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Australian Economic History Review

Exchange Rates and Economic Recovery in the 1930s: An Extension to Asia
Chien-Jung Ting, Tai-Kuang Ho, ONLINE EARLY
Was It Possible to Stabilise the Price of Wool? Organised Wool Marketing 1916 to 1970
Malcolm Abbott, David Merrett, ONLINE EARLY
The Long-Term Consequences of Cultural Distance on Migration: Historical Evidence from China
Convict Transportation to New South Wales, 1787–1849: Mortality Rates Reconsidered
Gary L. Sturgess, Sara Rahman, George Argyrous, ONLINE EARLY
Chinese National Income, ca. 1661–1933
Yi Xu, Zhihong Shi, Bas Leeuwen, Yuping Ni, Zipeng Zhang, Ye Ma, ONLINE EARLY

Australian Historical Studies

Looking Back and Looking Out: New Stories in Australian History
vol. 48 (3): 325-327
Pan-Indigenous Encounter in the 1950s: ‘Ethnic Dancer’ Beth Dean
vol. 48 (3): 328-345
Henri Kowalski (1841–1916): A French Musician in Colonial Australia
vol. 48 (3): 346-362
The Indigenous Franchise and Assimilation
vol. 48 (3): 363-380
Voluntary Organisations and the Assimilation of Non-British Migrant Women in Rural Australia: The Efforts of the Country Women’s Association of New South Wales 1952–66
vol. 48 (3): 381-398
‘Annamese Coolies’ at Australian Ports: Charting Colonial Geographies of Emotion, and Settler Memory, from French Vietnam to New Caledonia via Interwar Australia
vol. 48 (3): 399-415
Claiming Their Own Space: Australian Women Missionaries in Korea, 1891–1900
vol. 48 (3): 416-432
Jill Roe (1940–2017)
vol. 48 (3): 433-435
Difficult History in a Local Museum: The Lambing Flat Riots at Young, New South Wales
vol. 48 (3): 436-441
Thinking through Refugee Objects – A Case Study of the Sri Lankan Bremen
vol. 48 (3): 442-448
The Art of Time Travel: Historians and Their Craft
vol. 48 (3): 449-450
Fragile Settlements: Aboriginal Peoples, Law, and Resistance in South-West Australia and Prairie Canada
vol. 48 (3): 450-451
Into the Heart of Tasmania: A Search for Human Antiquity
vol. 48 (3): 451-452
Indigenous Communities and Settler Colonialism: Land Holding, Loss and Survival in an Interconnected World
vol. 48 (3): 452-453
Rattling Spears: A History of Indigenous Australian Art
vol. 48 (3): 453-455
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