

Enduring Characteristics and Unstable Hues: Men in Black in French Painting in the 1860s and 1870s
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Misprisions of London
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Suitcase Aesthetics: The Making of Memory in Diaspora Art in Britain in the Later 1980s
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‘The Pursuit of Understanding’: Art History and the Periodical Landscape of Late-1970s Britain
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Decreation and Undoing: George Bellows's Excavation Paintings, 1907–1909
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Myths and Memories of Brittany: Reviewing Gauguin's Stereotypes
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Memory's Cut: Caravaggio's Sleeping Cupid of 1608
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Herbert Read, the École de Paris and Art Criticism, c. 1946
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World Pictures
Stephanie Porras, ONLINE EARLY
Pictorial Theology and the Paragone in Pontormo's Capponi Chapel
Jessica Maratsos, ONLINE EARLY
Brushes with Infidelity: Truth to Nature in Three Composite Landscapes by Eugene von Guérard
Opticality and Ventriloquism in Juan Muñoz's The Wasteland (1986)
Mark Stuart-Smith, ONLINE EARLY
Ornament in the Kitchen Garden: The Pea as Motif for Goldsmithing in the France of Louis XIII
Marika Takanishi Knowles, ONLINE EARLY
Artist's Model/Model Artist: Wallace Berman's Photographs of Jay DeFeo
Elizabeth Ferrell, ONLINE EARLY
‘Complications and Attacks on the Beauty of Unity’: Le Corbusier and Louis Soutter
Krzysztof Fijalkowski, ONLINE EARLY
Palettes as Signatures and Encoded Identities in Early-Modern Self-Portraits

Australian Economic History Review

Australia's Bankrupt Chinese Furniture Manufacturers, 1880–1930
Peter Gibson, ONLINE EARLY
Stadiums and Scheduling: Measuring Deadweight Losses in the Victorian Football League, 1920–70
Lionel Frost, Luc Borrowman, Abdel K. Halabi, ONLINE EARLY
Alfred Marshall, Silver, and China
Liuyan Zhao, Yan Zhao, ONLINE EARLY
Colonial Taiwan's Financial Revolution
Kelly Barton Olds, ONLINE EARLY
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