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East European Jewish Affairs

Blutiger Juli. Rumäniens Vernichtungskrieg und der vergessene Massenmord an den Juden 1941: Von der Ziegelfabrik bis zum Viehwaggon. Der Untergang einer jüdischen Gemeinde im siebenbürgischen Klausenburg
Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death: Reflections on Memory and Imagination
Jews in the East European Borderlands. Essays in Honor of John D. Klier
Kriegserfahrungen in einer multiethnischen Stadt: Lemberg 1914-1947
Eichmann’s Jews. The Jewish Administration of Holocaust Vienna 1938–1945
The Jewish Movement in the Soviet Union

Economic History Review

Trust, religion, and cooperation in western agriculture, 1880–1930
Eva Fernández, ONLINE EARLY
Rothschilds' strategies in international non-ferrous metals markets, 1830–1940
Miguel Á. López-Morell, José M. O'kean, ONLINE EARLY
The battle for rubber in Benin
James Fenske, ONLINE EARLY
What explains slow sub-Saharan African growth? Revisiting oil boom-era investment and productivity in Nigeria's national accounts, 1976–85
Hanaan Marwah, ONLINE EARLY
Editorial: Women in economic and social history: twenty-fifth anniversary of the Women's Committee of the Economic History Society
British government and popular understanding of inflation in the mid-1970s
Jim Tomlinson, ONLINE EARLY
The Maddison Project: collaborative research on historical national accounts
Jutta Bolt, Jan Luiten Zanden, ONLINE EARLY
The frequency of wars: reply to Gleditsch and Pickering
Mark Harrison, Nikolaus Wolf, vol. 67 (1): 231-239
Review of periodical literature published in 2012
Michael Costen, James Davis, Helen Paul, Patrick Walsh, Tom Crook, Aashish Velkar, Christopher Godden, vol. 67 (1): 240-293
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